Choose The Perfect Shower Tray to Match your Shower Enclosure

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choosing shower tray

Finding the perfect shower tray can be difficult, tedious and frustrating. Therefore the right preparation can facilitate the process and ensure that the choice we make, is truly the one for us. 

The main criteria when deciding on the shower tray is the shape and size of our shower. But what about other aspects of this bathroom appliance? Do you know enough about the materials, brands, mounting and everyday maintenance? If no, there is no need to worry because we have gathered all the important information in this buyer’s guide. With our concise instruction, you will feel confident in making your decision.

The third dimension of shower tray fitting

When we think about the tray size, we think length and width. But what about the height and depth? The third dimension that is so frequently overlooked can make a huge difference not only in the look of the cabin but also in its functionality.

The selection on the market is quite impressive and we can juggle the different aspects as we want. If we are fans of minimalistic, modern forms and we want our tray to be as invisible as possible, the slim shower tray is the one to go for. The thick design gives easy access and doesn’t impact the bathroom look too much. Slimline shower trays can be almost perfectly flat, only slightly leaning forward the water outlet. They can also be delicately edged, composing the low profile tray with borders.

If you, however, fancy a tray that’s more of a statement, give the deep shower tray a try. Those are usually raised to have the height and space to create sort of a shower basin. Large size raised shower trays are very often picked by families with small children, as they give a possibility to use the deep tray as a baby bathtub although raised trays can be also used for easy plumbing the raised height gives more room for pipes and easy access. 

Everything about the tray matter

The right materials that your new shower tray is made of are the main factor that determines not only the overall look and feel of the unit but also its durability and functionality. You do not want the tray to lose its good looks, not be resistant to mechanical and chemical damages. You want to enjoy your comfortable and good-looking shower cabin for years, not worrying about the maintenance.

Let’s then talk about all the components you can face with during your research. 

Classic and timeless ceramic shower trays

One of the most popular and affordable options there is. Ceramic shower trays do not stain easily, are durable, and offer long-lasting functionality and beauty, making them very attractive. Another important factor is its affordable price, but this also comes with some hidden catches.

The fact is that this type of material is extremely heavy, the tray installation can be complicated and the weight of the appliance has to be considered when choosing the shower placing. Also, ceramic shower trays are cold to the touch, as they do not hold warmth very well. Putting that in simpler words - your feet might be touching the cold surface of the tray (which is not always fun!). To summarize, although ceramic shower trays have their minor flaws, they are still one of the most affordable and worth considering options.

raised shower tray with easy plumb

Acrylic/ABS trays for lighter fabric

Acrylic shower trays are just as affordable and commonly used as ceramic equivalents. They are quick and easy to install, as they are significantly lighter. The material worms up and holds the temperature very well, therefore it is pleasing to the feet. However, the specific of acrylic / ABS trays is that they have a more flimsy feel to them and do not offer the same robust feeling that other options do. This is a very subjective sensation, nonetheless, it is still something worth making attention to.

slimline shower tray

Durability and luxurious feel of slate shower trays

If you are looking for the ultimate luxurious and unique material that is not only fine-looking but also everlasting and durable, the slate shower trays are perfect for you. Made out of high-quality marble composite, this substance is used in the manufacture of many of the bathroom appliances, like bathtubs, basins and of course shower trays. It is considered to be the top quality conglomerate that has all the advantages of the marble stone used in it. It is very resistant to any type of mechanical damage like scratches or chipping, it lasts for years. Being made out of natural stone, it has a very pleasant sensation to it, incomparable to other materials. This high-end product comes at a higher price, but it is an investment worth doing.

Get your own top-quality stone resin shower tray

If however, the perfect mix of good price and high quality is something you would like to find, the stone resin shower trays will meet your expectations. This affordable, yet high-quality option for modern bathrooms, is very popular amongst enthusiasts of modern sleek design. These trays come in a wide variety of types, colors, and styles, making them perfect for all looks and feels of bathrooms. And although they are considered a very affordable option, they offer long-lasting beauty and functionality. They are warm to the touch, strong and robust, easy to install and objectively light-weight. Is there anything those shower trays do not offer?

Top European home appliances brands

When looking for a high-quality, well-made shower tray that is perfect for your bathroom, choosing the right brand is as important as any other factor you consider in the process. Here in Bathroom Store Ireland, we make sure to offer you only the best products, from the top European manufacturers, like Lorenzo, Mexen and Swiss Liniger. 

We depend on those brands as throughout the years they have developed their technology and gained a large number of devoted fans. We place trust in the quality and design they offer, and for many years now our trust has not been failed. 

The high-quality tray is worth your money

You might ask why it is so important to look at the brand, the quality, and the values it stands for. Well, it is crucial to remember that all those little things that the final product consists of having a huge impact on our daily user experience. We want to make sure that your shower gives you the ultimate comfort you need, that it lasts and is easy to keep in good condition. 

The quality of the shower tray impacts its maintenance - the better it is, the less is there to be done. However, to enjoy your purchase for many years to come, follow a few simple rules. Avoid any harsh, grainy cleaners and metal sponges as they will violate the surface of the shower tray. It can not only simply scratch the smooth coating, but also make micro-pores in the texture, and that might lead to deeper defects in the structure of the material. The strong chemical cleaners are also a big no - they can provoke discoloration and breakage of the construction. Keep it simple with the soft sponge and go for the cleaners that are dedicated for bathroom appliances. This way you make sure your shower tray, acrylic, or marble, or ceramic, is taken care of and will serve you as long as you hope for.

black shower tray

Complete shower enclosure with tray vs custom set

Now, with all the specific information about the shower tray itself, you might wonder, whether to go for complete shower sets that include the enclosure and a tray or compose the cabin on your own?

At Bathroom Store we want to make the creation of your dream bathroom as hustle-free as possible. That is why our online shop offers compatible appliances, like a shower tray and door set. We make sure that our trays work well with a variety of shower enclosures so that you can compose a custom set that will be exactly what you always wished for. We are always here for you, ready to share our knowledge and experience, so make sure you check our contact page if you need any assistance, at any step of the process.

Now, we are sure that with a little help from this guide you will be able to find a shower tray that will be a perfect addition to your bathroom.


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