Whatever kind of shower door you are searching for, there are many reasons why you should choose one from our collection at the Bathroom Store Ireland. We are experts in shower doors and aim to deliver our customers with the highest-quality products across Ireland at the very best prices.We hope that this collection of shower doors will appeal to those aiming to discover that modern door to bring a contemporary feel to your bathroom.
We offer a wide variety of different door types to suit any shower enclosure, from the classic

hinged shower doors to compact, sleek bi-fold shower doors

All our products are manufactured to the highest specification using the very best materials around. We are confident that our products offer quality products at value which cannot be beaten elsewhere.

Types Of Shower Door

Our catalogue includes several different varieties of shower doors, so you can be sure to select the best fit for your dream bathroom.

In the collection below, we have included only single shower doors without the frame. These kinds of doors will work fantastically well if you have 3 walls already in place for a shower and require only the one door frame rather than an enclosed design.

For the full shower enclosures, please visit any of the below collections:

Many of our shower doors use state-of-the-art frameless technology, resulting in that ultra-modern, sleek look perfect for the modern bathroom. Discover our frameless shower enclosures collection today.


Shower Enclosure Materials

Tempered, Nano-Protected Glass

Every single one of our shower doors are made with tempered, nano-protected glass. This means that you can be assured of purchasing products made with premium materials fit for any shower enclosure. The glass used in our whole collection is up to four times stronger than other competing products on the market right now. We are certain that you will have no complaints in this department. 

By tempering the glass, not only is the likelihood of the door breaking significantly diminished, but it also means that if the glass shatters, it will shatter into tiny circular pieces. This is much better from a safety perspective than it breaking into large, sharp, jagged pieces which are likely to cause an injury, especially if you have children or pets in your home.  

The shower doors are also finished with a nano-protective coating, classifying them as “easy clean.” We all know what a chore it can be to clean your shower, especially if the streaks remain despite your best efforts. Our glass is made to ensure that this is not a problem, and the hassle of cleaning your shower enclosure is as easy and painless as possible.

Premium Thickness

All our shower doors are made with either 6mm or 8mm thick tempered glass which have undergone rigorous strength testing before being brought to market. Our glass has been proven to withstand high levels of strain and is unlikely to break in any everyday situation.

To find out the exact thickness of a particular door, please consult the product description.

Modern Shower Door Design

Our shower doors are designed to fit seamlessly with the modern bathroom, providing that sleek, elegant, minimalist look which is so popular at this moment. We pride ourselves on stocking products across our entire site which fit in with the latest European designs, and our shower doors are no different.

If you take a look at our collection below, you will find that we are committed to modern shower stylings, delivering an up-to-date feel for any shower enclosure. Our accompanying shower trays fit perfectly to our shower doors so if you are looking for a brand-new shower enclosure we encourage you to take a look there too. 

Why You Should Consider Our Shower Doors

While our selection of shower doors at the Bathroom Store Ireland are not the cheapest on the market, we believe that they represent the best value considering the excellent quality of our selection.

Not only are the doors in our collections manufactured with the highest quality of materials, but our shower styles are at the cutting edge of European bathroom design. We hope you find your ideal shower within our collections to compliment your new or refurbished shower enclosure.

Sliding Glass Shower Door | Lorenzo 4

€385.00 €345.00

View Installation Manual This masterfully finished sliding glass shower door will provide an excellent solution to any enclosed shower area. The slick mechanism is not only a great choice style-wise, but also for those bathrooms which have limited space to open and close a shower door on a hinge. Sliding Shower Door Glass Thickness- 8mm Nano Tempered Glass (Easy Clean)...

Hinge Glass Shower Door | DX-600

€370.00 €299.00

The DX-600 is a no-nonsense yet elegant solution to providing a hinge glass shower door for your shower enclosure.  Hinge Shower Door Glass Thickness - 6mm Nano Tempered Glass (Easy Clean) Height - 1900mm Universal Fitting 20mm Adjustment For Out Of True Walls 2 years warranty   This beautifully made unit is the definition of a modern hinged shower door....

Frameless Glass Sliding Shower Door | Lorenzo 2


View Installation Manual The Lorenzo 2 is an elegant frameless glass sliding shower, sure to blend in perfectly with any top-of-the-line modern bathroom design. Sliding Shower Door Glass Thickness- 8mm Nano Tempered Glass (Easy Clean) Width - 1000mm, 1050mm, 1100mm, 1150mm, 1200mm, 1250mm, 1300mm, 1350mm, 1400mm, 1450mm, 1500mm Depth - 750mm Up To 1000mm Height - 1950mm Universal Fitting 20mm...

Framed Sliding Shower Door | DX-400


The DX-400 is a stunning framed shower door guaranteed to finish any walled shower enclosure stylishly. Perfect for those needing a sliding door due to limited space for an out-swinging door, or just for those favouring this slick mechanism over others to tie in with the feel of their contemporary bathroom.  Sliding Shower Door Glass Thickness - 6mm Nano Tempered Glass (Easy...

Bi-Fold Shower Door | DX-1900


View Installation Manual The slimline DX-1900 bi-fold shower door is an excellent choice for walled shower enclosures because of it's an extremely quick and easy assembly. The two panels fold in on each other to make optimal use of space and allow you to have enough room to easily step into your shower.  Sliding Shower Door Glass Thickness - 6mm Nano...

Hinge Shower Door | DX-500S


View Installation Manual The DX-500S is a sleek simple frosted hinge shower door which works just as well as either a single or double door. Suited to a walled shower enclosure.  Hinge Shower Door Glass Thickness - 6mm Nano Tempered Glass (Easy Clean) Available door sizes: Width - 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105, 110, 115, 120, 125,...