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Think Of Bathroom Store When Choosing Your Shower Tray

Shower trays are the literal foundation for daily cleansing routines. They ensure that water does not flow where it should not and prevent filth built up. 

Choosing the right shower tray is important, for they help with blocked drains and leakages. It will allow your shower to not only look dazzling, clean and gorgeous; but also work well. When choosing a shower tray, you have to keep in mind what type of shower enclosure you will be using. We offer a large variety of shower doors that go perfectly with our shower trays, these include:

Conglomerate Cast Marble Vs Acrylic Shower Tray

Conglomerate is an extremely popular material used in the production of bathroom suites, such as:


The material used to create shower trays is made from conglomerate. Stone shower trays is also known as cast marble. Cast marble is extremely durable mixture consisting mainly of:

  • Natural
  • Ground marble

Giving each customer a shower tray that will stand the test of time. Stone shower trays are known and are valued because of its strength and resistance to damage. So when researching what the best shower tray on the market is, make sure to include White stone.

With each white stone shower tray has up to 75%all the natural stone included in the conglomerate shower trays. Such a shower tray is highly resistant to scratches, cracks or fissures, as well as no discoloration or other defects. 

When designing your bathroom space, it is important to research the best quality items. With new innovations in technology, updating your bathroom every few years is now a thing of the past. Sanity ware has greatly improved providing customers with long lasting exquisite examples of Bathroom ware.

Acrylic trays from Bathroom Store

One of the many advantages of acrylic shower trays are available in a multitude of sizes and shapes. Also, at Bathroom Store Ireland, we offer a wide selection of acrylic shower trays.

We offer shower trays that come in all shapes and sizes including:

All these models of acrylic shower trays are available in many sizes.

Acrylic Shower Trays Are At Solid Affordable Prices

Here at Bathroom Store we offer many different ranges of shower trays. Acrylic shower trays are a more affordable & popular alternative to conglomerate shower trays. What's more, Acrylic tray materials are known for its strength, versatility and wide selection of shapes and sizes. 

These shower trays are lightweight and easy to assemble, becoming the most popular choice of shower equipment for self-installation. In addition, acrylic trays are durable and solid, but unfortunately there is a risk of damage.

Dazzling Shower Tray Styles & Designs

We know that not all bathrooms are the same; neither are individual style and design preferences. We have created a variety of stone shower trays and acrylic shower trays so you can choose what is perfect for you. Finding the right shower tray might seem simple, but there are some things that need to be taken in to consideration.

By offering a variety of shower trays, we are confident that you will find what is perfect for you. Varying in shape, size and style; our shower trays are the best option in Ireland for all types of bathrooms. Our wide variety includes low profile shower trays, wet screen trays, quadrant shower trays and more. They vary in size, from 700mm to 1200mm, so you can find what is perfect for you, without difficulty.

High-Quality, Well-Made Shower Trays

All shower trays we offer are made with high quality, high grade materials; ensuring that they are long lasting and well made. We offer our customers the absolute best products possible and our hard work has paid off. We are now one of the leading suppliers of shower trays, shower enclosures and other bathroom products in Ireland.

All of our shower trays come in a variety of sizes, dimensions, styles and design options. Our shower trays will beautifully complete your bathroom suite and make it a place you never want to leave!

3 Benefits of Shower Trays for your Bathroom

A shower tray is a necessary part of a functioning beautiful bathroom. Here are some great benefits of shower trays;

Prevention of water leakage

We all know that water leakage is not fun and it's not easy to fix either. Water goes where there is least resistance and it's almost impossible to stop it once it is has found its path. This is where shower trays come in and make our lives easier. No more annoying leaks all over your freshly cleaned floor; no more soaking wet rugs!

Easy to Install

When it comes to bathroom installations, the first thing that comes to mind is how complicated the process might get. Space limitation, plumbing and electrical outlets can sometimes make installations more complicated; this is not the case with shower tray. Our shower trays are designed and fabricated with super-easy installation in mind; making your life easier and stress-free.

Saves Money and Time

Shower trays amazingly allow you to save money and time. It allows you to save time and helps you avoid hassles in the future. It provides a lot of advantages when it comes to practicality; but it also gives your bathroom a dazzling, modern finishing touch. Simple, small changes and improvements can completely transform your bathroom suite in to what you have always dreamt of.It is not always necessary to make big, complicated changes for it to look incredible and work smoothly and efficiently.

Grid List

Square Shower Tray | BR1

Bathroom Store Select
€200.00 - €230.00

Shower Base | BR2

Bathroom Store Select
€125.00 - €215.00

Quadrant Shower Tray | BR3

Bathroom Store Select
€235.00 - €255.00

Large Shower Tray | BR4

Bathroom Store Select
€430.00 - €490.00

Raised Shower Tray | BR5

Bathroom Store Select
€215.00 - €230.00

Rectangular Shower Tray | BR6

Bathroom Store Select
€415.00 - €460.00

Slimline Shower Tray | BR8

Bathroom Store Select
€390.00 - €535.00

Shower Basin | BR9

Bathroom Store Select
€230.00 - €245.00

Low Profile Shower Tray | BR10

Bathroom Store Select

€129.00 €109.00

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