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Exposed Shower Mixer Set

An exposed shower valve is a valve that can adjust the temperature and flow of the water and sits on the exterior of the shower wall. Exposed Shower Valve Taps have the functional parts of the valve on show, usually in a horizontal bar valve style, which makes it quick and easy to fit.
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KFA Logon Premium Black Rain ShowerLogon Black Shower
Logon Chrome Premium RainshowerKFA Logon Premium Chrome Rain Shower
Moza Black Exposed Premium ShowerKFA Moza Black Exposed Bar Shower Set
Mexen X05 Sliding Shower Set - Chrome Mexen X05 Sliding Shower Set - White
Mexen X05 Sliding Shower Set
Starting at €179.00
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Mexen T40 Sliding Shower SetMexen T40 Sliding Shower Set
Mexen T40 Sliding Shower Set
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Mexen DQ74 Sliding Shower SetMexen DQ74 Sliding Shower Set
Mexen DQ74 Sliding Shower Set
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SL-40 Black Matte Shower SetSL-40 Black Matte Shower Set
SL-40 Black Matte Shower Set
€352.00 €424.00 Sold out