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Geberit Delta UP100 Duofix Cistern Installation Frame
Dimensions For Geberit Delta UP100 Duofix Cistern Installation Frame
Geberit Delta UP100 Duofix Cistern Installation Frame
Geberit Delta UP100 Duofix Cistern Installation Frame Schematics
Dimensions For Geberit Delta UP100 Duofix Cistern Installation Frame
Geberit Delta UP100 Duofix Cistern Installation Frame

Geberit Delta UP100 Duofix Cistern Installation Frame

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Geberit Toilet Installation Frame Summary

  • Compatible with all wall hung toilets sold on our website
  • Compatible with all Delta flush plates range
  • Cistern Data Sheet
  • Can be operated with used water (rainwater) provided it is passed through a filter system first
  • Adjustable Flush Volume
  • Ideal for small spaces such as under windows. It is a smaller compact version of the
  • If your stuck for space this might be a better option for you.

Complete Your Modern Space With Geberit

The Geberit toilet Installation frame UP100 is an essential component of the wall-hung toilets in your modern bathroom space. The UP100 toilet frame is installed behind your wall, with all flushing mechanics hidden.

With the UP100, the cistern is positioned at the front of the installation frame with features including anti-fog insulation for the concealed cistern. Another useful feature is changing the amount of flush water that dispenses from the cistern allowing each customer to have a preference.

Drywall installation solutions For UP100 Duofix Geberit

Geberit Duofix provides installation solutions for most bathroom spaces. Geberit Duofix system rails and studs also allow for the creation of complete Geberit toilet system walls. Therefore they meet practically all standard and special requirements. The only elements that you are able to see is a flush button.

Geberit Duofix UP100 frame features include:

  • The UP100 can hold up to 400kg.
  • Comes with all accessories needed to complete installation
  • Easy installation with 4 fixing points
  • The UP100 is compatible with Delta flush buttons
  • Powder-coated frame to ensure long last life span
  • Sound proofed outlet
  • Thermal insulated
  • To do full installation you will need:

  • Geberit Duofix UP100 Wall Hung Frame

  • Wall Hung toilet

  • Flush Plates

  • Wall Mounting Brackets (included with the frame)

Not included with UP100 Installation Frame:

  • Geberit Flush Plate
  • Wall Hung Toilet
Product Name Geberit Duofix UP100
Brand Geberit Toilet
Length 500mm
Width 350mm

Height Adjustable:

Floor Construction 0 - 200mm
Ceramic fixings M12, Fixed at 180mm or 230mm
Mounting height 1200mm

The Geberit Duofix is your industry standard installation frame for wall hung toilets. The Delta UP100 Duofix Cistern Installation Frame includes adjustable installation frame, delta concealed cistern, and accessories to complete the installation.

Why the Geberit Toilet Frames Popular?

Geberit have become of the leading market specialist for sanitary products in the bathroom industry with their amazing innovations in sanitaryware that has given a new means to wall hung toilets and much more. Geberit is the market leader in Europe while creating a strong presence globally.

The Geberit wall hung toilet is one of the most reliable and cheapest in the market, giving each customer satisfaction guaranteed. The Geberit toilet is indeed Geberit's most popular products. Here at Bathroom Store we have selected the Geberit UP100 can accommodate various types of spaces while giving your modern bathroom a luxurious feel for many years to come.

Check out our Geberit Ireland products including toilet pans, flush buttons and frames. If you are designing your bathroom space, check out how the Geberit Duofix can complete your bathroom.

Wall Hung Toilet

The Geberit Wall Hung Toilet Frame allows you to design your perfect bathroom without the heavy-duty construction involved, no visible pipelines or screws, allowing for flawless clean-cut design.

Crafted from the highest quality materials The Geberit Duofix UP100 is made from the highest quality materials, allowing for durability and can accommodate any bathroom without supporting walls. The foot legs are galvanised to ensure long lasting life span. The frame is made up of the strongest steel material to support up to 400KG. The metal frame has been designed to support wall hung sanitary ware.

It is versatile - The Geberit wall hung toilet can you utilised in any space. Perfect for dry wall installations. Following sanitary ware standards, the Duofix can accommodate any type of wall hung toilet, allowing you to choose exactly what you desire. The Geberit toilet UP100 comes complete with installation frame, water supply connection, flush bend, threaded rods for fixing points, integrated angle with hand wheel.

Geberit hidden behind wall