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Choosing the perfect bath for your home has never been easier, just take a look at our great range of freestanding baths and inset or recessed baths in a range of shapes and sizes. Complete your new bath installation with a beautiful bath screen and a bath tap.

All of our baths are made from the highest quality acrylic, giving you an easy-to-clean and durable bath fitting.

vega bath installed in grey bathroomwhite bath installed in black and grey bathroom
Vega Acrylic Bathtub
Starting at €350.00
white cubic bath in grey bathroom with black tapwhite bath with front panel in grey tiles bathroom
Cubic Acrylic Bathtub
Starting at €365.00
Lacrima Freestanding Bath TubLacrima Freestanding Bath in Bathroom
Lacrima Freestanding Bath
Starting at €1,760.00
Modena Freestanding BathModena Freestanding Bath in Bathrooms
Modena Freestanding Bath
Starting at €1,729.00
Caldera Freestanding BathCaldera Freestanding Bath in Bathroom
Caldera Freestanding Bath
Starting at €1,667.00
Furo PND II Bath Screen - GoldFuro PND II Bath Screen in Bathroom