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Flush Plates


If you’ve just purchased a new wall hung toilet, and you’re seeking a matching flush plate, look no further. At Bathroom Store Ireland, we offer a range of Geberit and Grohe flush plates to match our range of stylish wall hung toilets. These products come in different finishes; in matt black, chrome, and white. Check out some of our current designs below.

Flush Plate Jet Black Geberit Sigma 01 Black Flush Plate Geberit
GeberitGeberit Sigma 01 Black Flush Plate
€109.00 €152.00 Sold out
Grohe Skate Air Flush Plate
GroheGrohe Skate Air Flush Plate
€50.00 Sold out
Flush Plate Default GROHE toilet Flush-Plate Skate Cosmopolitan Grohe
Geberit Sigma 30 Matte Black Flush PlateGeberit Sigma 30 Matte Black Flush Plate
Geberit Sigma 30 Matt Black/Black
GeberitGeberit Sigma 30 Matt Black/Black
€165.00 Sold out

What are Flush Plates?

Flush plates are recessed buttons or plates. They are the only visible flush button in a concealed cistern installation, fitted in a bathroom as part of your wall hung toilet. Choosing a flush plate for your toilet is a more modern option compared to a lever or handle. 

With less surface area to touch, they’re more hygienic than traditional levers. Also, they’re much easier to keep clean and bacteria-free. At Bathroom Store Ireland, we offer a superb range of flush plates. They’re the sleek and stylish choice for any modern bathroom. 

Our dual and single flush plates come in a variety of finishes. You’ll have no problem finding a finish to offset your new or existing bathroom. We have brushed chrome, black gloss, brushed brass, and white alpine. 

Sensor Flush Plate

 The future has arrived with our homes becoming more fully automated every day. With more need than ever to think about hygiene and cleanliness; sensor flush plates are a wise choice. High-quality technology will put comfort and cleanliness first in our bathrooms. 

These sophisticated electronic sensor plates will also help to optimise water use in our bathrooms and homes. The sensor-activated, automatic dual flush plates will both help save on water. Not to mention what a stylish and sophisticated addition they make to your bathroom. 

Our electronic flush plates, equipped with “touchless” technology, use motion sensors to activate the cistern flush. You’re able to configure your plates to trigger the flush when you move your hand in front of or near the plate. You can also choose an automatic setting that automates the toilet to clean itself a short time after use.

Flush Plates—The Latest Style Statement

It’s the shape of your flush plates that make the ultimate style statement. From simple circles to horizontal rectangles; they can really add to the design lines you choose for your bathroom. Plates are the truly modern ‘touch’ to a minimalist and modern bathroom style.

That’s before you take into account the modern finishes like chrome and black and white matte finishes. The recent décor trends in bathrooms lean towards a futuristic finish. Plates are another minimalist detail that can add to your minimalist bathroom chic.

You can pair your flush plates with other touches like concealed shower sets and wall hung toilet frames. Swiss brand Geberit are design specialists when it comes to bathroom fittings and German brand Grohe has always been synonymous with luxury.

For a truly modern bathroom, talk to us at Bathroom Store Ireland, and we’ll help you find the best finish for your bathroom.