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Frameless Shower Enclosures


Complete Your Bathroom Space with Our Frameless Shower Enclosures

Here at Bathroom Store Ireland, we have compiled a list of some of the best frameless shower enclosures doors you could get in Ireland. Each enclosure comes with a variety of innovative and important features that is important when designing your modern bathroom space.

Tough Tempered Glass for Your Frameless Shower

Each of our frameless showers comes with tough tempered glass, giving your frameless glass up to four times stronger than normal glass. If you are designing your bathroom space, think of tempered glass, making your shower space stand the test of time.

Nano Coated for Showers?

Another important feature to mention when purchasing your bathroom accessories is Nano Coating technologies and what they mean to completing your bathroom space. All shower enclosures offered at Bathroom Store Ireland that come with nano coating give a liquid glass shield that is highly durable, flexible, super smooth, breathable, and 'Super Phobic' coating. Being 'Super Phobic' means that it repels oil, water, and dry soiling. When designing your bathroom space, take into consideration the factors of why nano coating and tempered glass is important, and why its worthwhile.

Shower enclosures are exactly what they sound like elegant all-glass shower enclosures without a heavy frame. This style of frameless shower enclosures are very trendy right now because their frameless look, and all glass design makes any and every space look amazing.

Choosing the right shower enclosures can be hard, but style and design make a huge difference to a bathroom suite. Depending on what style and feel you are trying to create, the perfect frameless shower enclosure will complement and complete the look. There are a few things that should be taken into consideration when looking for a glass shower enclosure, including:

Determining the size and space available for the new frameless shower enclosure. Knowing the style and design you are aiming for. Knowing the layout and furniture you wish to have in your bathroom. Finding high quality products.

The last tip is very important. When you are looking for a frameless shower enclosure that will make your bathroom look gorgeous, you have to look for quality. The good news is that here at Bathroom Store Ireland, we offer the best frameless glass shower enclosures in Ireland.

With our beautifully madehigh-quality glass shower enclosures, you will be more than satisfied, you will be ecstatic with our tempered glass making your enclosure 4 times stronger than normal glass and each shower comes with a nano coating, making your enclosure look as clean as it did the day you purchased it.

Frameless Shower Enclosures – Styles & Designs

It is always fun to stay up-to-date with all the new trends and styles. Well, we also enjoy this and have designed and created our shower enclosures to be modern and cutting-edge.

With one of our modern frameless shower enclosures we offer, your bathroom suite will look like the cover of a home design magazine. With the wide variety of styles we offer, we are confident that you will find exactly what you need!

This solution will work both in small bathrooms and in large bathing rooms. In the first case, an unquestionably important issue is the functional use of a given surface (here the sliding shower enclosures seem to be the best available choice) and to ensure that the bathroom looks larger than it really is. 

When it comes to large rooms, by putting on a recessed door, we do not introduce too many forms and lines to the bathroom's decor. It will not become visually overwhelming but will captivate with a well thought-out and consistent design. 

Visit our website to find out how niche shower enclosures can look in your bathroom. which is worth choosing regardless of the size of the bathroom you have. Such enclosures, and above all sliding enclosures, perfectly fit into the room and in a very functional and ergonomic way will serve you every day.

Door Cavity is the perfect choice for everyone who appreciates the minimalism of furnishing their bathroom. You can easily reduce the number of forms found in the bathroom, which significantly affects the visual reception of the room. Thanks to the assembly of the frameless shower enclosure. we gain an optically uniform surface, giving your bathroom spaciousness and lightness, while not dominating the rest of the decor, but it completes it

High-Quality Materials

It is crucial to invest in frameless glass shower enclosures made from high-quality and high-grade materials because this will ensure that your bathroom products will last a long time and look great the entire time. Our frameless showers are that and more.

How have we been able to successfully offer the best frameless shower enclosures in all of Ireland? It's simple! By offering the most high-quality products possible.

Here is why they are the best shower enclosures in Ireland:

All of our frameless shower enclosures are made with tempered, nano-protected glass, which is 4 times more durable than other options and products on the market. Also, our shower enclosures with these high-quality materials to ensure safety and to create long-lasting products, making our customer's satisfaction complete.

Unlike other websites and shops, we give our customers the option of choosing the thickness of the glass of their desired shower enclosures based on design and style preferences and budget. We have both 6mm and 8mm and you can choose what is perfect for you and your dream bathroom suite.

In addition to this, frameless shower enclosures made from high quality glass are incredibly easy to clean. In fact, all you need to do is pass it over once with a squeegee or a towel after you use it, and you’re done! Also, thanks to their frameless design, this style of glass showers look seamless and much more cleaner overall.

Offering the Best. Always.

Here at Bathroom Store Ireland, we strive to offer our customers the absolute best products and service possible. We are always more than happy to help our customers find which products are perfect for their dream bathroom suite or answer any type of question.

If you would like some assistance, have any questions, or would like a style or design recommendations for your bathroom; do not hesitate to contact. Our professional customer service team is always ready to assist.