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black sliding shower

Having a perfect shower is one of those little things that can change your everyday life more than you probably can imagine. It can bring you so much desired moment of relax after a long day or energize you in the morning so you can easily crack on to your to-do list. However, picking the best enclosure for your needs can be tricky and time-consuming. We are here to help you in the process, introduce you with what’s available on the market and how to avoid mistakes and make the best choice possible.

We have prepared a comprehensive buyer’s guide on selecting the most suitable shower for your needs. From the wide range of styles and closure types on the market, we have selected the best propositions for you and gathered all the information you may need when making the choice. All the shapes and door mounting systems have been decrypted, giving you a very informative, yet concise handbook on shower enclosures. 

We are sure that with our ultimate buyer's guide, you will be choosing the perfect enclosure with full confidence.

Measure and plan the space

First things first, so let’s start with the basic information about your bathroom and the space you have available for the project. So check your bathroom’s square footage either in building plans, or measure it yourself. Some online tools help you calculate it precisely, so no math brain teasers to torture you in the process. The next step would be to plan the arrangement of all of your bathroom appliances and furniture or organize the shower space in an already equipped room. In the end, you would need to take the measurements of the designated spot. Now you have all the exact data you need to start your shower enclosure hunt.

Make shower comfortable for everyone

More often than not, people tend to forget the importance of choosing the enclosure that’s comfortable and ergonomic for everyone, that will be using it. Different people have different needs, therefore you have to keep all of them in mind. Think about users’ age, as small children and aged relatives might have difficulty accessing some types of shower cabins. Any kind of disability also impacts the use of the appliance, so not only the choice of the shower tray has to be adjusted, but the shower door closing system too. Let's not forget about pets in the house, that might also need a shower from time to time and we want to make it as easy for us and them as possible.

bi fold shower door and side pannel

Check what’s on the bathroom appliances market

When first keeping an eye out for a new shower enclosure, the variety of styles may be confusing. However, this only means that you have so many great options to choose from. In order not to get too overwhelmed with all those possibilities, we prepared a little guide to what’s out there. Check our short but comprehensive list of shower enclosures you can choose from, as well as some high-end models in each category, that you can purchase in Bathroom Store Ireland.

Sided cabin or corner shower unit?

First of all, decide on the location and shape of your cabin. The choice between sided and corner shower usually depends on the bathroom’s setup and its capacity. The corner unit is a perfect choice for smaller rooms or as a secondary to the bathtub, hidden unit. The sided showers go well in larger bathrooms, where the cabin’s modern design can be fully displayed and we can have fun with details, such as glass finish. 

The next thing on the checklist is to decide on the shape of our dream shower. Rectangular, oval, square, polygonal - the choices are multiple and all available in a variety of sizes and door types.

Sliding shower door - the effortless closure system

The most modern shower door there is. Simplicity and functionality are what this style stands out for. Composed of one or two sliding glass panels, allows an easy access to the shower space, making it the perfect choice for all those in need of wide cabin entry. Glass door is equipped with high-quality rollers, set up on the aluminum frame or, like in the case of the frameless enclosures, on the minimalistic chrome bar. All of that compose the most smoothly working closing system that works effortlessly.

We have selected only the best sliding doors, which you can check in our online store. From frameless quadrant sided cabins to all black and sophisticated corner units, made by the high-end manufacturers with only the best materials, all gathered in one place.

sliding shower enclosure

The simplicity of the hinged glass door 

This closing system is the most basic and flawless you can find. A single hinged door is mounted on the simple hinge system. The moving part of the structure is made out of chromed aluminum, giving a glimpse of delicate shine as well as timeless quality.

This model though requires a little more space outside the cabin, as the shower enclosure expanses outwards. Make sure that your bathroom space allows you to install a hinged door so that your bathroom won’t get too crowded.


Unlimited space with bi-fold shower door

When in search of the largest, more comfortable shower closure, the bi-fold enclosure sure is high on the checklist. Double glass panels that open as widely as the whole cabin’s length goes - that is the dream. This enclosure solution is used in all types of showers: quadrant and corner units, round and rectangular, frameless and fully enclosed, you name it. The basic hinge installation on the glass door secures the hassle-free usage for years to come.

bi-fold shower door

The freedom of walk-in shower

And maybe, no shower enclosure at all? That may seem like quite a crazy idea, but it might be just right for you. If you feel like making your shower an integral part of the bathroom, there is no better way than to go for the wetroom screen. Our collection of wet room shower screens consists of minimalistic frameless designs, clear or frosted tempered glass panels as well as the industrial, loft-style walk-in showers. All the choices, all of the highest quality materials like nano-coated tempered glass and chromed aluminum mounts and handles.

black shower screen

Enjoy your new shower enclosure

Now that you know a little bit more about how to choose the best shower for your needs, you can go ahead and browse all the options out there. At Bathroom Store Ireland we have prepared for your the best collections of the enclosures, making sure you can choose only from the best designs. We believe in technology and top quality materials, that’s why we cooperate with only the best manufacturers, like Swiss Liniger, Mexen, and Lorenzo. We bring those brands to you, making sure they are always available at a good price and delivered to your door. 

Go to our shower enclosures selection, pick your new cabin door and make the order. In case you are having more questions or you need some personalized support making your choice, check out our contact details and let us know how we can help you. We are here to help you create the bathroom of your dreams! 


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