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Choosing the perfect bath for your home has never been easier, just take a look at our great range of freestanding baths and inset or recessed baths in a range of shapes and sizes. Complete your new bath installation with a beautiful bath screen and a bath tap.

All of our baths are made from the highest quality acrylic, giving you an easy-to-clean and durable bath fitting.

Baths - FAQ

What are the different types of baths?

The three most common types of baths are:

Freestanding baths which are not attached to any walls or fixtures, and can be placed anywhere in the bathroom. 

Inset baths are designed to be dropped into a custom frame or deck, creating a seamless and integrated look. Unlike freestanding baths, inset baths are attached to walls or cabinets.

Corner baths which, as the name suggests, are designed to fit perfectly into a corner of a bathroom.

What are baths made of?

The most common material used for baths is acrylic. lightweight and durable materials that’s also easy to clean and maintain. However, you can also find baths made of fibreglass, porcelain, cast iron, or copper.

How much do baths cost, typically?

Our acrylic baths start at €200 while our range of freestanding baths start from €1,800.

What to look for when selecting a bath?

The most important factors to consider when choosing a bath are:

Size to ensure that the bath will fit into your available space and provide the comfort you seek,

Material used, particularly if you have specific preferences as to what the bath is made of, 

Style so that the bath matches the rest of the bathroom,

Features, for example if you want to use the bath as a shower as well or feature only a handheld shower.

What are the common accessories for a bath?

Baths are sold as a single item. This means that you typically may need to purchase several additional elements with your bath:

  • Tap and/or shower set
  • Click clack
  • Shower caddy
  • Bath pillow, and more.