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Bi-Fold Shower Enclosures


Bi-Folding shower enclosures are a great option for bathrooms that have limited space. These showers are composed of glass wings, which make up the inside of the cabin, thus not taking up extra space outside it, and limiting the dirt caused by dripping water from the open glass panels as well as saving space.

What is Nano Tempered Glass for Bi-Fold Shower Door

Nano Tempered Glass is a liquid shield that is coated around your glass which makes it a tougher type of glass making it more durable with four times stronger than normal glass which is sure to stand the test of time.  

Other important features to include when discussing nano tempered glass is the easy cleaning features, which makes cleaning your shower enclosure extremely easy, nano tempered also includes fingerprint resistance and crack proof resistance, leaving you with the strongest possible shower enclosure ensuring quality throughout that will last years. 

Each shower enclosure on offer at bathroom store comes with a 20mm adjustment range that allows fitting your enclosure exactly to the parameters you need. In most cases, when designing your bathroom furniture, not all spaces are perfectly rounded off to and are out of true walls. With the 20mm adjustment, you can simply add or subtract 20mm to make your shower enclosure fit perfectly.

The bi-fold shower doors Ireland, available on our website, has a standard mounting system, thanks to which their installation is extremely simple and stress-free. What's more, their minimalist form, high-quality, durable and smooth surfaces, and hidden movable parts make it easy to maintain them in great condition later 

Finding the perfect shower door for your bathroom is not an easy task. It can be difficult to find the exact shower door you have in mind; that is high quality, well-made and that will look perfect in your bathroom suite. There are so many sites, stores, and products to choose from and it can become a stressful process. If you have experienced any of these complications while looking for a new shower door, you have come to the right place! 

Here at Bathroom Store Ireland, we are proud to offer some of the best bi-fold shower enclosures in all of Ireland.

We know how hard it can be to find high quality, well-made products that fit the image and style you are looking for. This is why we have worked hard to offer our customers the absolute best quality products and service.

By offering a wide variety of styles and designs, we give our customers the option of choosing what is perfect for their preferences and their dream bathrooms. 

Highest Quality Shower Doors

We have some of the safest and cleanest, bi-folding shower doors on the market in Ireland today. The tempered, nano protected glass we use is four times more durable than other options across Ireland. If the glass is ever broken it shatters into tiny circular pieces as opposed to the large, jagged, and sharp shards of regular glass, some excellent piece of mind if you have rough-and-tumble kids. 

The nano protective coating that comes on all our doors ensures they are "easy clean" as well. This not only reduces the time you spend cleaning but is also great for the environment as it cuts down on water and chemicals used. All our showers come with the option to select the thickness of the glass you want, thus giving you the ability to make the perfect choice based on both your budget and design.

In Bathroom Store Ireland, if your order is over €450, you then qualify for free delivery. If you interested in any Bi-Fold shower door we have on offer please contact us to complete your modern bathroom space.