What is Nano Tempered Glass For Shower Enclosures?

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What Is Nano Tempered Glass For Shower Enclosures

Nano Tempered Shower Glass

There are many different ways in which glass can be tempered and finished, and there is always a preferred type of glass for everything. Well, when it comes to shower enclosures, shower doors, shower screens, and more, the type of glass used can determine whether your entire shower functions well or not. 

It’s important to consider things like safety, durability, quality, and looks when considering buying a shower enclosure, and all of these things are determined by the type of safety glass and how it is made. 

One of the most popular types of glass for use in showers is called “nano tempered glass”.In this blog we’ll be explaining a bit about what nano tempered glass is, why it’s so great, and why you should definitely consider having it in your bathroom.

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What is Nano Tempered Glass for Showers Enclosure?

Nano tempered glass is the name given to glass when it has been tempered using nanotechnology. This means that not only is the glass tempered (like many other types of glass), but it is tempered on a minuscule scale

Nano tempered glass is characterised by a few different elements, unique to this type of glass such as being “ultra phobic”, breaking up into spherical pieces if broken, being incredibly strong, among other great features. 

Nano Tempered Glass Features

Below you can read all about nano tempered glass’ features for a better understanding of the material: 

  • Nano tempered glass is ultra phobic basically means that the glass repels practically everything and anything. In a shower environment, this means that no soap residue, no water droplets, no dirt or grime, and no mold can stick to the glass.

This is truly important for your shower cabin, because it ensures that your shower is easy to clean, and that it will remain clean long after you clean it. It also ensures that the glass won’t get stained over time which is very important. 

  • Nano tempered glass breaks into spherical pieces when broken. This is another very special and very important feature which only nano tempered glass has to offer. In the case of it being broken, this type of glass poses a tiny fraction of the danger that normal glass does. 

Normal glass breaks into uneven jagged shards, large and small, which pose very big risks to anyone who is in the area. These jagged pieces are not only dangerous, but they are very hard to clean up, which is also a risk.

Nano tempered glass breaks into little balls which have no jagged edges or points, and which cannot seriously injure anyone exposed to them. These pieces are safe, and they’re easy to clean up, so it’s definitely a win-win. 

  • Nano tempered glass is strong and durable. When it comes to glass shower cubicle, we find it incredibly important that the glass is strong and durable, and that it won’t break upon any small disturbance.

This is especially important for people living with children and for senior citizens because accidents do happen, but not having to worry too much about the glass breaking every time is very important and valuable. 

Nano Tempered Glass Can Still Be Broken

When you are purchasing your shower glass, it is still important to install your shower glass as easy as possible. Nano Tempered glass is still 4 times stronger than normal glass, but breakages can still happen if not careful enough. Before Nano Tempered Glass, typical shower glass was very fragile and would break very easily. Also other important factors to take into consideration, is that the glass won’t easily cracked or get discoloured.

There are a few options to consider when wanting to design your modern bathroom space. Quality is at the fore front of all consideration. We offer all 6mm and 8mm shower glass thickness to cater to all shower enclosure needs. 6mm and 8mm options are recommended depending on what shower enclosure is wanted.

With nano tempered glass its more flexible and even though it is four times stronger, it can still be broken. If your does smash, its smashes into tiny pieces which aren’t sharp are won’t cause any danger to anyone who is subjected to the glass. If you are wanting to design your modern bathroom space, purchase Nano Tempered glass to make your bathroom space will last for many years to come.

What Is Easy Cleaning Feature?

Easy Cleaning and Nano Technology come in hand and hand meaning, typically if you purchase shower glass that is tempered is usually features easy clean also. If they feature Easy Cleaning but not Nano Tempered or vice versa, then usually the quality isn’t the best. This is also something to make sure you research before purchasing the correct shower doors. 

Here are some of the amazing features offered by using an Easy Clean shower enclosure: 

  • Dirt 
  • Grime 
  • Soap scum 
  • Staining 
  • etching 
  • Discoloration  


To conclude, it’s overall incredibly important to invest in pieces that will last you a long time, that are safe, and that are high quality. Especially when it comes to products which you will use on a daily basis. 

Therefore, making sure your shower enclosure, shower doors, shower screen, etc is made out of nano tempered glass is something which you should definitely consider making a requirement. Trust us, you won’t regret it!


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