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Concealed Shower Mixer Set


Imagine all your pipework is completely hidden leaving only a sleek clean tile face and a modern shower head. It’s chic, sophisticated and much easier to keep clean. With our concealed mixer shower kits you can mix and match the different accessories along with the built-in-shower valve to make your perfect kit.


Benefits of a Concealed Shower Mixer Set

Space: The main benefit of a concealed shower mixer set is of course the appearance of more space. No more protrusions and awkward showerhead coils. Just flat, clean, space. Cleanliness: We all know bathrooms are constantly wet, high use rooms. This means mould, limescale build-up, and bacteria. With most of your kit safely recessed and covered by the wall, there are much fewer features to clean and keep dry. Aesthetics: The minimalist aesthetic has remained trendy for a reason. It’s stylish and sophisticated and it dates well. If you install a concealed shower kit, you’ll stick with it for years.

Concealed Shower Mixer Installation

One of the first questions we get asked about concealed shower mixer installation, is how difficult will this be? The answer is: not as difficult as you’d think particularly if you’re doing a bathroom revamp anyway. The key to concealed shower mixer installation is good planning. The first thing to consider is just how good your water pressure is. This will help guide you in picking a suitable showerhead. There’s no point choosing a really large, feature shower head if you don’t have good water pressure. People with slightly weaker water pressure are advised to go for something a little smaller. The same goes for other features with faucet capabilities like extra water jets, side showers, and massage jets. It’s advisable to have really strong water pressure to facilitate any extra faucet features. The next step is creating the space, or recess as we like to call it, that will accommodate your shower valve. Assess the area, measure the space and this will help us advise you on the correct sized shower valve to suit your needs. Even if you’re working with a smaller shower area, we’ll be able to help you find something suitable.


Concealed Shower Valves 

A concealed shower valve adjusts and controls the temperature and flow of water from an exterior control plate on the shower wall leaving the pipework concealed behind the wall. A question we are often asked is; what if maintenance has to be done on the valve? The answer; all our concealed shower mixer taps allow maintenance through the control panel dials. The main question when fitting a concealed shower valve is; do I have the depth? Most of the functional features are concealed behind the flat surface wall. Although these sleek units are visually appealing and give the appearance of more space, you will in actual fact have to sacrifice around 3-4 inches to conceal the shower valve as a general rule.

Install a Concealed Shower Valve in 5 Easy Steps

The process of installing a concealed shower valve can seem a little daunting for people. Especially if you’re new to DIY. We’ve outlined a five-step process to help guide you on your journey. If you have very little plumbing or DIY experience, we do advise you to consult a trained professional. It will be worth the investment to get some professional help.
  • Turn off Your Water System 

    This might seem like an obvious piece of advice but before attempting any plumbing work, it’s best to cut your water supply and flush your water system.
  • Measure the False Wall

    Accuracy plays a big part in this step and you can only measure your false wall once the old system has been stripped out. When your old shower valve has been removed, it’s advisable to strip the wall back to its original brickwork.
  • Route the Plumbing

    If you’re not sure what tee junctions are then I would seriously consider enlisting the help of a professional. Tee junctions can be found in most piping systems and many engineering applications and are used to divide or combine fluid flow. You will then need to pass all your copper tails and pipes through the backboard. This will keep them in place, and then you can put plasterboard over them.
  • Stabilisation

    Not everybody realises this, but one of the most important elements of home plumbing is stabilising your work. You must make sure that your concealed valve and all its constituent parts are unable to move. This is a must if you want to keep your equipment safe and well-maintained.
  • Final Stage Installation

    The final installation stage is the plasterboard wall that you will affix your valve to. You should follow your valve manufacture’s installation advice to the letter during this stage. Now you’re ready to complete the finishing touches and close up that wall.

Concealed Bath Shower Mixer

 A concealed bath shower mixer is the ultimate, versatile shower-bath setup. Whether you’re in the market for a single lever, two-handle or three-hole mixer. Perhaps something free-standing or something wall-mounted: we’ll find the concealed bath shower bathroom mixer that’s right for you. In recent years, bathroom design trends tended toward the shower only model, but bath-shower combos making a comeback. The resurging popularity of concealed bath shower mixers indicates a real trend towards bathrooms that are multi-purpose and adaptable to your needs. People want bathrooms that work on a number of levels. A concealed bath shower is the epitome of sleek, multi-purpose design. As always we advise taking some measurements and coming into us for a chat about your bathroom’s needs. Our in-store advisers will help you find the mixer that’s right for you.



With more choice than ever in concealed shower mixer sets, you might feel overwhelmed with options. Don’t worry in the slightest, we’ll be able to direct you to the most suitable products if you come in and give us your bathroom specifications. Our highly trained staff are concealed shower mixer experts and are on hand to give you the best advice on your concealed shower needs. So if you’re thinking about a bathroom revamp, just call us with some measurements, and we can give you guidance.