How to Choose a Perfect Bathtub

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Whether you're remodeling or designing a whole new bathroom, picking out the right fixtures can be a bit difficult. I personally find that one of the hardest aspects about doing this is picking and choosing what fixtures to use, and for that reason I would like to make this blog about choosing the perfect bathtub, in order to hopefully make it much easier on you than it has been on me in the past.

In this blog we will touch on how to choose a bath that fits into the style of your own bathroom and home, how to perfectly size your bathtub, and whether or not the place that you're considering installing it is the right one.

Of course, we all have our different necessities and preferences, but there is nothing to worry about, for the bats here at the are perfect for any style bathroom, any sized bathroom, and any placement. with that said, I strongly encourage you to look at all of the bathtubs that we have here at the bathroom!

Your Bathtub Should Complement the Existing Style in your Bathroom

bathtub that compliments your existing bathroom

Everyone has a certain style or general mood in their bathrooms. One of the most common styles in a bathroom is a “basic” home style, with personally curated decorations. Other styles include minimalistic style, modern style, elegant or sophisticated style, and many more. This points towards the fact that there is a style category in which all of our bathrooms fit. Well, choosing a bathtub that compliments or embodies this style is quite essential to keeping an overall consistency throughout your bathroom. Below are some steps which you can take to find the bathtub that best suits the style in your bathroom:

  • Establish what style of bathroom you have or would like to have. If you're simply replacing a bathtub in your bathroom, then establishing what style already exists inside of the room is step number one. I recommend looking at some different styles online, and seeing which one best describes your bathroom. But if you are remodeling or redesigning your bathroom, step number one for you is to establish what “look” or style you're aiming towards.

This step is quite essential to any remodeling for redesigning processes because it helps you to keep a continuous visualization of the style that you are aiming towards or you already have in your bathroom, and it makes it much easier for you to pick out appliances or fixtures for that space.

  • Once you have a general idea of the style or look that you're going for in your bathroom, a great way to bring the look together is by choosing a bathtub which really embodies the style that you're going for. Of course, there's not a lot of flexibility when it comes to the way that a bathtub is designed or a bathtub looks, but it's subtle details that really make a difference.

For example, if you have a modern or contemporary look in your bathroom, adding an over-the-top bathtub probably wouldn't be the best idea. For that style of bathroom, you would want to add an element which is contemporary yet minimalistic that way it goes well with the rest of the room. Usually, either very angular, such as the Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub  (K39) would be perfect for that style because it really embodies the angular look which a contemporary or modern bathroom usually features.

Make A That Your Bathtub Aligns Correctly with Your Plumbing Systems

how to choose perfect bathtub

Making sure your bathtub aligns well with the plumbing materials you already happened place in your bathroom is a very important step when it comes to deciding which bathtub is best for you. Believe it or not, not all bathtubs or bathrooms are treated alike. I know, right? So inconvenient. But it is very easy to make sure that your bathtub will work and function correctly in your bathroom.

The first that you need to consider is whether or not you're bathtub aligns well with your water source and or your drain. For this you need to measure out the area which your drain and water source allow, and then you can choose a bathtub of the same size.

Another very important thing to consider is how much water weight the bathtub is designed to hold, and whether or not your bathroom floor can actually take that weight. There have been far too many cases in which people don't consider the step, and end up having some sort of mishap due to the water weight of their bathtub being too much for their bathroom floors.

This really is a much simpler set that it might seem at first, so I highly recommend trying it out before finding or buying a bathtub for your bathroom. This will ensure that your bathtub will function correctly in your bathroom, and we'll have the plumbing and water sources necessary to function, and whether your bathroom floor can actually handle your bathtub. This second point is usually not a problem, but if you think that your bathroom floor is a little weak or a little old or might not be able to hold you a bathtub with water in it, I highly suggest researching a little bit more before purchasing a specific bathtub.

Make Sure That Your Bathtub is the Perfect Size

perfect size bathtub

This is another very important step both aesthetically and statistically because there could be equal problems if your bathtub is too large or too small. The end goal in finding a bathtub is finding one which is the right size, the right style, and that aligns well with the inside plumbing up your bathroom. So the next logical step is to establish whether or not the bathtub you are considering is the right size for your bathroom.

If the bathtub is too large, aesthetically, it can take up way too much of your bathroom, and could become an unwanted focal points in your bathroom. When a fixture is unintentionally oversized in any room, it draws much of the energy of the room towards itself. This is something that you would much rather avoid, considering the fact that there is probably a different focal point or multiple points of interest within your bathroom, and all of the attention going to an oversized bath is probably unwanted.

Statistically, on the other hand, if a bathtub is too large, as mentioned above, it may not fit into the space which the drain and water supply allow; or it may be designed to hold much more water than your bathroom floor can hold.

If the bathtub is too small in your bathroom, there can be a couple of different problems or obstacles. Aesthetically, if your bathtub is too small, is most likely to look out of place and planned. You wouldn't want to have a beautiful vanity area a great shower, the perfect size toilet and a bathtub that is just too small. Of course, you will also want to make sure that you are comfortable in the bathtub, and getting a bathtub that is much too small will definitely be an issue when it comes to comfort and usability as well.

Statistically, just like when the bathtub is too large, if your bathtub is too small, the drain in your bathroom and the water source for your bathtub may be too far apart, creating an issue.

For these reasons, I highly suggest making sure that the bathtub that you are considering installing inside of your bathroom is the correct size. I wouldn't want you to have the issues mentioned above, especially when it comes to the statistical issues, because it would create much more of a hassle for you, and that is the last thing I want.

Choose a Bath Made From High Quality Materials

A good tip when purchasing pretty much anything it's making sure that it's made with high-quality materials which you feel are the best for that product. This will ensure that the products what you purchased will last a long time, and will remain functional and beautiful the whole time you own them.

When a bathtub is made from high-quality materials, that quality is very apparent come up for high-quality materials usually comes hand-in-hand with expert craftsmanship. In addition to this, buy a bathtub made from high-quality materials ensures that your bathtub will be durable, and very reliable, and this should also be one of the most important points on your checklist when buying a bathtub.

With that said, it's still very important to read up on the materials from which your bathtub is made, in case you would rather buy a bathtub made from a different material.

When a bathtub is made from low quality materials, the bathtub is superficially beautiful, but when you take a closer look, you can tell right away that the materials are not high quality. But like of high-quality materials is also quite apparent during the first uses, before you will find the leaks, cracks, or overall lack of professional craftsmanship; and this will surely put a pause on your enjoyable experience in your bathtub.

Some of the best materials for bathtubs are high quality acrylic material, high quality stone material, and high-quality stone resin material. It is also worth looking at more traditional style bathtubs made from copper, cultured marble, or even wood, for these have worked for people for a very long time, and they will add an element of luxury and timelessness do your bathroom.

Make sure the Bathtub You are Considering is within Your Price Range


For me personally, it's quite easy to go overboard and start to look at fixtures and appliances for my home that are really far out of my budget. This may be due to my natural love for interior design and pretty things, or it may be just the fact that bathtubs can get pricey sometimes. But when it comes to advising you on choosing the correct bathtub, I highly recommend going on a website and filtering the options from lowest price to highest price, and so you will be able to see the cheapest bathtubs available to the most expensive.

Of course, some of the mower high-quality bathtubs, or anything for that matter, can be a little bit more pricey. But when you are looking at bathtubs that are a little pricier, I highly recommend weighing out whether or not it would be a good long-term investment or not. This means figuring out how much you will use your bathtub, how many people will benefit from this bathtub, and whether or not it will have to be repaired or maintained throughout the years. In fact, this is another great reason for which you should make sure that your bathtub is made from high-quality materials and made with professional craftsmanship.

Like I say, some bathtubs are pretty pricey, especially ones made out of marble or made in larger designs, or with more specific needs in mind; but I don't believe that you really have to go out of your budget to get a good bathtub. I just think that if you look in the right places you will find high quality bathtubs at really great prices, such as it is here at the bathroom store Ireland.

Now you know all that there is to know about picking the perfect bathtub for you. I know it can be a little bit overwhelming, and I know that there might be quite a few things which you have to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect bathtub, but at the end of the day it is a very simple list that you have to follow, and it is truly worth it in the end. I wouldn't want you ending up with a bathtub that you couldn't use, couldn't install, or simply didn't like the looks of. So, I compiled all the expert tips and things to consider before buying a bathtub.

I highly recommend taking a look at our beautiful freestanding baths, for they're all made out of very high quality acrylic material, made with extra craftsmanship, and made with every style and design of bathroom in mine. With that said, if you like this blog, I highly suggest taking out the rest of our blogs and learning much more about how to obtain the perfect bathroom.



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