Making a choice when buying Shower Trays is very important because some nice designs or features can do an amazing uplift to your existing bathroom and it will cost you only the price of a new shower tray, while others will require major bathroom renovation that can be quite expensive.


So let get to the basics 

The Size & Shape of Shower Trays

First, take look at what at the size and shape of your current shower tray? Your new Shower tray needs to fit into the same space. We at Bathroom Store Ireland, with years of experience, have seen that people are buying some beautifully designed shower trays which can't be fitted in their bathroom without major refurbishing of the whole bathroom.  

There are various sizes of the shower trays ranging from 700-1400mm in width and  800-1800mm in length. When it comes to height, they go from 25mm to 40mm.

"We always recommend to our buyers to consider the shower trays of 1000mm in width and minimum of 1000mm in-depth because they provide more comfort. We understand It is not always possible to have a bigger shower tray."

Shower Drain

A shower drain is one of the most important parts of your shower trays. Depending on what side the shower drain is placed on will determine how easy it will be to fit a new shower tray or if you are going to need a major refurbish of your bathroom.  Yes, some shower trays can be turned around so the shower drain can be easily fit in the perfect place but there are always shower trays that have a specific front face and back face so it can't be turned around.

How to save 

If you pay attention to Size, Shape, and the Shower Drain while buying a new shower tray you can save a significant amount of both time and money. So make sure to adjust your preferences to your shower requirements.

Shower trays materials

No matter what the trends are in the design bathrooms, forever changing from year to year, you need to pick the shower tray that will be durable because it will be part of your daily routine and it needs to stand the test of the time.  

Shower trays mainly have a smooth acrylic white finish which is present in almost any house over the last 100 years. The main benefit of that material is easy cleaning and durability. In recent years new designs are appearing which mimic the natural stone effect, tiling, glass, or stainless metal effect.

One of the most important things when buying shower trays is shower enclosures or doors, so before you continue buying a shower tray, try to investigate little about them.

Shower Trays Shapes

The following is a list of shower tray shapes:

  • Rectangular Shower Trays
  • Square Shower Trays
  • Quadrant Shower Trays
  • Pentagonal Shower Trays
  • D Shape Shower Trays


Classic and always popular shower trays can be found in most homes and a key reason why 90% of households have them is that most of our bathrooms and rooms are limited with space and having a RECTANGULAR SHOWER TRAY is the easiest solution for planning and using your space.


The square shower tray is a subform of RECTANGULAR SHOWER TRAYS and it is usually the cheapest version of a shower tray because mass construction companies are using them in their plan's to maximize the efficiency of the building and they have been standard for many years.


Quadrant shower trays are a solution for small bathrooms and when you need something that would be perfectly fitted in the corner.


When the space for shower installation is quite limited pentagonal shower trays are very often the solution. Most often you can see them in luxury RV-s. 


Stylish and Interesting solutions for small bathrooms can be mounted in the middle of the bathroom providing useful space on the left and right.

As one of the most important parts of any bathroom Shower trays deserves attention when making decisions for buying. Proper selection of shower trays provide safe dry surfaces in a bathroom and prevent leakages 

What makes our range of Shower trays an ideal choice?

We work with the highest quality materials to create bathrooms that are built to last, which is why the majority of the shower trays we offer are constructed from conglomerate cast marble. This is a highly durable material that feels as good as it looks. It is highly resistant to scratches, cracks, or fissures, as well as discoloration and other defects. The conglomerate is made up of up to 75% all-natural stone, meaning it will withstand daily use and only look better with age.
Each of our shower trays is available in the same brilliant white gloss that we use to construct our high-quality baths, sinks, and other bathroom furniture. That means that it’s easier than ever to design your own unique bathroom suite, ensuring it suits your specific tastes and needs.

Because shower trays are so easy to install, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to add a separate shower unit to your bathroom. But you’ll be amazed by what a huge difference it will make to your space. Sleek, stylish, and effortless, a new low profile shower could provide the focal point for the modern bathroom you always wanted. benefits

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