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Elegant smooth designs, versatile colour, space saving dimensions; what more could you want in a toilet? Our rimless back to wall toilets are the bathroom product that has all you need and want in one beautiful condensed design.

We at the Bathroom Store Ireland love to offer you beautiful collections of different bathroom products. So, in this back to wall toilet we offer you different models and all the additional products you will need for the installation of your new ceramic back to wall toilet.

We are also confident that the quality of our products is the best on the market today, and hope that you feel the same way about our products.


What Makes Back To Wall Toilets a Must Have in a Modern Bathroom

Back to wall toilets are contemporary and are up to date with all the newest design concepts available today. They take the concept of a traditional toilet design, and amplify it tenfold.

Back to wall toilets are now not only much more aesthetically pleasing, thanks to their modern appearance and streamline look, but they are much more accommodating when it comes to smaller spaces than previous versions. 

Dual-Flush Technology

In addition to this, these back to wall toilets boast innumerably more contemporary features. Among the most popular features is dual flush technology, a rimless back to wall pan, a compact cistern, soft close seat technology, and many more. Stay tuned to learn more about each feature!

Apart from its countless features, we believe that the top-quality materials used to make these back to wall toilets make them superior in this field of the market. They are made from 100% white vitreous ceramic, and coated with a layer of nanotechnology antibacterial glossy glaze.

This glossy glaze makes it super easy to clean the toilet pan, inside and out, and it makes your toilet super resistant to stains which may come from everyday use. As cleanliness is of utmost importance in your bathroom, we wanted to offer you a toilet that is really easy to keep clean, stainless, and germ free.

Soft Close Toilet Seat Technology

The toilet seat on our back to wall toilet is made from high quality Duroplast material which is a must for any modern toilet seat. It gives it a soft touch, making everyday use really nice and comfortable, and also allows the Soft Close technology to really do its job.

You see, Soft Close seat technology is, essentially, exactly what its name implies. It is put in place in order to shelter your ears, and of course your toilet seat, toilet pan, and toilet unit, from the obnoxious sound of the toilet seat slamming every time you use the toilet.

Also, as the back to wall toilet designs consist of a rimless toilet pan, the flush technology itself is much better than that of traditional toilet units. As you can see illustrated in our picture galley section of each toilet model, the flush system ensures a great flush every time.

Speaking of flushing, the back to wall toilet also comes with the dual flush technology, as mentioned above. This feature allows you to pick from 2 different flush settings. Dual flush technology also ensure for the perfect flush every time, it helps save water (and money on your water bill!), and caters to both kinds of waste.

6 Reasons You Should Choose a Back To Wall Toilet

  1. Our back to wall toilet designs do not have a hulking cistern or a visible S or T shaped trap pipe, which makes their design beautiful and streamline. This allows for easy cleaning, easy access, and more usable space around the toilet.
  2. Due to their advanced plumbing system they perform at top speed, and are highly functional at all times. Otherwise, they are also super easy to repair in case it needs a hand.
  3. They are the perfect dimensions for a small or large bathroom suite. They are 85 cm tall, which has been proven to be one of the most comfortable and usable heights for toilets.
  4. Their rimless toilet bowl makes them easy to clean, easy to use, and makes them look modern and beautiful.
  5. They are made from top quality materials which makes them easy to clean, super long lasting and durable, stain resistant, and antibacterial.
  6. They come in a nice variety of colours, making this collection versatile, and making it much easier for you to find exactly what you are looking for.

Make Sure You Choose The Right Toilet For Your Bathroom

Here at the Bathroom Store Ireland, we strive to provide our clients with quality products that not only function at top speed, but additionally make their bathroom a modern bathroom; because we know how important it is to have both high-functioning and visually pleasing features in your bathroom and entire home.

The back to wall’s lovely modern design, high quality vitreous ceramic material, and their glossy finish make them a staple in a modern bathroom. Their contemporary design adds a flowing minimalist look to any space regardless of its design, and their beautiful colours add timelessness and modernity to anyone’s bathroom.

Also, if you are curious about other kinds of toilets that we offer, check out our luxurious Wall Hung Toilet collection. They use a concealed cistern called the Geberit Duofix system, allowing them to look and function like no other toilet. You can also check out our Bidet section, and maybe add a bidet to your new and improved bathroom!

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