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Shower Trays


Upgrade your bathroom with our versatile shower trays, ideal for both traditional and modern shower setups as well as wet rooms. Our collection covers every style and need.

Experience the latest in bathroom design with our popular low-profile shower trays, offering easy access, and our stylish coloured trays in black, grey, and slate for that luxurious touch.

Browse our extensive selection of shower trays to find the perfect match for your bathroom. Have questions? Our expert team is here to help. Contact us today!

Shower Trays - FAQ

What is a shower tray?

A shower tray is a waterproof surface that sits at the bottom of a shower enclosure. Its main purpose is to catch and drain water from the shower, and prevent it from leaking onto the floor around it.

What are the different types of shower trays?

Shower trays differ mostly by the type of material used to make them, size, and shape. Shower tray types by material include acrylic, fiberglass, or stone resin. Shower trays by shape include square, rectangular or quadrant trays.

What are shower trays made of?

Shower trays are made of acrylic, fiberglass, or stone resin. Some shower trays also feature textured surfaces to prevent slips and falls.

How much do shower trays cost, typically?

Our acrylic shower trays start from just €164, while our composite slate-effect trays start at €325. We have a huge range of colours available, including black, white, cement and anthracite.

What to look for when selecting a shower tray?

When selecting a shower tray, you need to consider:

Size and shape to determine which shower tray will fit into your enclosure.

Material and its durability.

Drainage system. The shower tray must match the drainage in your home. 

Style and design and whether the shower tray would match the shower enclosure.