What are we dealing with right now?

The global outbreak of a new type of coronavirus has a huge impact on the economy, politics, health, and habits of millions of people all around the globe. Many countries have introduced preventive measures, like social distancing, self-isolation, and quarantine for possibly infected, that were designed to stop and diminish the evolution of the virus pandemic.

All of the above has already had a huge impact on our lives as they are, and as for now there is no information on how long this situation will last, we should all prepare and adjust ourselves to the new reality. The Bathroom Store Ireland team has prepared a summary of information that might be the most important these days. Please read our recommendations and FAQ below, that might help you deal with the current situation better. 

We hope we will answer your most urgent questions and provide you with some crucial information. If you feel like something is missing, but worth mentioning, contact us on our Facebook profile, Instagram account or via the contact form in the ‘About Us’ section.

Let’s all stay safe, responsible and healthy together.

How should I behave during the pandemic?

It is very important to wash hands as often as possible, using soap or other detergents, especially after being out and touching different surfaces in public spaces, like tables, door knobs or handrails. It is recommended to stay at home as much as possible and go out only when the vital necessity occurs. If going out, preventing measures like masks and vinyl gloves are advocated. You can also regularly sterilize the surfaces in your house, office or car with disinfectant.

What sources of information should I rely on?

Misinformation and disinformation in times of the coronavirus pandemic can lead to poor health choices that will impact yourself and your close ones. This is why it is more important than ever to distinguish facts from myths. We recommend following the advice of the public health authorities, and the websites of HSE, relevant EU and international organisations like ECDC and WHO. You can also help by not sharing unverified information coming from dubious sources. Stay informed but be very careful about your sources.

Is online shopping safe?

Online shopping has become the major way of purchasing these days as it ensures the buyer's and seller's safety by eradicating the physical contact from the transaction, as well as the contact with coins and bank notes that could potentially transmit the coronavirus. When shopping online you not only keep yourself away from potential contamination, but you also make your part in preventing economic stagnation. By choosing a local business, like Bathroom Store Ireland, you contribute to the local economy and support small firms when it is most meaningful.

Do you still accept orders?

Yes, we are still open and working to give you the possibility to order the best bathroom appliance via our online shop. We are currently using our own Bathroom Store vans to deliver all the goods purchased by our clients to minimise the delays, which however can be expected in the current delicate situation.

Do I expose myself to the coronavirus when picking up deliveries?

The general rule is that the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 needs living organisms to survive for a longer period and replicate. Therefore, your shipment, both packaging and the product inside, should be free from the virus. However, we endorse you to disinfect your purchases after the pick-up. What is more, it is highly recommended to use the contactless ways of shipment, like in lieu pick up, or to ask your courier to leave the package at the door, in order not to put yourself and the courier in danger of potential exposure to COVID-19.

Will the shipment time be affected?

Currently, we are experiencing some delays, which is a result of limited personnel of the Bathroom Store Ireland team as well as the larger amount of shipment orders received by all courier services. We appreciate all our clients that are aware of the difficulties we are facing, and who are treating us with utmost patience and understanding.

If you are expecting your purchase and want to receive more information on it, please send us your order number or sales@bathroomstore.ie and we will provide you with all the necessary details.

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