How Shower Enclosures Can Complete Your Bathroom Space

Here at Bathroom Store Ireland, we offer some of the best shower cabins in all of Ireland and Europe in general. We offer a large selection of options, so you can choose what is perfect for you, based on design preferences, style inclinations, size, and budget. By offering well-made, high-quality products, we are more than confident that you will find exactly what you have been searching for. 

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High-Quality Materials - Shower Enclosures

To create well-made, long-lasting products, it is crucial to use high-grade, high-quality materials; we know this better than anyone. How have we been able to effectively offer the best shower enclosures in all of Ireland? We have accomplished this by creating and offering our customers the most high-quality products possible. Here is why our shower enclosures are the best; 

  • All of our shower cabins are made with tempered, nano-protected glass. This type of glass is 4 times more durable than other options and products on the market. We have created our shower doors with these high-end materials to ensure safety and to create long-lasting products, ensuring our customer's satisfaction. Other amazing features for that easy clean glass includes: stops grime, dirt, discolouration, scum, and staining
  • We give our customers the option of choosing the thickness of glass of their desired shower enclosure, unlike other shops and options on the market. We allow them to choose based on design and style preferences and budget. We have both 6mm and 8mm so you can choose what is perfect for your dream bathroom suite.
  • Our shower enclosures are “easy clean”, due to the tempered glass we use to craft them. We know that cleaning is not always a very exciting task; this is why we made all of our shower enclosures super easy to clean and to keep clean. A simple wipe off after a shower will leave your shower door looking brand new. All of the shower enclosures we offer on Bathroom Store come with a 20mm adjustment for out of true walls. This fantastic feature allows you to make your enclosure will fit perfectly into any bathroom space no matter the size.  So what is a 20mm adjustment? If you have a shower enclosure with the dimensions of 1130mm, in this case, the recommendation would be to purchase a 1150mm shower and you can subtract the 20mm to give the dimensions of 1130mm, letting you perfectly fit your shower space. So If you are designing your new modern bathroom space, look for a shower enclosure with adjustments to complete your installation.

A Wide Variety of Shower Enclosures

We are proud to offer a large variety of shower cabin doors; making it easier for our customers to choose what is perfect for the style and image they have in mind. On our site you will find a grant assortment of products; made with the very best, high-end materials available and manufactured with the highest and most detailed specifications. The types of shower enclosures we offer include:

Each of these enclosures is designed to work with our selection of shower trays

Shower Enclosures for All Types of Bathroom Suites

We have manufactured our shower cabins to fit all types of styles, designs, and bathroom preferences. They are flawless for modern, contemporary bathrooms; they fit seamlessly with a minimalistic, clean feel and can complete a secluded, private bathroom perfectly. Our shower enclosures fit all types of style and design preferences and they complete all bathroom suite looks flawlessly.

Our shower doors have also been made to fit both large and smaller sized areas. We understand that not all bathroom suites are super spacious, so we have created shower enclosures that fit all types of sizes of bathrooms. They not only fit a variety of sizes but can also allow you to use the space you have in a more effective way. 

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