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Raised Shower Tray (Easy Plumb)

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This exquisite design exclusively available at the Bathroom Store is a sumptuous fit for a stylish modern bathroom. The raised shower tray is perfect for square shower enclosures needing to be on a heightened level.

  • Made from durable acrylic material,
  • Available in various sizes,
  • Height 140mm raised base
  • Siphon: included

Perfect for a modern style shower, this raised shower tray will elevate both your shower floor, and the look in your bathroom. Not only is it made to fit perfectly into any square shower space, but it is also designed with durability, beauty and sophistication in mind.

Made from the highest quality acrylic material available, your shower base will never look less than beautiful in your bathroom, and it will last for countless years to come. With its perfectly gradual slope, the water will flow naturally and seamlessly to the drain, so you will never have any leftover water in your shower. This feature also eliminates the possibility of your shower floor every getting stained or corroded from leftover water puddles.

This raised shower tray is designed to perfection so you will never have any leakage around your shower, so it will protect your bathroom floor from stains or water damage. Made from the highest quality materials, it is completely sealed all the way around, and when used with high quality shower doors or a shower enclosure, your bathroom floor will always be spotless and dry. We have a beautiful collection of high quality shower doors and shower enclosures, so please don hesitate to take a look and update your bathroom with our sophisticated designs.

The installation process required is so minimal that you can install this raised shower tray in a matter of minutes. This is another great feature because you will be able to save money and precious time on the installation process. Additionally, you will be able to enjoy your new shower tray shortly after the installation!

We also have quadrant shower trays and rectangular shower trays in this collection, so feel free to browse the rest of our products. We are always striving to offer our clients the best products on the market, so you'll find that all our products are high quality, made with professional craftsmanship, and very beautiful in design.