• Wall Hung Toilet vs Back to Wall Toilet

    Wall Hung Toilet vs Back to Wall Toilet
    Sometimes in life, we're faced with many decisions, some of which are hard and tedious, and others of which are easily chosen between. Well, it is not often that we are faced with the task of buying or finding a new toilet, but when we are, it can definitely be a bit intimidating, because not all of us have much experience with this. But fear not! Today we will help you compare wall hung toilets versus back to wall toilets...

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  • 7 Reasons To Choose Freestanding Bath Tubs

    7 Reasons To Choose Freestanding Bath Tubs
    Free-standing bathtubs are really great. They offer dynamic beauty and functionality that traditional baths do not. There are many things that we love about free-standing baths here at the Bathroom Store Ireland, but we have tried to keep it narrowed down to seven reasons why we think you should get a freestanding bathtub. Of course, there are many other reasons why you should get a free-standing bath, so stay tuned because we have a few bonus reasons to list because...

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  • Top 7 Bathtubs of 2019

    Top 7 Bathtubs of 2019
    A good bath can make all the difference in your day, but how do you choose the best bathtub for your needs? We have selected our Top 7 bathtubs of 2019 to make your choice easier, and all of them are available now here at Bathroom Store Ireland!

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