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Installation Frames & Cisterns


At Bathroom Store Ireland, we offer a range of sizes in quality installation frames. This will give you the opportunity to select the perfect frame for that new wall hung toilet. One frame doesn't suit every unit - that's why we offer a range of different frames to suit every bathroom.

The trend for concealed plumbing in bathroom décor shows no signs of going away. So, we’re going to take a look at wall hung toilets or concealed cistern toilets and the wall hung installation frames that accommodate them. Think of wall hung installation frames as the backbone of a concealed cistern toilet. Wall hung toilets are no longer just for upmarket hotels and restaurants. These designs are becoming ever more popular in people’s homes. It’s not as difficult as you might think to install a wall hung toilet in your home bathroom.


What is a Wall Hung Toilet?

More traditional toilets are known as back to wall toilets, where the entirety of the toilet including its cistern are on display. Wall hung toilets are recessed or concealed within a furniture unit or behind a wall. With only the toilet bowl or pan and flush plates on display on the back wall. This makes for a more minimalist aesthetic. This trend towards simplicity and minimalism in bathroom décor isn’t just a style choice. It’s generally more hygienic and much easier to maintain. Fewer surfaces to collect dirt and bacteria equal fewer surfaces to clean.


Wall Hung Installation Frames - Size Matters

Although some concealed cisterns can be as thin as 75 mm and can fit into the cavity of a stud partition wall, it’s still advisable to assess the size of the space. You should also carefully check the depth and height of any cavity in a stud wall to ensure a concealed cistern fits. If you’re absolutely set on a wall hung toilet or a concealed cistern for your bathroom, you’ll need to find an appropriate wall mounting frame to place it on. This will hold up the toilet, conceal the cistern and support all the other pipework. We’ve put together a quick overview of how a wall mounting frame functions and a simple guide on what you’ll need to think about before installing one. At the Bathroom Store, our selection of wall hung frames can be fitted to suit a variety of wall hung toilets.


What We Offer

We offer a range of sizes and quality of installation frames at the Bathroom Store. This gives you the chance to select the perfect frame for that new wall hung toilet you just purchased. Not all frames suit every bathroom, that’s why the Bathroom Store offers a range of different frames to suit every bathroom. With such a wide range of wall-hung toilets and stylish flush button you’ll be spoilt for choice. We have dual effect push buttons in matte black and white and chrome buttons are always a stylish and versatile option. We stock stylish, cutting-edge toilet kits from brands like Geberit and Grohe. This means you’ll find styles to suit the modern bathroom of your dreams.


Wall Hung Toilet Frame Installation

To install a wall hung toilet you should build a stud wall or section to accommodate the cistern and mounting frame. The frame acts as a support for the pipework, the waste pipe, and the cistern. The flush buttons will be conveniently located on the wall once the tiling or finish you have chosen is completed. For installing a wall hung toilet or a concealed cistern, you’ll most likely need to build the stud wall. You could perhaps use an existing partition or perhaps construct a new partition. A solid wall is still going to need extra support behind it. If you’re using an existing wall, you must ensure you have the space for the cistern on the other side if the wall is between another room or corridor. We always recommend enlisting the help of professional plumbers and builders to install your mounting frame and wall hung toilet. It can be quite a technical job that needs a high level of skill to ensure it’s done correctly.

Why Choose a Wall Hung Toilet?


With a wall hung toilet and concealed plumbing, there are much fewer surfaces to gather dirt and bacteria. That means fewer surfaces to clean. Forget about all those nooks and crannies; this minimalist style means minimal cleaning.

More Space

With concealed plumbing, you have less awkward projections. This minimalist style gives you a sense of more space. It works especially well in smaller bathrooms.

Concealed Plumbing

Some people might think that a wall hung toilet and wall hung installation frame will make it harder to maintain your plumbing. However, this is not true. Wall hung installation frames are fitted to provide easy access for any maintenance work.

Minimalist Look

With the trend for minimalist bathroom décor not going away anytime soon, concealed plumbing is the perfect choice for a modern bathroom. Options Wall hung toilets are definitely the style choice of the day. This means you have more options than ever when it comes to design.