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Discover Our Toilet Range


Here at the Bathroom Store Ireland. We offer our clients a wide range of beautiful variety of modern toilets to suit all of their needs.

We understand that the toilet is often the focal point of the bathroom. As such it needs to be both functional as well as displaying a touch of class and style.

Discover how our toilets at the Bathroom Store Ireland fit the bill and combine practicality and design with skill and precision. 

Sinto Matt Black - Wall Mounted Rimless ToiletSinto Matt Black - Wall Mounted Rimless Toilet
Sinto Matt Black - Wall Mounted Rimless Toilet
€418.00 €460.00 Sold out
Angela - Wall Hung ToiletAngela - Wall Hung Toilet
Angela - Wall Hung Toilet
Starting at €248.00Sold out
Laura White Ceramic ToiletLaura White Ceramic Toilet
Laura White Ceramic Toilet
€215.00 €297.00
Clarissa- Hanging BidetClarissa- Hanging Bidet
Clarissa- Hanging Bidet
€176.00 €279.00 Sold out
Lena Hanging Black Bidet
Lena Hanging Black Bidet
€275.00 €424.00
Sofia Hanging Black Bidet
Sofia Hanging Black Bidet
€275.00 €424.00
York - Hanging BidetYork - Hanging Bidet
York - Hanging Bidet
€253.00 €400.00
Swissliniger Lorena - Back to Wall BidetSwissliniger Lorena - Back to Wall Bidet
Swissliniger Lorena - Back to Wall Bidet
€253.00 €400.00
Rico Hanging Black Bidet
Rico Hanging Black Bidet
€275.00 €424.00
Mexen Sofia - Hanging BidetMexen Sofia - Hanging Bidet
Mexen Sofia - Hanging Bidet
€253.00 €400.00
Lino Wall Hung Bidet | L09Lino Wall Hung Bidet | L09
Mixing tap for Bidet F41Mixing tap for Bidet F41
Mixing tap for Bidet F41
€105.00 €218.00 Sold out
Mixing Tap for Bidet WG38Mixing Tap for Bidet WG38
Mixing Tap for Bidet WG38
€215.00 Sold out
Mixing Tap for Bidet WG36
Mixing Tap for Bidet WG36
€220.00 Sold out
Mixing Tap for Bidet WG315
Mixing Tap for Bidet WG315
€154.00 Sold out
Mixing Tap for Bidet WG314
Mixing Tap for Bidet WG314
€187.00 Sold out
Mixing Tap For Bidet WG311
Mixing Tap For Bidet WG311
€275.00 Sold out
Bidet IVETTA Wall Hung Toilet + Bidet Set Swiss LinigerBidet IVETTA Wall Hung Toilet + Bidet Set Swiss Liniger
IVETTA Wall Hung Toilet + Bidet Set
€425.00 €503.00 Sold out
Bidet Lorena Wall Hung Toilet + Bidet Set Swiss LinigerBidet Lorena Wall Hung Toilet + Bidet Set Swiss Liniger
Lorena Wall Hung Toilet + Bidet Set
€447.00 €503.00
Bidet Clarissa Wall Hung Toilet + Bidet Set Swiss LinigerBidet Clarissa Wall Hung Toilet + Bidet Set Swiss Liniger
Clarissa Wall Hung Toilet + Bidet Set
€451.00 €503.00

Types of Toilets offered at Bathroom Store Ireland

Whether they be the ultra-modern wall hung toiletsback to wall toilets, and close coupled toilets. We are sure you'll find the toilet you're looking for. We are also expanding our range of bidets to add that hint of European class to your bathroom. 

All of our wall hung toilets are made with functionality, as well as style in mind. That's why we have ensured that they are all compatible with all Geberit products. Specifically the Geberit Duofix Installation FrameGeberit Flush Plate and Geberit Dual Flush Button. Please take a look at these products if you consider buying a wall hung toilet.

Rimless Toilets

It is also important to research exactly what a rimless toilet consists of. With new innovations in sanitary ware and cleanliness, rimless wall hung pans are an important factor to consider. Rimless toilet have become increasingly popular. It's very easy to clean which improves hygiene allowing it to stay clean for longer periods of time. 

When flushing a toilet in your traditional bathroom the water washes around the rim of the toilet bowl leaving a lot of dirt and scum around the toilet bowl which can become an unwilling task. At the end of the day, no one likes this particular cleaning duty. 

Rimless toilets have a direct flush system that shoots water around the whole toilet bowl. With no nasty surprises like bacteria and limescale. 

To accommodate rimless technology, the flush pumps out a lot more pressure than a traditional flushing system to completely clean the toilet pan but doesn’t run up a hefty water bill. 

Every Toilet Is Made From The Very Best Materials

Our bathroom products are made from the highest quality materials available. They are designed to be practical, functional, comfortable, and dazzling in any bathroom suite. Every one of our toilets are contemporary and top of the range. Each toilet are made from beautiful white ceramic and finished with a beautiful white glossy glaze. 

We use these materials for two main reasons:

  1. These materials are very durable and they are so versatile in colour, that the toilets will accommodate any style of bathroom.
  2. They are stain resistant and easier to clean than ever before. Due to the high quality of the glaze finish the toilets are cleaned in a matter of seconds. Given that cleanliness and hygiene is of upmost importance in a bathroom. We believe that this is a quality well worth showing off.

What Is Nano Tempered Toilets? 

Nano coating technology is one of the newest innovations in the bathroom industry. Allowing customers to have the high quality products that will stand the test of time. When nano coating is applied and makes your toilets up to four times stronger than your typical toilet. Which is very important when you are wanting a durable product. Not only does nano coating make your toilet stronger, it also has more amazing features: 

  • Water repellent 
  • Smoother Surface 
  • Oil 
  • Dirt 
  • Limescale 
  • Scum 
  • Other dry particles 

Nano coating literally repels everything. Quite often your bathroom can pick up dirt, scum, and water staining from the general uses  that your bathrooms goes through on a daily basis. With the nano coating dirt or grime simply can’t stick and slides right off on its own. But every so often cleaning is required, but if it isn’t, it doesn’t stain or form any dirt particles.  

Quite often if your typical toilet isn’t cleaned, it becomes stained, and discoloured, and quite frankly embarrassing. So, if you are wanting to design your modern bathroom space, then make sure to research nano coated wall hung toilets. It may be slightly more expensive. But in the long run, it will stop you from having to replace your products due to mechanical damage. 

What Is Easy Clean Used for?

Another fantastic feature included in all our showers. Offered here at Bathroom Store come complete with Easy Cleaning feature which is exactly what it says. It leaves the big stresses of having to clean your bathroom.

This can become a tedious task and not done every so often can often lead to embarrassment. Especially when your family and friends visits. This is 9/10 times the case. Glass that doesn't feature nano coating or easy clean can gather dirt, limescale, discolouration, scum and dirty water too easily. Which requires to be to cleaned at least once a month.

So new innovations in sanitary ware have been improved, offering solutions that are real issues in everyday life. If your shower enclosure isn't cleaned regularly, then after a few years you often have to completely replace your shower enclosure. which isn't the most ideal option.

So when thinking of designing your modern bathroom space. make sure to research if your glass is toughened and easy to clean. In the long run this can save you a lot of money.

Here are some of the amazing features offered by using an Easy Clean shower enclosure:

  • Dirt
  • Grime
  • Soap
  • scum
  • Staining
  • etching
  • Discoloration

Beautifully Modern | Our Contemporary Toilets 

As mentioned above, our toilets are the evolution of bathroom products. They are not just toilets, they are comfortable to use, they are intuitive, and they are perfect in any modern bathroom.

Wall hung toilets and even bidets are rising exponentially in popularity amongst 5 star resorts spas and retreats in Ireland. The best part? They are now available to anyone and everyone at great prices here at the Bathroom Store Ireland.

We believe that this increase in popularity is due to the practicality of these toilets. They are very easy to install. They are compact and don’t take up unnecessary space and they are designed to look contemporary and streamline.

So they make any and every bathroom amazing. The back to wall toilets are beautiful because of their innovative take on the traditional toilet.

They are not bulky and they are not too large. Their tank is beautiful and modern, unlike that of many traditional toilets’. 

The wall hung toilets are amongst our clients’ favourite innovative products for many reasons. They look amazing; all that they display is the toilet pan, which makes the toilets look futuristic and elegant. No more seeing the piping and trap, and no more seeing the water cistern. The toilets come in varied designs and sizes, so there is a perfect toilet available for everyone.

Additionally, these wall hung toilets come ready to use with a Geberit Duofix system. Which acts as mounting brackets, water cistern, and flushing mechanism. This Geberit Duofix is installed within the wall behind the toilet, so all you see is the toilet pan. Elegant, is it not?

All Our Toilets Have The Latest Technology

Apart from boasting beautiful designs and high quality materials. Our toilets have additional features that set the apart from the rest of the toilets in Ireland.

Our toilets feature Soft Close Seat technology. This feature which protects your toilet seat and protects your toilet rim from the all too common indiscreet slamming toilet seats. This is a great feature for its ease on the ears and ease on the toilet itself. 

Our wall hung toilets and back to wall toilets both feature Dual Flush technology. This feature is great because it allows you to choose from two flush settings depending on your needs. In addition to this, it is really great for saving water, and saving some extra money on your water bill. It is a win-win situation!

The back to wall toilets feature, this is directly on the toilet cistern in the form of a flush button.

The wall hung toilets have the option of installing your favourite Geberit Dual Flush Plate. This can be installed practically anywhere in your bathroom, allowing you much flexibility. They are beautifully designed, innovative and intuitive, and are easily installed, wherever you decide is most convenient.

In addition to this the Geberit Flush Plates are very easy to clean. Just like all our bathroom products and are the most sanitary option available on the market today.


What Sets Our Toilets Apart

We believe in the high quality of the products we offer you. We believe that this is what makes the Bathroom Store Ireland an amazing place to outfit your bathroom. The qualities of our products definitely make them unique on the Irish market today.

Once you own one of our toilets, you’ll want to buy one of everything! Not only is the quality amazing, but the design and concept of our toilets are also extraordinary.

When you take a look at our range of toilets and bidets you’ll see that we value elegance. We also value minimalist designs, and versatile models. We know that many people today need to be more economical when it comes to space. So we offer you smaller compact models of every type of product, including our toilets.

We also understand how important durability and comfort are to everyone. So we strive to provide only the most durable and comfortable toilets we can. You’ll find that the glossy glaze finish on our toilets and bidets making them very smooth and comfortable to use. You will find the comfortable height is unique to our toilets, and you’ll love how easy they are to clean.