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Hinged Shower Doors


What You Need to Know About Pivot Doors

There are some good reasons why this is so:

  • A simple glass panel swinging on pivoting hinges is low maintenance, foolproof construction.
  • The simplicity of the shower opening mechanism makes it durable and easy to fix if needed.
  • These doors look elegant and seem slim… but the inclusion of a wide glass panel creates an open space feel even in the smallest bathroom.
  • Our shower doors are made with high quality tempered glass which makes them both break and scratch resistant.

Frameless or not, a hinged shower door needs proper installation. Careful measuring is a must, as well as an appropriate amount of free space around the shower to let the door open freely. Fitting one of our simple hinged doors in a shower space is easy (regardless of what the size is) as they come in a wide range of dimensions. The minimalistic chrome construction of our shower doors will add a sparkle to any bathroom and create a modern, contemporary look