This linear shower drain is perfect for your wet room design shower, these linear drains come in a range of different colours and styles to suit your preference such as stainless steel.


These sleek modern designed linear shower drains are easy to open and clean when needed.  All linear drain designs have a universal fitting, so it can be fitted to a standard waste pipe, easily. It also comes with a reducer inside the box if you require it.

A linear shower drain is a stylish and hygienic feature you need for your walk-in shower. For drainage, they are the most hygienic, efficient, and low-maintenance system you can choose. Most linear shower drains are made of stainless steel making them durable. They’re also much easier to clean and much more difficult to block. Think of a linear drain as a gully. It drains water from open shower spaces and shower cubicles. This is a much more efficient and natural way of draining than a standard center drain. The shape also makes these shower drains less prone to build-up too. As part of a modern wet room or walk-in shower set up, they make the most functional sense. In keeping with a clean, minimal aesthetic they look great in any modern bathroom. New bathroom design tendencies are trending towards minimalism. These linear drainage systems really chime with the fashion for recessed flush plates and shower sets. New bathroom designs are all about that futuristic feel. Linear shower drains are fitted into the floor. Unlike point drains, linear drains must be laid out along solid or partition walls, at the edges of the shower cabin and shower area.

Benefits of a Wet-Room Equipped with a Linear Shower Drain

Traditional shower drains are great for shower trays but if you’re looking for a flat, walk-in shower you need a different option. Barrier-free is the latest design style. Considering how hygienic and easy to clean they are, it’s no wonder they’re what everybody wants. Linear drains are easily opened when they need to be cleaned. All linear drain designs tend to fit a universal standard. Meaning most drain designs can be easily fitted to a standard waste pipe and come with a reducer. These shower floors work best with a linear shower drain. This is because traditional drains require a four-sided slope that drains towards a point in the center. So, these drains are better suited for shower trays and less suited for barrier-free bathroom solutions. This also gives you the chance to use a much bigger tile on your bathroom floor. A one-sided slope will suffice directed towards a linear drain. People are drawn to linear shower drains because of the freedom they offer when designing your sophisticated, modern bathroom. Aesthetic: Linear shower drains are minimalistic and subtle. They can be as noticeable or as discrete as you want them to be on your new tiled floor. Adaptability – Shower trays and traditional drainage systems are more unwieldy and difficult to place. With a barrier-free shower and a linear shower drain, you can place your new drain in more positions. Leaving you more space to play around with. Upkeep– Linear drains offer excellent drainage and they’re incredibly low-maintenance. It’s much more difficult for scum and limescale to build up in a stainless-steel, linear drain.

Linear Drain Installation

As we’ve mentioned, old-style shower drains must sit in the center of the shower so that all four points; north, south, east, and west can slope towards a central point. Creating a four-sided descent can only be done with small floor tiles and is much more time-consuming. Alternatively, linear shower drains require only a single slope towards the drain. This makes construction much easier, more adaptable, and is also more hygienic. Let’s take a look at the steps involved in installing a linear shower drain: Choose your flooring Different types of flooring will require different linear drains. If you consult with us at the Bathroom store we should be able to advise you on what’s most suitable. Choose your grate material When you’ve chosen your bathroom's design, visit us at the bathroom store and we can help you choose from a wide selection of grate designs and materials. Choose your placement You have more freedom to place a linear shower drain where you want. Either free-in-the-floor or against the wall. One-sided sloping, wall installations are probably slightly easier as there are fewer tiles to cut and you have more drainage capacity.


Linear Drains as Part of a Barrier-Free Shower

A linear shower drain in a barrier-free shower has many long-lasting, big picture benefits. Walk-in-shower environments are more accessible for people with mobility issues. That’s a real advantage as you get older. No curbs, no barriers, and much easier to access. With a barrier-free, walk-in-shower there’s nothing breaking up the room. No shower doors, no mildew-coated curtains. Just clean, open space. You have more freedom in terms of tiling. You can use larger tiles throughout the whole room, wall, and floor for continuity. Most walk-in-showers have the same tile throughout and it looks very stylish. We’ve said it before but walk-in-showers and linear drains are easier to maintain. Easy access, fewer surfaces, and better drainage make for a low-maintenance bathroom. Barrier-free bathrooms make sense.



Linear shower drains and barrier-free showers are no longer the domain of fancy hotels or swimming pools and gyms. They’re growing ever more popular in domestic settings for good reason. They are assuredly stylish and sophisticated. They are low-maintenance and best of all, they make your bathroom work better. What’s not to love?

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