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Towel hangers, towel rails, hooks, and rings


In this category, you will find a range of bathroom towel hangers, towel rails, hooks, rings. These accessories can offer a stylish and space-saving alternative to radiator at a fraction of the price. Towel hangers can come in various colours, from standard colours like black and chrome to gold, rose gold and even brushed gold, and in a range of styles from simple to embellished. We also have a massive range of bathroom accessories to match your radiator or towel rack style.

Why is it worth buying towel hooks?

Due to the high resistance to scratching and mechanical damage, as well as unfavourable external factors such as moisture, high temperature or chemicals contained in detergents, it will retain its aesthetic appearance for many years.
The different hangers are available in various styles and colours which makes it easy to match the appropriate proposal to any interior arrangement. Some of the available models are additionally equipped with a practical shelf for useful cosmetics and toiletries. Depending on individual needs, you can choose models that require drilling in the wall, as well as with special suction cups that can be easily attached to the tiles.

Choose from numerous types of hangers!

There are many types of hangers on the market tailored to the various needs of customers. One of the most frequently chosen proposals is a single hanger mounted on the wall. Its biggest advantages include its small size, which allows it to be mounted anywhere - next to a washbasin, bathtub, or shower cubicle.
For a bathroom where more space for towels is needed, a bar with several hangers can be a great solution. Due to the aesthetic design, the hangers also have a decorative function, surprising with an interesting form and expressive colours.

At what height should bathroom hooks and hangers be hung?

One of the undoubtedly important issues affecting the comfort of using the bathroom is the height of the towel rails. Hooks are usually placed near the sink, approx. 140 cm above the floor. This is the optimal distance, as it provides easy access to towels, at your fingertips. In reality, however, it is best to take into account the height of the household members and place the hangers at the optimal height so that everyone can use these accessories comfortably. In the case of children, it is worth installing two rows of hangers - for parents and their children. When choosing standing hangers, they usually measure 120-150 cm, although there are also taller models. For this reason, it is best to carefully check the dimensions of the product before making your selection.