The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide To Choosing the Perfect Shower Enclosure

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Although the excitement of having a new shower enclosure in your bathroom has maybe caused you to want to find the perfect model immediately, and to be done with the process as soon as possible, this is not the best way to go when finding the perfect unit for your bathroom. To find the ideal shower enclosure for your bathroom, the best way to go about this process is to stop, look and listen before you even start to search for a unit. With a little bit of patience, and learning a little more about how to choose a shower enclosure, you will find that soon you will have the perfect unit for your bathroom.

Due to the fact that there are a wide variety of shower enclosure options on the market today, it truly is not as simple as it seems to pick the ideal unit for a bathroom. It does not depend only on style and design, it also depends greatly on the available space in a bathroom, and what is best for the individual and their needs and preferences. If these important facts are ignored, users can most commonly end up with the wrong shower enclosure. This is why following a few simple steps and tips can completely transform the way you look for a shower enclosure and allow you to choose a unit that is perfect for you.

Although finding the perfect shower enclosure may seem a little overwhelming, the process is actually pretty simple. There are only a small handful of tips, or steps that you can take into consideration when looking for the perfect model for your bathroom. By knowing key information about your bathroom, and keeping in mind the image, feel and style that you are aiming for, finding the ideal shower enclosure will be but a breeze. Take a look at this list of 5 super easy steps to choosing the perfect shower enclosure, and be on your way to success. We are confident that with this ultimate buyer's guide, you will be choosing the perfect enclosure in no time.

1. Know Your Available Space

shower eclousre

Knowing the available space in your bathroom is one of the most essential steps when it comes to designing or remodeling any part of a bathroom. It is more than important to always keep in mind how much available space you have in your bathroom for appliances, furniture pieces, and anything else that will be placed in your bathroom. Without this key information, it will be impossible to choose a shower or any other bathroom utility. Knowing the available space you have in your bathroom is one of the first steps you need to take, to then find the perfect shower enclosure.

A wide variety of standard bathrooms only have a limited amount of space, which is why choosing the perfect sized, the compact shower is the best choice. Bigger size, more spacious bathrooms can hold bigger showers, but it is still important to keep in mind the available space to choose a shower enclosure that will make the best of the space you have. By simply keeping in mind how much space you have in your bathroom, you can easily start narrowing down which shower enclosure is perfect for you.

2. Know by Whom it Will be Used

Although this step might sound like an unnecessary, strange step, it is one that should not be skipped. Knowing who will be using your shower in the future will determine which type of shower enclosure will be perfect for your bathroom. Will young children or toddlers be using the shower? Will elderly relatives be utilizing the shower?

Taking these things into consideration will allow you to choose the perfect shower that enclosure will fit the needs of all users. Thanks to the wide variety of shower enclosures on the market, it is extremely easy to find a model that fits a wide variety of needs; but first, you need to know who will be using the shower, and once you do, you can find what is perfect for your bathroom and its users.

3. Coordinate Beautifully with Your Bathroom

Before you go online and start looking for a shower enclosure, take a look around your bathroom, and take notes on the color pellets, hardware, and even textures that are in your bathroom space. The reason why this step is so important, ia due to the fact that for choosing the perfect shower enclosure for your bathroom, you need to take into consideration even the smallest details so that it may blend, and coordinate beautifully with the rest of your bathroom.

Although it may not seem like a big deal, even taking into consideration the type of glass or material used in your shower enclosure will make a big difference as to how beautifully the shower enclosure will look in your bathroom. Also, trying to match your shower doors hardware to the finishes already found in your bathroom could make a big difference to the final look and feel of your finished shower. So, simply try to keep in mind what style and feel your bathroom already boasts, so that the new shower enclosure you choose can coordinate beautifully with your bathroom.

4. Know Your Options

When first keeping an eye out for a new shower enclosure, the variety of options may be overwhelming. The truth is that there are such a wide variety of options of shower enclosures on the market today, that choosing the right unit can be a little complicated. However, if you know a little bit more about how these units are categorized, and which is best for what type of bathroom, you can have an easier time choosing what's perfect for you.

There are 6 types of commonly used showers in today's modern homes. The reason why these types of showers have become so popular is the ease of use their offer, and the overall beauty and style they boast. If made from high-quality materials, and designed to perfection, these types  

of showers will add that necessary bit of freshness, and functionality that should be found in every contemporary bathroom.

Sliding Door Shower Enclosures

sliding shower


Buy Sliding Door Shower Enclosure

One of the most simple and minimalistic styles of shower enclosures are sliding door shower enclosures. Featuring one fixed panel and a sliding panel that is moved sideways to enter and exit the shower, this type of enclosure offers ease-of-use and a stress-free shower experience that is more than recommended for those who have small children or elderly people utilizing the shower. Not only do these types of showers offer an easy, stress-free shower experience, but also look gorgeous in a modern home.

Due to the fact that sliding shower doors are minimalistic and do not look too extravagant, they are perfect for simple and elegant bathrooms. For a more chic and contemporary style, you can choose a sliding shower door that is completely frameless. These are a type of enclosure that do not have frames to retract from their beauty. These types of sliding shower doors can be found easily, but just make sure that the type of glass used for this type of shower enclosure is of the highest quality. It is important to keep a “safety first” mentality when looking for a shower enclosure.

Pivot Door Shower Enclosures

pivot door shower


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Although pivot door shower enclosures are not the most popular types of enclosures on the market, they're one of the best options for smaller sized bathrooms. Due to the fact that this type of shower enclosure is pivoted and requires less space, it offers the absolute best shower experience in a small sized bathroom. Even if your bathroom is not small-sized, but you simply want to save space and not waste an unnecessary amount of space, a pivot door shower enclosure is perfect for you.

All-in-one Sealed Showers

although this might be the first time that you hear of this type of shower, they are now becoming super popular due to the fact that they can be installed in an impressive amount of time, and do not require either grouting, tiling or silicone sealant for them to work properly. In theory, you can have an all-in-one sealed shower cubicle installed in the morning, and be using it by bedtime. That's how impressive these types of showers are.

Another big benefit that these types of showers offer, is that they're easy to maintain, they're leak-free, and are extremely convenient to be installed in any desired location within your bathroom. All-in-one sealed showers are definitely the best option for those that are looking for an easy to maintain, easy to install shower option. There is a wide variety of all-in-one sealed shower cubicle options on the market, so finding one that will fit perfectly with your style and design of the bathroom will be more than easy.

Pentangle Shower Enclosures

Pentangle shower enclosures boast one of the most interesting designs out of the options mentioned, thanks to their 5-sided angles. This type of shower enclosure is perfect for those that are looking for a compact option for corner installation. This type of shower enclosure is also perfect for those who would like to save space in their bathroom for it is small, and efficient. Like all types of shower enclosures, it is necessary to look for models that are made from high-quality materials, so that they may last long into the future and offer the best functionality.

Quadrant Shower Enclosures

Quadrant Shower Enclosure

Buy Quadrant Shower Enclosure Now

Quadrant shower enclosures, like pentangle shower enclosures, are perfect for those that are looking for a space saving shower enclosure option for their modern bathroom. Thanks to their stylish curved design, they not only save space but look gorgeous in a contemporary bathroom. Like pentangle shower enclosures, they're also perfect for chic contemporary bathrooms that boast a more simple elegant style. With a quadrant shower enclosure, you will not only benefit from its compact size, but also benefit from its well-made, stylish design.

Bi-fold Shower Enclosures

When it comes to the ideal shower enclosure for a modern home, a bifold shower enclosure is definitely one of the best options. This type of enclosure, as its name implies, folds in on itself and does not require a large space for it to work flawlessly. This type of shower enclosure comes in a wide variety of designs and styles, so that you may choose what is perfect for your style, feel and design of bathrooms. Bi-fold shower enclosures also come in a wide variety of materials.

Another benefit that you'll receive from choosing a bifold shower enclosure, is that it is perfect for all type of uses. No matter if you have small children, or elderly people using your shower in the future, its ease-of-use and smooth functionality will offer the best shower experience for everyone. For a modern family, and modern home, a bifold shower enclosure is definitely one of the best options on the market, thanks to its stylish design, it's simplistic feel, and it's impressive ease-of-use and functionality.

5. Choose the Perfect Shower Enclosure

perfect shower enclousre

Now that you know a little bit more about what is necessary to keep in mind when looking for the perfect shower enclosure, and you have discovered what type of options you have, it is time for you to make the decision. Although we would like to recommend to you only one type of shower enclosure, and simply tell you which is best, the final decision greatly depends on you, your needs and your preferences.

Based on the available space you have in your bathroom, who will be using it in the future, the style and design you are aiming for, and a handful of other specifications, you can choose the perfect shower enclosure that's ideal for your bathroom. We understand better than anyone that each bathroom has its own uniqueness, and by taking into consideration the steps mentioned above, you will be able to find a shower enclosure that adds that uniqueness, and that allows your ‘shower dreams’ to come true.

As mentioned above, one of the most important things to do when beginning your shower enclosure adventure, is to stop, look and listen. By taking this process step by step, and being more considerate with the information mentioned above, you will be able to experience an easy, stress-free time choosing a shower enclosure that will offer you the absolute best functionality, and that will be what you have been dreaming of. Simply use the information provided, and go find the shower enclosure of your dreams.


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