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Contemporary Bathroom Accessories

We have put together a collection of accessories for your bathroom, including waste traps and waste bottles. These are available in various colours including matte black, chrome, gold, antique gold and bronze. All accessories is compatible with our ceramic basins, pedestal basins, stone basins, and cloakroom basins. So take a look and choose yours today!
Chrome Click ClackChrome Click Clack
Bathroom StoreChrome Click Clack
€19.00 €31.00
Black Click ClackBlack Click Clack
Bathroom StoreBlack Click Clack
€22.00 €37.00
Black Matt Basin Round Bottle TrapBlack Matt Basin Round Bottle Trap
Bathroom Accessories Default / Chrome Shower Squeegee MexenBathroom Accessories Squeegee Mexen
Bathroom StoreShower Squeegee
Starting at €18.00
PVC Basin Bottle Trap
Bathroom Store IrelandPVC Basin Bottle Trap
€22.00 €25.00
Chrome Mexen Basin Bottle TrapChrome Mexen Basin Bottle Trap
Gold Mexen Basin Bottle TrapGold Mexen Basin Bottle Trap
Bathroom Accessories chrome Mexen Toilet Paper Tap Holder MexenBathroom Accessories Gold Mexen Toilet Paper Holder
MexenMexen Toilet Roll Holder With a Shelf
Starting at €49.00
Bathroom Accessories Chrome Mexen Rufo Towel Hanger MexenBathroom Accessories Gold Mexen Rufo Towel Hanger Mexen
MexenMexen Rufo Towel Hanger
Bathroom Accessories chrome Mexen Vane Towel Hanger MexenBathroom Accessories gold Mexen Vane Towel Hanger Mexen
MexenMexen Vane Towel Hanger
Starting at €22.00
Bathroom Accessories Mexen Estela Round Towel Hanger MexenBathroom Accessories Mexen Estela Round Towel Hanger Mexen
MexenMexen Estela Round Towel Ring
Starting at €71.00