Why Bidet Toilets are Important for You and Your Hygiene

Here at Bathroom Store Ireland, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality items with fantastic features for all products offered at Bathroom Store. Each of our Bidets on offer have been manufactured with a nano coating making each product: 

  • Easy cleaning 
  • Finger print resistant
  • Crack proof resistant 
  • Mechanical damage


What Easy Clean can do for your Bidets

With each one of these amazing features will be sure to make your sanitaryware durable and lasting years. 

The Easy Clean feature has been implemented into modern day bidets and sanitary ware using a water supply. This has been implemented because with easy clean, there are some fantastic features worth noting that would be sure to make you consider purchased Easy Clean and Nano Coating:

  • Dirt 
  • Grime 
  • soap scum 
  • Staining 
  • Etching 
  • Discoloration 

Hygiene is a very important factor to consider especially when it comes to bathroom ware. With the easy cleaning features hygiene is a thing of the past.

These innovative features have been created purely for the customers benefit allowing them to essentially make your life as easy as possible.

Another great feature is the crack resistance with all toilets and bidets. If your unfortunate to have a crack in your bidet, eventually the crack will cause damage and breakages. 

Despite seeming like a superfluous addition to one’s bathroom, bidets are actually specifically built and installed to aid in our hygiene and where first created in the 18th century. They are to be used in addition to toilet paper, which contradicts popular assumption, and they serve to further clean and sanitise our nether parts.

Though they may look somewhat like a floating toilet seat or maybe a strangely shaped sink, they are actually made for cleaning one’s self after utilising the toilet. Popular in places like Japan, South Korea, and Finland, they are seen as quite the marvellous addition to every bathroom.

In Japan there are toilets with bidet-like features built in for convenience and hygiene. But bidets have not been so popular in Ireland until recently, so they are still not as common as they are in many other countries. But they will be!

The Bidet: A Jack Of All Trades

Yes, our wall mounted bidets are built with personal hygiene in mind, but who said personal hygiene is confined to just our private parts? You can use bidets in many different ways, and not just after using the toilet. 

You can wash or soak your feet in them, wash small delicate items of clothing and shoes, rinse off toilet brushes before storing; they can even double as a baby bath. The basin piece can also be stopped up and filled with warm water for optimal convenience. 

So, despite the fact that they do look like an oddly placed sink, they actually kind of are. Their functionality is quite like a sink, and they can double as one too. 

They come with a water temperature mixer tap, and a directional spray nozzle to make your experience as pleasant as possible. Just mix the perfect jet of water temperature and point the directional nozzle in the necessary direction and use. It is as simple as that!

Key Bidet Features

Now we have spoken about all you can do with a bidet and how comfortable and convenient they are, but what is the plumbing like and what are they made out of? 

Our bidets have hidden plumbing, meaning that the plumbing is all incorporated in to the Geberit Duofix installation frame within the wall behind the bidet. You can see this feature in our wall hung toilets too! 

The Geberit Duofix concealed cistern also comes complete with mounting brackets, making it the most complete and space-efficient plumbing system available! Not to mention it is aesthetically pleasing and space-saving. 

Our beautiful collection of bidet wash basins feature high-grade ceramic materials, complete with a beautiful white gloss finish. They have a modern design, style and shape. They are also quite compact and economical when it comes to space. 

The white gloss finish on our bidets makes them incredibly easy to clean and keep clean. It also makes it much easier to keep sanitised, as the gloss is high quality and can withstand most cleaning chemicals.

Bidets Are The Future and The Past!

We do recommend that you rinse off the bidet quite thoroughly if you are going to use a harsh cleaning chemicals, since we don’t want any chemical residue to end up on your skin and cause any kind of injury or discomfort. 

Our collection of bidets is not very vast yet, but trust that it will continue to grow upon request. Please contact us if you need something other than what we have to offer on this site. It would be out absolute pleasure to do all that we can to help you find exactly what you need. 

Otherwise, if you have any questions or suggestions please contact us at any time. We are always here to help!

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