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Vanity Units


Large selection of bathroom vanity units in Ireland

Vanity units play an incredibly important role in any bathroom. They hold your basin, conceal the plumbing, and provide extra storage. Not to mention that, often, they become a focal point for anyone entering your bathroom for the first time.

Check out our extensive range of bathroom vanity units below. We stock both standard-sized and small vanity units. You can choose between different colors, sizes, finishes, and more.

We deliver nationwide. And we're here to help you select the perfect vanity unit for your bathroom.

Vanity Units - FAQ

What is a vanity unit?

A vanity unit is a bathroom furniture piece that combines a sink or basin with storage space. The storage space in vanity units helps organise bathroom essentials, while the sink or basin offers a convenient area for washing hands or applying skincare products.

What are the different types of vanity units?

There are several different types of vanity units that you could choose from:

  • Freestanding vanity units that stand on their own and can be easily moved or replaced. 
  • Wall-mounted vanity units are mounted on the wall and often have a floating appearance. 
  • Corner vanity units are designed to fit the corner of the bathroom.
  • Double vanity units feature two sinks and separate storage spaces for two people to use simultaneously.

What are vanity units made of, typically?

The most common materials from which vanity units are made include wood, laminate, engineered wood,  medium-density fiberboard, or glass.

Are vanity units sold with a sink or basin, or do you have to buy those separately?

This largely depends on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers provide complete vanity units; others sell vanity cabinets and basins separately. 

At Bathroom Store, we offer complete vanity units that come with a basin or sink.

How to choose the right vanity unit?

When choosing a vanity unit for your bathroom, you should consider: 

  • The space you have available for the vanity unit and whether there is enough room to fit your unit. Your measurements should include the width, height, and depth of the vanity unit and the space available. 
  • The style of the vanity unit and whether it matches the style of your bathroom. This includes looking at design, finish, colour but also the overall style and theme of the unit. 
  • Functionality and storage options of the unit and how they match your storage needs. 
  • Plumbing and installation to ensure that it is compatible with your existing plumbing setup. 
  • And finally, consider the budget you have available for the unit.