Shower Trays

Are you looking for an amazing shower tray for your bathroom?

Shower trays are important. They prevent blocked drains and leakages and provide a safe surface to enjoy your shower. But their purpose doesn’t just have to be practical: they can look great too. In our range, you will find acrylic and slate effect shower tray made from natural white stone. If you are searching for a shower tray for your enclosure or door, you should start choosing the size and shape of the tray.

Shower trays come in a huge array of shapes and sizes. We offer shower trays that range from 700mm to 1800mm in width. Picking the right shower tray can help you to save vital floor space in a small bathroom or make your shower feel larger and more decadent if you have the luxury of a spacious bathroom. You can choose from a square or rectangular-shaped shower tray, depending on the space available. If you’re looking for something future-focused and modern, you could also opt for a curved quadrant shower tray, which would coordinate with a curved glass shower screen.

We work with the highest quality materials to create bathrooms that are built to last, which is why the majority of the shower trays we offer are constructed from conglomerate cast marble. This is a highly durable material that feels as good as it looks. It is highly resistant to scratches, cracks or fissures, as well as to discolouration and other defects. Conglomerate is made up of up to 75% all-natural stone, meaning it will withstand daily use and only look better with age.
Each of our shower trays is available in the same brilliant white gloss that we use to construct our high-quality baths, sinks, and other bathroom furniture. That means that it’s easier than ever to design your own unique bathroom suite, ensuring it suits your specific tastes and needs.

Because shower trays are so easy to install, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to add a separate shower unit to your bathroom. But you’ll be amazed by what a huge difference it will make to your space. Sleek, stylish, and effortless, a new shower could provide the focal point for the modern bathroom you always wanted.

Grid List

Slim Rectangular White Shower Tray

Bathroom Store Ireland

€139.95 €119.95

Slim Black Quadarant Shower Tray

Bathroom Store Ireland

€229.95 €159.95

Slim Black Rectangular Shower Tray

Bathroom Store Ireland

€229.95 €179.95

BR3 Quadrant Shower Tray


€215.00 €185.00

Slim White Quadrant Shower Tray

Bathroom Store Ireland

€139.95 €119.95

Slim White Square Shower Tray

Bathroom Store Ireland

€139.95 €119.95

Slim Black Square Shower Tray

Bathroom Store Ireland

€249.95 €179.95

BR9 Premium Acrylic Shower Basin

€245.00 - €289.00

Pentagon Shower tray

Swiss Liniger
€189.95 - €199.95

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