7 Ways to Improve Your Shower Pressure

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There are many different reasons a shower can lose it's water pressure over the years. Many times, it happened so slowly that it's hard to notice, but when you least expect it, you're left with a shower that has little to no water pressure whatsoever. But fear not since it is quite easy to deal with different reasons why your water pressure has become weak in your shower.

And this blog I would like to go over my 7 pro tips to improving your shower pressure. You will find that my tips are listed from cheapest and less time consuming to most expensive and more time-consuming. I would also like to know the fact that for some of these tips you will have to purchase and/or install plumbing devices or accessories, so please keep that in mind when assessing what's wrong with your shower pressure, and what the best way to combat the problem is.

Plumber's Tape

Plumber’s tape can come in handy in many different situations when it comes to repairing or reinforcing the plumbing in your house. It is something we all have laying around in our house, and I highly recommend getting a role if you don't have it yet.

One of the simplest and most common reasons your shower doesn't have the best water pressure is the fact that your showerhead may not be perfectly adjusted on to the water pipe in your shower, allowing much of the pressure to escape through the small gap. This is the reason why plumbers tape will come in so handy.

First you will have to unscrew the shower head from the water pipe in your shower. Then, if your water pipe already has plumber’s tape on it, I recommend removing it. Now, in a clockwise direction, roll out some plumbers tape onto the water pipe, wrapping the tape firmly but not too tightly. After all you have to do is screw the shower head back onto the water pipe tightly and check your water pressure to see if that helped.

Clean your shower head

shower head

Another of the main reasons you are experiencing low shower pressure could be the fact that due to the amount of minerals in your water, your shower head has collected sediment overtime, and it has slowly blocked many of the holes and small water pathways in your shower head.

This isn't something to worry about, because unless you're using distilled water which is usually found in grocery stores, the water that you're using most likely has a concentration of minerals in it; and naturally, over time, minerals will begin to build up where they have found themselves to be caught and so will begin to block up holes where water comes through.

The way to best get rid of sediment is unscrewing your shower head from the water pipe in your shower, putting it in a container with white vinegar in it, and leaving it up to 24 hours and no less than 18. After you have soaked your shower head in vinegar, all you need to do is rinse it and tap it a bit, and screw it back onto the water pipe in your shower.

This stuff works wonders because of the acidity in the vinegar. By nature, the acidity in the vinegar slowly breaks down the minerals on and around your shower head, and it slowly unclogs it. That's why this is one of the easiest and efficient methods to unclog your shower head.

Check your shower head for blockage

Sometimes, things can get lodged into parts in our shower heads without us realizing it. These pieces of things don't have to be very big, for none of the water pathways are holes in our shower heads are usually very big in size, so it is quite a normal reason for shower pressure to weaken.

In order to find what is blocking your shower head and where, the first step that you have to take is of course, to screw your shower head off of the water pipe. Afterward, carefully take apart your shower head piece by piece, meticulously checking each one of these parts for any particles which may be blocking it. After checking each part, I do recommend screwing it directly back in order to keep the correct pieces and their designated spots.

Once and if you do find where your shower head has been blocked by a particle oh, I highly recommend removing it. Sometimes this can be a very simple and easy task, and sometimes it can be a little bit harder. But I always recommend keeping a small hand drill, some bottlenose pliers, and a screwdriver on hand for these tasks.

Now all you're going to have to do is put your shower head back together in the correct order, screw it back onto the water pipe in your shower, and check and see if the water pressure has improved.

Consider replacing your shower head

way to improve your shower pressure

Sometimes the problem isn't the actual water pressure in our homes, but the shower head itself which is giving us low water pressure in our showers. This is due to the fact that what are the most common types of shower heads are water restricting. This means that there is a valve or mechanism within the shower head which only allows a certain amount of water to go through it. This has its pros and cons because on one hand it is very good for the environment, and it saves water which is always the way to go; but on the other hand, it could mean that the water pressure in our showers is not on par with our expectations or preferences.

If you have a water restricting type shower head, I recommend looking online for ones which are not water restricting. These are usually the same price, and you can usually even find the same type or model of your previous shower head, just without the water restricting mechanism.

Once you find a shower head that suits your needs and preferences, all you have to do is uninstall your previous shower head, and install the new one. I highly recommend checking the threading on the water pipe itself in case it's a little worn, so you have the chance to put a bit of plumbers tape around the water pipe before screwing on the new showerhead, as mentioned in my first pro tip.

Install a shower pump

In order to install a water pump or shower pump, you definitely have to have gone through many of the steps above and found that none helped. I only say this because you will probably have to purchase a water pump before being able to install one, of course, so I wouldn't want you to spend money and time on something which could have been fixed otherwise. That said, I believe that installing a shower pump is one of the most effective ways, if not the most effective way, too improve the water pressure in your shower.

In case you don't know, shower pumps work as follows: the pump is activated when the water is turned on in your shower, and as the water travels towards your shower from the water tank, it has to pass through the shower pump you have installed. Once the water is in the shower pump, the pump uses an impeller to boost the water pressure before it reaches your shower. this completely ensures that the water pressure reaching your shower is top-notch and top speed, for there really is no other way the water can go except for through the water pump.

I do know, however, that it is illegal to install a shower pump or water pump directly into mains water pressure, so I highly suggest staying far away from that. Otherwise, though this is a very easy and time efficient task, I also suggest seeking the help of a professional plumber, for they will know exactly what to do, where to put it, I'm will be much more efficient at their job.

Install a pressurized unvented cylinder

This pro tip is definitely one of the more heavy-duty ones, for it does involve removing and replacing the cold water tank in your household with a pressurized cylinder. This is one of the more complicated tips that I have on this list, and I highly recommend leaving it all up to a professional so that you don't injure yourself or cause any permanent damage to your home.

Pressurized unvented cylinders are very easy to find on the market, and I highly recommend looking into it whether or not you have low water pressure, for it is a great way to renovate older plumbing systems, and a great way to get more out of what you have, water-wise.

On a side note, they can be a bit costly, around £1500 or a bit less, so I also highly recommend finding one that fits your water system well, and is made from high-quality materials that way you can get the most out of your investment.

Install a power shower

power shower

Just like the option above, installing a power shower is one of the more lengthy and expensive options, but it is one of the most effective options in the long run. Essentially, a power shower is exactly what a shower pump is, except it boosts hot water and cold water, and additionally warms the water for you. This eliminates the necessity of having a separate water heating tank oh, and allows you to install just one thermostatic power shower to fix all your pressure problems.

Power showers are so effective in fact, that they allow you to have body jets, rain shower heads, and other luxurious shower accessories. In other words, not only is this boosting your water pressure, but it is effectively eliminating the possibility of you ever having low water pressure again.

These do, unfortunately, required the expertise of a professional plumber, because there are many ins and outs that the average person probably would not know. Of course, you can always take this project on by yourself if you feel confident in your plumbing skills, or if you read and watch enough tutorials as the process goes on. But in order to make it a lot more time effective and hassle-free, I highly suggest looking for a professional who you trust to do this task for you.

There you have my 7 pro tips on how to improve your shower pressure. I hope that this help, and I hope that you don't have any trouble doing them. Please stay tuned, for we upload many informational guides and blogs that will most definitely help you in any circumstance regarding your bathroom.


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