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Bespoke Shower Enclosures & Doors from Radaway

Designing your bathroom is not always a straight forward process. Sometimes our customers find themselves with a small, awkward or non-standard space in which they need to create the perfect shower enclosure. 

We are delighted to now be able to offer a bespoke Made to Measure service from our premium partners, Radaway. 

Show your personality and design your bathroom to your exact taste and specifications with a range of customised services.


Made to Measure

Made to Measure by Radaway

Our Made to Measure Service from Radaway allows the most unusual space to become the perfect shower in your home. Some of the non-standard issues we have come across and provide a solution to include;

  • Enclosures with a partition wall,
  • Attic spaces with slanting ceiling,
  • Uneven walls,
  • Very small spaces,
  • Windows intruding on shower space,
  • Rounded walk-in screens and much more.

Contact us today to find out how we can help to create your bespoke shower.


Radaway Shower Configurator

If you're a little unsure of exactly what shower would suit your non-standard space, then let the Radaway Shower Configurator help you decide. This easy to use tool is there to help you navigate through the design of your bespoke shower space. Find out more about the Radaway Shower Configurator here.


Glass Variants


We have a range of glass available in a variety of finishes, from standard transparent to UltraClear, brown, mirrored and everything in between.


  • Transparent

  • UltraClear®

  • Sateen

  • Mirror

  • Master-Soft®

  • Visionsun

  • View the full selection of glass finishes available to you here.


    Glass Engraving

    Glass Engraving

    Make your shower stand out with personalised glass engraving. With our state of the art laser technology, we can engrave any pattern you wish to the outside of your shower glass.

    Take a look at some of the beautiful pieces below and imagine how you could complete your bathroom with this stylish addition.

    Ivy Engraved Glass


    Grass Engraved Glass



    Pool Engraved Glass


    Personalised Engraved Glass


    Print on Glass

    Print on Glass 

    The newest service available to our customers is the Print on Glass option. Rather than etching or engraving into the glass, printing straight onto the outside pane means that you can have any image, pattern or design on your shower! 

    As the colours are added suring the glass-toughening process, you can rest assured that your printed shower is very durable and will last for many years to come. 

    Take a look at just some of the ready-made prints available, and don’t forget that we can print any image or pattern that you would like.


    Tropical Print on Glass


    San Francisco Print on Glass


    White Laser Print on Glass


    Sketch Print on Glass