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Important Benefits Of Wall Hung Toilets


Here at Bathroom Store Ireland we strive to provide the best products in terms of quality and durability. Ensuring every customer has satisfaction with every purchase. Let’s talk about important features with the wall hung toilets we offer in Bathroom Store.


What is Nano Coating Shield and why is it important?

Nano coating is a new revolutionary innovation in bathroom sanitary ware. Nano coating is also used for water resistance phone covers and many more applications outside of bathroom design. Nano coating is also used as a water repellent, and also an oil repellent which slides off the surface layer that repels all water, oil, dirt, and other dry particles.

What is Nano Coating used for?

Firstly, each wall hung toilet on offer comes finished with Nano coating liquid shield. This amazing feature allows for:

  • Easy cleaning
  • Finger print resistant
  • Crack proof resistant
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Mechanical Damage


When designing your modern bathroom space, it is important that you research exactly what nano coating is and how it can improve your bathroom. Allowing all of your sanitary ware to be as durable as possible.

Research has proven these features can drastically improve the life span on your wall hung toilet. The Nano coating makes it easier to keep the shell clean and provides complete hygiene when using a wc pan. When you're buying a wall hung toilet, look for these features showcasing quality and durability for many years to come. 

What is Easy Cleaning?

Easy cleaning is another fantastic feature to consider when wanting to designing your bathroom.

If you value classic solutions, we have back to wall options for you that are just as elegant. What's more, with us you can stock up on the entire toilet set, so that you get everything your toilet needs.

Easy Cleaning Features for Wall Hung Toilets

Here are the features to include when it comes to wall hung toilets:

  • Dirt 
  • Grime 
  • soap scum
  • Staining
  • Etching 
  • discoloration 

There are many factors to take into consideration and why you should choose easy clean and nano coating without a doubt. With nano coating itself has many important features, but nano coating feature with easy cleaning features is a no brainer. Once you design your bathroom, it will be another few years until the sanitary ware becomes tired, damaged and discoloured.

With new innovations in technology allowing your new sanitary ware to last many years. With great features like nano coating and easy cleaning, your wall hung toilets will be resistant to many issues like cracks, damage, and discolouration. 

Functional, practical, beautiful, and contemporary examples of wall hung toilets has all the best features a toilet can have. These compact wall hung toilets are easy to clean and will always look stunning regardless of the age. You can be confident knowing that your toilet looks good and functions perfectly without a shadow of a doubt. So say goodbye to your standard toilet and say hello to your new wall mounted porcelain throne.

Contact us today and find everything you need. Whether you are purchasing a wall hung toilet, a sloping board, a concealed Geberit installation frame. Here at Bathroom Store we have everything you need we have available at Bathroom Store.

Rimless Toilet Technology for Wall Hung Toilets

It is also important to research exactly what a rimless toilet consists of. With new innovations in sanitary ware and cleanliness, rimless wall hung pans are an important factor to consider. Rimless toilet have become increasingly popular. It's very easy to clean which improves hygiene allowing it to stay clean for longer periods of time. 

When flushing a toilet in your traditional bathroom the water washes around the rim of the toilet bowl leaving a lot of dirt and scum around the toilet bowl which can become an unwilling task. At the end of the day, no one likes this particular cleaning duty. 

Rimless toilets have a direct flush system that shoots water around the whole toilet bowl. With no nasty surprises like bacteria and limescale. 

To accommodate rimless technology, the flush pumps out a lot more pressure than a traditional flushing system to completely clean the toilet pan but doesn’t run up a hefty water bill. 

Is Easy Cleaning and Nano Coating for Wall Hung Toilets More Expensive?

Yes! these qualities come at more of a cost than your typical bathroom installations and with good reason. These features gives the customer the ultimate choice of how they want their bathroom to look and how long they want it to last. Bathroom renovations are still to this day a very popular. Its popular because of constant renovations, because it after a few years your sanitary ware fade in colour and is subject to crack and general damage.

If you are wanting to design your modern bathroom space, it is important to choose quality over quantity. These options are more expensive, but because they will last a life time, with no damage or discolouration

6 Benefits of Installing a Wall Hung Toilet

  1. They are appropriate for smaller washrooms that are in need of more space-efficient furnishing and outfitting. The wall mounted toilets that we offer are small and streamlined in design. They will make the best use of any space. In addition to this, they encourage fluid movement around the toilet, making the space around it very usable and available.
  2. The concealed cistern is economical in space, price, and water usage. All of our wall hung toilets are easily installed containing simple plumbing technology allowing for easy to fix issues and can be set to use 4.5L per flush.
  3. The wall hung toilet and cistern also have a dual flush technology which makes it much easier to save water. The dual flush button is another great feature giving a perfect flush every time.
  4. The Geberit Duofix concealed cistern system is also complete with the mounting frames. The whole system is truly complete and comes with all you need to transform your bathroom.
  5. The glossy white finish makes the toilet and area around it easy to clean. We mean it when we say that keeping your toilet spotless is the easiest it has ever been. By using disinfectant. The inside is equally easy to keep clean and germ free.
  6. The color, design, and size of the exterior will make any bathroom look contemporary and stylish. It will add a touch of elegance to any space, no matter what style of room it is.

Types and Styles of Wall Hung Toilets

There are a wide variety of styles and sizes offered here at Bathroom Store Ireland. Here we strive to cater to everyone’s preferences and necessities. In this collection you will find various details in each toilet, and you’ll hopefully find the perfect one for you. 

Here are some of our bestsellers:

  • Rounded Wall Hung Toilet (L23): This model has a beautiful seat cover with a rounded corner look that adds softness. Soft close technology is used to close your toilet seat without any noise. Eliminating the loud slamming noises known to annoy all toilet users.
  • Wall Hung Gloss White Ceramic Toilet (L29): This particular model has a beautiful squared shape making it more modern in design and a little larger than the L23 model. Its seat cover is thin yet sturdy, and it comes with the flush button on the side for optimal convenience.
  • Wall Hung Toilet with Soft Close Seat (L32). This is the smallest model in terms of width and size, which makes it a practical and space saving option for those who would like to make the most out of their bathroom space. Wall Hung Gloss Finish Ceramic Bidet (L09): We also offer this beautiful wall hung bidet that allows for practicality for those who value cleanliness and luxury in their daily lives.

We also offer various Geberit dual flush buttons models which pair with the Geberit Duofix concealed cistern and wall mounted toilet. They are more sanitary options with easy accessibility. These can be installed in almost any part of your room, regardless of the bathroom design. They are also technologically advanced and have the dual flush options for more convenience.

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Slimline Wall Hung Toilet | L19

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Modern Wall Hung Toilet | L21

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Compact Wall Hung Toilet | L25

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Rounded Wall Hung Toilet | L23

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Contemporary Wall Hung Toilet | L27

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Wall Hung Bidet | L09

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Wall Hung Toilet Ireland | L35

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