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Are you looking for an amazing screen for your wet room shower?

A wet room is an ideal way to shower in decadent and luxurious comfort. Wet rooms provide a spacious alternative to a shower cubicle. They are minimalist and modern which makes them a perfect choice for homeowners that want to remove the bathtub from their bathroom.

Wet rooms are generally constructed of tiled floor and walls with a comprehensive draining system: the showering area is divided only by a glass panel. This low-key approach means that they are perfectly suited to homeowners that are looking for something simple, stylish, and thoroughly modern. They also look great partnered with our stone and anthracite tray range.

The beauty of the wet room is that the tiles and glass screen you choose will really take centre stage: it is the perfect way to showcase your unique taste and designs. We offer glass panels in a wide array of shapes and sizes. You can choose between clear glass, which will make the room look more spacious, or opaque glass, which will provide an extra level of privacy.

The shower screen is generally fixed, enabling it to offer extra strength and stability. However, it is possible to install a hinged or sliding shower screen within a wet room environment if you want the versatility of moving your screen to use the space in different ways.

A walk-in shower is an ideal choice for older homeowners who want their bathroom design to work with their reduced mobility without sacrificing comfort or style. We love wet rooms because they’re practical, create the illusion of a much more generous space, and showcase your bathroom fittings at their best. You’ll be amazed at how much bigger, brighter, and more stylish your bathroom will look if you transform it into a wet room.

Half Frosted Shower Screen Sogo 6Half Frosted Shower Screen Sogo 6
Half Frosted Shower Screen Sogo 6
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