How to Choose Perfect Shower Tray for Your Bathroom?

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How to Pick the Perfect Shower Tray

how to pick perfect shower tray

Although choosing the perfect shower tray for your bathroom may seem like a simple process, it can become pretty complicated. Without the right information, and essential tips and tricks to lead you on your way to success, finding the perfect shower tray can be difficult, tedious and frustrating. There are a handful of things that are important to keep in mind when looking for the perfect shower tray for your bathroom, and if kept in mind, the process can go smoothly, and easily.

Like any part of a bathroom, a shower tray adds to the overall functionality and beauty of a bathroom, and if not chosen correctly, can cause a handful of tedious problems. If you choose the wrong size of shower tray for example, it will not efficiently hold the water from your shower, causing it to leak, and lead to things such as mold and other water damages. So, it is more than important to not forget the importance of choosing a shower tray that is perfect for your unique bathroom.

Although now you may feel a little overwhelmed as to where to begin, where to look, and what to look for when it comes to shower trays, worry no more! In this short, yet intricate article, I will share with you my top tips and tricks that will allow you to find the perfect shower tray in an easy, efficient manner. I'm confident that at the end of this article, you will be feeling like a shower tray expert.

Stop, Look, and Listen

One of the best tips that I can give you for finding the perfect shower tray, is to stop, look, and listen. Although you may be excited to finish your redesigned bathroom, or finally start using your new bathroom in your new home, taking the process of finding the perfect shower tray patiently will make a big difference.

Instead of simply running out and searching randomly for a shower tray, take the process slowly, learn all you can about the options you have, what is right for you, what is right for your bathroom, and what will offer you the best results for the longest period of time. By reading articles like this, where tips and tricks are shared to offer an easier process of finding the perfect shower tray, you will ensure that you know everything you can before actually purchasing.

Find the Right Size

Size matters when it comes to shower trays. Although seeing a shower tray that might look glamorous, and well-designed, and just purchasing right then and there might seem like a good plan, it can negatively affect the overall results of your shower, and bathroom as a whole. So, one of the first steps that you need to take into consideration when looking for the ideal shower tray for your contemporary bathroom, is to find the right size for your shower.

So, before you start looking for a shower tray that is simply stylish, well design, or that goes with the look and feel of your bathroom, take into consideration the size you are going to need for your available bathroom space, and the shower enclosure you are going to be using. Keep in mind that not all bathrooms require the same size of shower tray, and that depending on the shower enclosure used, the available space, each unique bathroom will require a different size of shower tray. Keep this in mind and pick what's perfect for your bathroom.

Know Your Options

Another important tip to finding the perfect shower tray, is knowing the wide variety of options you have to choose from. Learning more about the options you have, will allow you to choose something that's completely unique and perfect for your bathroom. Thanks to the wide variety of options on today's market, it is easy to choose a unit that is unique and perfect for any and all types of bathrooms.

Square Shower Trays - One of the most widely used types of shower trays, are square shower trays. One of the things that make square shower trays so widely used and popular, is the fact that a wide variety of shower door types and styles fit perfectly with this type of tray. This type of shower tray also comes in a wide variety of sizes, making it perfect for all types of bathrooms, no matter their available space.

sequare shower tray

Rectangular Shower Trays - Although rectangular shower trays are not the best option for smaller sized bathrooms, they are still one of the most commonly used types of shower trays. Rectangular shower trays offer a more spacious shower experience, making it perfect for those that do not like to feel closed in in small spaces. Also, if used with a sliding shower door, rectangular shower trays can be a great space saving option.

rectangular shower tray

Quadrant Shower Trays - These types of shower trays are usually found in corner areas, and thanks to their stylish curved design, create a very elegant look and feel. Quadrant shower trays can be used with hinged doors, or sliding shower doors, which are both also very space-saving. However, due to the fact that quadrant shower trees are bigger size when compared to other options, they are not as highly recommended for smaller sized bathrooms.

quadrant shower traye

Other Shower Tray Shapes - Due to the fact that some bathrooms boast a very strange shape or form, sometimes, they require a strangely shaped shower tray to offer what they need. Depending on the shape, some bathrooms can even require L or P shaped shower trays to fit the available space, and still look gorgeous in the bathroom area. If you find yourself needing a more unique shape of shower tray, do not worry! There are a wide variety of unique options on today's market, that will be perfect for your bathroom.

Choose the Best Materials

Choosing the materials of your shower tray is an essential step that will determine not only the overall look and feel of the unit, but also the durability, and functionality it offers. If a shower tray is made from poor quality materials, it will quickly lose its overall functionality with the use of a few years, and also lose its beauty. So, choosing a shower tray that is not only made from materials that are beautiful, and stylish, but also high quality is super important.

Ceramic Shower Trays - This type of shower tray material the one of the most commonly used, and affordable option. Ceramic shower trays do not stain easily, are durable, and offer long-lasting functionality and beauty, making them one of the best options when considering their affordable price. Although ceramics shower trays are one of the most commonly used materials, they're not the best.

Do the fact that this type of material is extremely heavy, their installation can be complicated depending on where the bathroom is found in a home. Also, ceramic shower trays are cold to the touch, which means that if you live in a place where winters are cold, every time you step into the shower, you'll feet we'll be touching cold materials (which is not fun!). So, although ceramic shower trays have their flaws, they are still one of the most affordable options.

Acrylic/ABS Trays - Acrylic shower trays are just as affordable and commonly used as ceramic shower trays.  Acrylic shower trays however, can be quickly installed due to the fact that they are made from light materials, and they are also warm to the touch on your feet. Some people, however, do not prefer acrylic shower trays, due to the fact that they have a more flimsy feel to them and do not offer the same robust feeling that other options do.

Marble Shower Tray - When it comes to super fancy, high-quality shower trays, there is no better option than those made from marble. Marble shower trays are considered one of the most exclusive options, due to the fact that they are more expensive, and aren't as commonly found as other types of tray materials. Marble shower trays go beautifully with all types of bathrooms, and blend with different styles and feels perfectly. However, if you're thinking of choosing marble shower trays for your bathroom, just know that with its beauty, comes a price.

Stone Resin Shower Tray - When it comes to an affordable, yet high-quality option for modern bathrooms, stone resin shower trays are one of the best options. Stone resin shower trays come in a wide variety of types, colors, and styles, making them perfect for all looks and feels of bathrooms. And although they are considered a very affordable option, they offer long-lasting beauty and functionality.

Another great thing about stone resin shower trays is the fact that they are warm to the touch, strong and robust, and are also easy to install. Stone resin shower trays should definitely be on your list of high quality, affordable shower tray materials.

Don't Focus on the Brand

When looking for a high-quality, well made shower tray that is perfect for your bathroom, focusing too much on a brand, or its popularity can be a common mistake. However, simply focusing on the brand of a shower tray will not ensure that it is made from the highest quality materials, or that it will be perfect for your bathroom, your needs, or your preferences.

When looking for the perfect shower tray for your contemporary bathroom, try not to focus at all on the brand, or the popularity of the item you are looking to purchase, instead, make sure that the shower tray is made from the highest quality of materials, and designed to last long into the future, offering beauty and smooth functionality for years to come.

Don't be Afraid to Ask Questions

Once you know more about the type of shower tray that is perfect for you and your bathroom, you're going to start looking for a unit that is perfect for your budget, and you're needs. To do so of course, you're going to have to find a company that offers the highest quality of shower trays near you, and when you do so, do not be afraid to ask questions.

I find that it is extremely easy to get carried away or feel overwhelmed when in the middle of a process and asking questions might seem a little scary or embarrassing. However, due to the fact that your shower tray will make a big impact in your bathroom, taking the process patiently, asking as many questions as possible, and not being afraid to ask for guidance is super important.

If you have any questions whatsoever about the shower tray you would like to purchase, its size, how long the installation process will take, its price, its longevity, or more, simply ask! Don't be afraid to get the answers for the questions that you have, for they can make a big difference as to what unit you choose, and how it will impact your bathroom.

Pick the Perfect Shower Tray

how to choose perfect shower tray

Although now, you may still feel a little overwhelmed, and a little scared to actually start looking for the right shower tray that will fit your needs perfectly, there is no need to feel stressed. Now that you have a handful of super useful tips and tricks to use when looking for the perfect shower tray, you can finally go out and start looking at the options that are near you and start considering which is perfect for your bathroom.

Thanks to the fact that you searched for the right information, looked for essential tips and tricks, and stopped, looked, and listened before starting the process of searching for the right shower tray, you will now be able to find a unit that will be perfect for you. Instead of making a mistake, you will be able to find a shower tray that will satisfy all your needs, and that will be a perfect edition to your modern, contemporary bathroom. By simply keeping the tips and tricks mentioned above in mind when looking for the perfect shower tray, I am confident that a no time you will have a unit that is perfect for you.




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