While square or rectangle shower enclosures are very popular, quadrant shower enclosures are gaining on them in Ireland. They are great for anyone with limited space in their bathroom. Quadrant showers provide both chic style and modern function all in a compact package. Imagine the quadrant shower doors open and you step out right in front of your bathroom mirror, a great feeling. When choosing a quadrant shower you should decide on an entryway that fits the walled in area superbly.

Quadrant Shower Enclosures - The Next Big Thing

Quadrant shower enclosures are becoming the new big thing Ireland. Although square and rectangular shower enclosures are the standard styles, these modern quadrant shower designs are raising in popularity. They offer a chic, stylish look to any and all types of bathroom suites and go with all types of looks and feels.

Finding the perfect shower enclosure for your new bathroom suite might seem like a simple task but in reality, it should be a top priority. Your shower is like a private get away, where you can relax and unwind at any time! It is something that is used and seen on a daily bases and if it is not chosen correctly, it can throw off the whole look and style of your bathroom. Here are some tips for finding the perfect shower enclosure;

  • Keep in mind the size and space available in your bathroom suite.
  • Have the style and design in mind when choosing; including colour pallets and textures you will use throughout your bathroom.
  • Know the layout and furniture you will be using.
  • Always chose quality.

The last tip might seem unimportant, but it is actually the most important. Choosing well-made products for your new bathroom suite will ensure that they will last long, work well and look gorgeous. If you are worried about finding high-quality products, worry no more! You have come to the right place.

High-Quality Materials for the Best Quadrant Showers

It is more than crucial to use high-quality, high-grade material to create well-made, long lasting products and we know this better than anyone. How have we been able to successfully offer the best quadrant shower enclosures in all of Ireland? We have achieved this by offering the most high-quality products possible. Here is why our quadrant shower enclosures are the best;

  • Our quadrant shower enclosures are made with tempered, nano-protected glass; it is 4 times more durable than other options and products on the market. We have created our shower enclosures with these first-class materials to make them super safe and long-lasting; making our customers satisfaction complete.
  • Unlike other option on the market, we give our customers the option of choosing glass thickness of their desired shower enclosure; based on style and design inclinations and budget. We offer both 6mm and 8mm and you can choose what is picture-perfect for you and your dream bathroom suite.
    • Our quadrant shower enclosures are categorized as “easy clean”, due to the tempered glass we use to craft them. We do recommend wiping off excess water from the glass panels after showering; this will help with avoiding buildup of soap scum and stains; the task is super simple and will make your quadrant shower door look brand new for years to come.

Gorgeous Quadrant Shower Design

We offer a variety of styles and designs of quadrant shower enclosures, so you can choose what is perfect for you and your bathroom suite. We understand that not all style preferences are the same; neither are bathroom suite sizes; this is why offer a variety of styles, sizes and designs so it is easier to choose “the one”. We are confident that you will find exactly what you need from our large variety of high-quality well-made products.

The Bathroom Store Ireland - Taking Pride In Customer Service

We are not only proud of our products; we are also proud of our service. We are always here to help our customers find exactly what they are looking for. We are also more than happy to answer any questions, give recommendations or find specific products based of style preferences and budget. If you would like assistance at any time, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Quadrant Shower Enclosure With Hinged Door | Lucano 200


View Installation Manual   The Lucano 200 is a gorgeous quadrant shower enclosure featuring a hinged door that is designed for a designated corner space in your bathroom. The door is both minimal and sleek with a beautiful handle and  Hinge Door Rounded Quadrant Shower Glass Thickness- 8mm Nano Tempered Glass (Easy Clean) Available in various widths and lengths Height -...

Bi-Fold Quadrant Shower | Lucano 300

€570.00 €499.00

View Installation Manual The Lucano 300 is a rounded bi-fold quadrant shower which looks stunning in bathrooms with a designated corner space for a slick, modern enclosure. With curved bi-fold hinged doors the Lucano 300 features that contemporary style of elegant yet brilliantly simple in design and function.  Bi-Fold Rounded Quadrant Shower Enclosure Glass Thickness - 8mm Nano Tempered Glass (Easy...

Corner Shower Unit | Lucano 100


View Installation Manual The Lucano 100 is a stylish corner shower unit which exudes quality with its unique angular design and dazzling chrome finish.  Hexaco Quadrant Shower Enclosure Glass Thickness - 8mm Nano Tempered Glass (Easy Clean) Available in various widths and lengths Height - 1950mm Universal Fitting 20mm Adjustment For Out Of True Walls The angular, elegant design of...