Here at the Bathroom Store Ireland we pride ourselves in selling only the highest quality products, whether that be showers, baths or wash basins. Our selection of bath screens is no different, and we strive to provide our customers with bath screens that exude quality and deliver the perfect finish to your bathroom suite.
While for those with stand alone showers, the shower door is the obvious candidate to keep your bathroom dry while you're enjoying a hot shower. However, for those of us with bath tubs, we understand how important it is to have a bath screen which not only does a great job functionally at keeping your shower water where it’s supposed to go, but also looks sleek and elegant in compliment to your bath tub. 

Bath Shower Screen Materials

All our bath screens are made with the very highest quality materials we can find, and each feature tempered nano-protected glass, giving you peace of mind that your purchase is durable and long-lasting.

If you are looking for a bath tub in addition to your screen as well, discover our complete range of bath tubs which provide the greatest luxury money can buy across the whole of Ireland.

Tempered Glass for your safety

Every one of our bath screens, and in fact all of our glass products across our entire store, are made with tempered glass. This improves the quality of the glass in two separate ways:

  1. It improves the durability of the glass.
  2. Ensures any breakages do not result in sharp, dangerous fragments.

By tempering the glass, the shower screen can withstand far greater stress before failure and breakage. In fact, we tested some of our shower doors and screens and found that the glass was able to endure two grown men standing in the centre of the screens before shattering.

In the case that the glass does shatter, by tempering it the fragments are broken up into tiny circular pieces rather than large, sharp ones. This is essential if you have kids or pets around because these large shards can be incredibly dangerous. We encourage you to not take any chances and ensure that you go with bathroom equipment with tempered glass – safety should always be the most important factor when fitting your bathroom as accidents can happen far easily than we often think.

Nano-Protected Glass

Our glass is also made with a nano-protected coating that, like tempering the glass, enhances our bath screens in two ways:
  1. It improves the strength of the glass by up to 4 times.
  2. It makes the glass “easy-clean.”
The nano-protected coating, much like the coating many of us apply to our mobile phone screens, makes the glass much less prone to cracking and ultimately failing causing it to shatter. Not only this, but the nano-protected coating also makes the bath screen much easier to clean, so you don’t have to waste so much time in your bathroom suite scrubbing water marks from your bath.  

Modern Curved Bath Screen Design

We at the Bathroom Store Ireland pride ourselves on stocking the highest quality designs in order to stay up to date with the changing landscape in modern European bathrooms. Our selection includes stylish curved bath screens as well as more standard rectangular screens to suit every bathroom suite style. All of our screens come at 6mm in thickness as standard too, so you can be assured the glass you receive is thick and not at all flimsy.

Why Our Bath Screens Are A Great Investment

While our bath screens are by no means the cheapest available on the Irish market, we do strive to provide our customers with the best value bath screens in Ireland given the excellent build quality and stylish design.

Bath screens are an essential component of any bath tub, especially when the majority double up as shower enclosures in their own right. You need to feel confident that your screen both looks the part as well as also providing the functionality required. The fact that our screens do both of these things with aplomb as well as being extra durable, means that you can be confident that your purchase from the Bathroom Store Ireland will last.

We hope that you find the ideal bath screen within our collection to bring your bathroom into 2018.

Folding Bath Screen | Pagani 3


Our Bi Fold Bath Screen The Pagani 3 is an elegant folding bath screen which will make an excellent addition to your bathroom. It is bi-folding, meaning it can collapse on itself for easy entry into your shower.  Dimensions: 141 x 109cm Door 1: 54.5 cm Door 2: 54.5 cm Height: 141cm Details Installation: All Baths, Universal Glass Color: transparent...

Corner Bath Shower Screen | Pagani 2


View Installation Manual Stunning Glass Bath Screen Take a look at the Pagani 2, an elegant bath screen which will have you throwing away your shower curtain as soon as it arrives. With easy clean glass and a 2 year warranty, you'll never be able to go back.  Dimensions - 143 x 94cm Details Installation: All Baths, Universal Glass Color:...

Over Bath Shower Screen | Pagani 1

€189.00 €185.00

Good Quality Screen For Your Modern Bathroom The Pagani 1 is our signature bath screen and does a stellar job of keeping water right where it needs to be. It features an easy clean coating making the chore of keeping your bathroom pristine that much easier.  Dimension 140 x 94cm Details Installation: All Baths, Universal Glass Color: transparent (Clean) Glass...