Wall Hung Toilets

6 benefits of installing a wall hung toilet

  • Save space - The flushing mechanism is hidden inside the wall, the only visible element is the wall mounted toilet.
  • The concealed cistern is economical in space, and water usage.
  • Simple plumbing technology allowing for easy to fix issues.
  • Save water - adjust the amount of water per flush.
  • Nano Coating made it to last long, crack and scratch proof resistance 

    Rimless Technology

    Thanks to the rimless technology on the wall hung toilets are easy to clean which improves hygiene allowing it to stay clean for longer periods of time. When flushing a toilet in your traditional bathroom the water washes around the rim of the toilet bowl leaving a lot of dirt and scum around the toilet bowl which can become an unwilling task. At the end of the day, no one likes this particular cleaning duty. Rimless wall hung toilets have a direct flush system that shoots water around the whole toilet bowl. With no nasty surprises like bacteria and limescale. To accommodate rimless technology, the flush pumps out a lot more pressure than a traditional flushing system to completely clean the toilet pan but doesn’t run up a hefty water bill. 

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