Wall hung toilets are an excellent way to install a modern, visually appealing toilet into a bathroom that’s tight on space. But they also work great in larger bathrooms and the minimal, stripped-back look is both functional and stylish. 


People love the modern look of the wall hung toilet because it appears to float above the bathroom floor. It’s easy to clean around and is perfect for a futuristic-looking bathroom.

At the Bathroom Store, we supply a range of wall-hung toilets in a variety of styles - Clarissa Black, Laura White, Mexen, Mexen Lena, and many more. We can help you decide which style will be perfect for your bathroom visual. By using a wall hung toilet you can give yourself the freedom to explore more style options than you would with a traditional toilet.

Easy cleaning

Arguably one of the main selling points is that it’s much easier to clean. By hovering only a few inches off the ground it makes it far easier to reach previously troublesome areas for a deeper, more hygienic clean around the toilet.

Plus, by freeing up space on the floor, they give the illusion of a much more spacious bathroom. This can be a real wonder for those tight on space. Naturally, you will need to account for the space required for the cistern but with some clever guidance from the Bathroom Store, this shouldn’t be a problem.

The toilet of the future?

Of course, what looks great to one person might not look wonderful to another, but there’s no denying that wall hung toilets have a certain visual appeal. No matter who uses your bathroom you’re sure to get comments on the stylish and modern use of space.

On the other hand, rimless wall hung toilets have a direct flush system that shoots water around the whole toilet bowl, leading to a fuller clean. This has a greater ability to clean bacteria and limescale from your toilet bowl.

To accommodate rimless technology, the flush pumps out a lot more pressure than a traditional flushing system to completely clean the toilet pan but doesn’t run up a hefty water bill. You’ll still need to clean it regularly, of course, to avoid unwanted smells and dirt build-up but the job will be much simpler to handle.

What if there’s a problem?

Given enough time there’ll be problems with any toilet, but if it's a wall will that be more difficult to deal with? Not at all. A professionally fitted wall hung toilet from the Bathroom Store will come with a flush plate. These are a fashionable alternative to a traditional lever or handle. What’s more, they conveniently lift off, allowing easy access to the cistern fitted behind the toilet.

6 benefits of installing a wall hung toilet

  • Save on space - this one goes without saying but you’ll be amazed at how much room a wall-hung toilet frees up.
  • Economical on water usage.
  • Simple plumbing technology allows for easy-to-fix solutions and with the flush plate you’ll have convenient access to the cistern.
  • Save water - adjust the amount of water per flush.
  • Nano Coating makes it to extremely durable as well as crack and scratch proof

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