Wet Room Shower Screens

Benefits Of Bathroom Stores Wet Room Shower Screens

Each wet room shower screens we provide at Bathroom Store Ireland, all our showers are made with Nano tempered glass. Nano tempered glass is a new innovative in all glass shower screens allowing customers to get quality products that stand the test of time which is ideal for people. So complete your modern bathroom space with all bathroom accessories.


What Is Nano Tempered Glass Wet Room Shower Screens?

Nano tempered glass uses a liquid glass shield, making your screen very durable, smooth, with breathable coating. Another amazing feature with Nano tempered glass, is that it’s flexible tough glass. Gone are the days of easy breakages in shower glass. If your wanting to re design your bathroom space, understand that nano tempered is 4 times more durable than any other glass material available on the market.

Why is Easy Clean soo important for Shower Enclosures

Another amazing feature to include is Easy Cleaning Glass. Easy clean is a permanent bond that:

  • stops grime
  • dirt
  • discolouration
  • scum
  • staining 

from eventually destroying your glass and leaving it unbearably dirty and ultimately unappealing and embarrassing. This often means replacing your glass. So, when designing your modern bathroom space, remember to choose Easy Clean ensuring long life span.

20mm Adjustment For all Shower Screens

All walk in shower screens also comes with a 20mm adjustment for out of true walls. This fantastic feature allows you make your walk screen fit perfectly to any bathroom space no matter the size. 

Every wet room shower screen we offer at Bathroom Store Ireland comes with 20mm adjustment. But what is a 20m adjustment mean? if you have space of 1015mm shower opening, it can be quite hard to find something that fits to your exact measurements. In this case we recommend purchasing 1000mm shower screen and with the adjustment you can extend the screen to fit the 1015mm gap you have in your bathroom space.

Most high quality shower enclosure offer an adjustment. If you researching this and they don't offer an adjustment, this means the quality isn't great, and who has a perfectly rounded 1000mm shower enclosure? no one.

If you are looking for the most modern, avant garde style of shower enclosures; wet room shower screens are your best choice. With a unique look and suitable for modern house designs, wet rooms are fast becoming some of the most popular bathroom styles in Ireland. These stylish, dazzling types of shower screens have become increasingly popular recently for a few key reasons:

  • Due to their minimalistic, frameless design, walk in shower screens have been used to create a top of the line. They allow you to enter and exit your wet room freely, without having to mess with any doors or handles; giving your bathroom suite a spa like feel. They give any bathroom a more spacious, open feeling; no matter the size or are available.They are perfect for both spacious and smaller sized bathroom suites.

If you enjoy staying up to date on new styles and trends; these walk in shower doors should be on your must have list! Unlike other shower doors, these dazzling wet room shower screens are made with high quality glass screens; giving any bathroom suite a fancy, palace 1like look and style.

Dazzling Wet Room Screen Designs

By offering a wide variety of styles and designs, we give our customers the options of choosing what is perfect for them and their dream bathroom suite. We understand that not everyone have the same preferences; which is why we offer such a variety. Here are some recommendations, based on style preferences:

A Fresh, Minimalistic Look – If you are looking for a simpler, yet dazzling design and style; the Sogo 4, Clear Glass Shower Screen and the Sogo 3, Frozen Glass Shower Screen are your best option! They will complete a organized, fresh look you are looking for; and with their frameless, sleek design, you and your guests will be mesmerized.

A Modern, Stunning Air – If you are aiming for a more inviting, lively feel for your bathroom suite, you have come to the right place; we have what you need.

Panel Shower Screen will give your bathroom suite a contemporary, up to date look; making your wet room the place you always want to be. A Private, Secluded Feel – After a long day of work, a relaxing shower is the best medicine. Having a gorgeous shower will allow you to not stress and feel like a palace owner.

Tinted Shower Screen will allow you the privacy and relaxation you need and deserve. With this wet room shower enclosure, you will feel like you are at your own secluded spa; everyday!

The Best Walk-In Shower Enclosures

The beautiful design and styles of our shower doors is not the only thing that makes them the best in Ireland and Europe in general. We strive to make the absolute best products possible and our customers are always more than satisfied. These are a few reasons why our walk in wet room shower doors are the best in Ireland.

  • Shower doors are designed to be frameless, meaning they are not enclosed by a plastic or metal frame; giving all frameless showers a cleaner, fresh look. Made with high quality tempered, nano protected glass; our walk in shower doors are 4 times more durable than other options on the market. Making them safer and accident ready. These wet room shower screens do not require to be opened in or out; offering more space and allowing you to use the extra space for bathroom furniture and other necessities.

Creating a Picture-Perfect Bathroom Suite

When designing your dream bathroom, many things have to be taken in to consideration; Such as bathroom furniture, colour pallets, style and layout and even the smallest designing parts; such as where to put the bathroom mirror. Here at Bathroom Store Ireland, we want to make this process as fun and simple as possible; by sharing fun tips and tricks, recommendations for styling and layout and by helping you find the perfect product. 

By offering such a wide variety of products, we also enjoy helping you to find what matches each product. For instance, our shower trays go perfectly with these walk-in shower enclosures. Our shower enclosures and trays are a perfect match and they look great together. 

For more tricks and styling tips, you can check out our blog section or contact us at any time. We are always more than happy to help our customers find exactly what they need based on style preferences, budget and layout. Do not hesitate and please contact us if you have any question or simply want some product recommendations. We are here to help you create the perfect bathroom.

Grid List

Glass Shower Screen | Sogo 4

Bathroom Store Select
€220.00 - €385.00

Frosted Shower Screen | Sogo 6

Bathroom Store Select
€250.00 - €415.00

Frozen Shower Screen | Sogo 3

Bathroom Store Select
€250.00 - €415.00

Large Shower Screen | Sogo 1

Bathroom Store Select
€250.00 - €415.00

Wet Room Shower Screen | Sogo 5

Bathroom Store Select
€430.00 - €500.00

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