Shipping Policy Bathroomstore

Estimated Delivery

We always aim to deliver the ordered products within 5 working days. However, depending on the popularity of the ordered goods, they might need to be sourced directly from the manufacturer. This is to ensure the highest quality of products at an affordable price. The saving is always reflected in the retail price. If you require a more precise delivery time, please email us in advance at

We advise that you don't hire builders until the product is delivered. We cannot guarantee the delivery date that you have received with your order but we aim to give you a very close estimated date based on our suppliers and inventory.


Secured Insured Shipping

Most of the orders are delivered using our own fleet of vehicles and drivers, thus ensuring that goods get to you when you need it, in perfect condition. Our drivers offer an option to open and inspect the products.

We also work with UPS and DHL


Acceptance of Delivery

When a delivery has reached its destination, we advise you to check up on delivery for product damage. If the product is damaged do not accept the delivery and contact our head office 042 971 1388. If you already accepted the delivery and noticed that some products are missing or they are damaged, let us know as soon as possible. You can also contact us by simply emailing us at

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