Thermostatic Showers Sets

We take the greatest pride in supplying a wide variety of both traditional and contemporary shower faucets and taps of superlative quality at affordable prices. Our ever popular rain head showers are made from solid brass, with chrome plating. Different models have different finishes, but our shiny shower sets are some of the best thermostatic mixer showers in the market. Each shower set all have a high gloss or glass finish, or a combination of the two. All our shower faucets feature a rain-head design.

Rain head showers are designed to flow water down over your head while simulating rain cascading down. This is a great way to get water all over your body in a steady flow – preventing a flow where water only reaches your upper body or midsection like it would if you had a regular showerhead.

The monobloc system employed in our shower taps delivers hot and cold water through a single spout – making temperature control effortless. Our thermostatic shower mixers are engineered to perfection: the built in thermostat in these units prevents unexpected changes in the water temperature, ensuring that your shower always delivers a comfortable experience at whichever temperature setting you choose.

Maintaining the shiny look of your new taps is straightforward: Simply wipe the taps and faucet down with a wet cloth. Some of our rain showerheads have added comfort features – such as an adjustable rail for the showerhead, allowing you to easily adjust its height. All thermostatic power showers at Bathrooms Store Ireland are manufactured using only the best, internationally sourced, materials.

Our obsession with high quality products inevitably translates into offering you showerheads that are durable and dependable. Our thermostatic power showers  come packaged with everything you need for proper assembly, making it quick and easy for you to get a shiny new faucet in your bathroom.

At Bathroom Store Ireland, you are spoiled for choice. Glance through our collection of rain showerheads, and see how we can assist you in creating your dream bathroom – both in its aesthetical and practical appeal.

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