The Ultimate Buyer Guide To Choose Bathroom Furniture

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Bathroom furniture is a super essential part to all of our bathrooms, but choosing and finding the right kind of furniture for our bathrooms can be a little bit complicated sometimes. Of course, if choosing the perfect bathroom furniture has been a bit difficult for you, you are not alone. Choosing bathroom furniture is something we simply don't do very often, so it's not something we are all very familiar with. But it is actually much simpler than it seems at first, and you need not get discouraged or overwhelmed.

In this ultimate buyer's guide I will guide you towards finding the correct style, size, and types of furniture for your bathroom in hopes of making this process much easier for you and much more efficient. We all know that going out and buying any type of furniture is quite easy, but buying the correct type of furniture could be a little bit more difficult  Therefore, if you read up on all of our expert tips and tricks to finding the correct bathroom furniture, you are most definitely going to be happy with your results, and you will end up with the best furniture for your bathroom.

Buy furniture with a purpose

bathroom furniture

The first step that is necessary to find the perfect bathroom furniture is looking to buy furniture with a specific purpose in your bathroom. By purchasing furniture with a specific purpose or set of purposes in your bathroom you are ensuring that you will use it to its fullest potential, and that it will be a wise investment. This mainly entails assessing what type of furniture you need in your bathroom. For example, if you find yourself in need of specific space where you can organize things in your bathroom, the wisest decision in that case would be to purchase a piece of furniture where you can store everything which you usually have a problem storing.

It is most probable that you find this to be a very easy task, for most bathroom furniture is made in order to fulfill a specific purpose. Therefore, you're probably going to have little to no trouble finding the type or exact kind of furniture that you need in your bathroom. This is a huge bonus because this isn't always the case when buying furniture. But thanks for the fact that bathroom furniture is usually so specifically made, it will definitely make it a lot easier on you when looking for it.

What kind of furniture do you need?

bathroom furniture

Assessing what kind of furniture you need could be another essential part of this process of buying the perfect furniture for your bathroom. Once you have assessed what purpose you need your bathroom furniture to serve, establishing what kind of furniture you would like to install in your bathroom is the second and naturally consecutive step you must take.

  • Floor sanding furniture: floor standing furniture is, as its name suggests, installed on the floor of your bathroom. This kind of furniture usually withstands much more weight then alternative styles of furniture, and can be easily moved around your bathroom when cleaning, or simply redecorating or rearranging things in your bathroom. Floor standing bathroom furniture can be the best option for you if you are looking to store a large amount of things in it, such as all the linens and towels in your home, heavy things such as larger products like shampoos and conditioners, or simply a large number of things. This type of furniture may also be perfect for you if, for example, you are looking for a smaller chest of drawers, or cupboard, but you don't want to install it on your walls in the style of a wall-mounted piece of furniture. In addition to this, loor furniture is really great for those of you who are renting an apartment, and can't make any permanent installations or alterations. By installing floor standing furniture, you can still have the furniture you want in your bathroom, but you will not have any problems with your landlord, which is a great thing any day.
  • Wall mounted furniture: wall mounted furniture is the perfect solution to a smaller or less spacious bathroom because it is off the floor, therefore opening up much of the usable space in the bathroom, yet it still serves a purpose in your bathroom. Many types of wall mounted furniture for your bathroom includes cupboards, cabinets, shelves, and even some fixtures such as bathroom sink and toilet. A great aspect to wall mounted furniture in your bathroom is the fact that you have so much open space in your bathroom, which you can use and enjoy, but you still have all the storage space you need and want. If your home is a bit smaller than average, or it is simply a bit crammed, I always recommend installing wall hung furniture. So many people are surprised by how much space they have available after making a few small changes, and installing some wall mounted furniture in their homes.  When it comes to wall mounted furniture I highly recommend installing a set of sturdy shelves in a place where it is easy to access them, yet a bit out of the way come up for you will definitely find them useful, and they will come in handy much more often than you think.

Which pieces of furniture will suit your bathroom best?

There is naturally a vast variety of different types and styles of furniture available on the market today. So finding which ones will suit your bathroom most can get to be a little complicated. But below you will see a list of most of the types of furniture that are good to consider when buying furniture for your bathroom.

  •  Wall hung cabinets: as I mentioned above, well hung furniture is a great way to amplify the floor space in your bathroom, and it's a great way to make use of the space what you have available to you. Well, well hung cabinets is a great way to ensure that you have a vast amount of space available for organization and storage, but that you still have plenty of room to move around in your bathroom. Many people prefer while hung cabinets over other pieces of furniture in a bathroom because they are accessible and easy, and out of the way.
  • Vanity units: vanity units have become an essential part 2 modern bathrooms because they can be used on a daily basis, therefore they are quite useful, they look good in any type of bathroom, and they offer a lot of space for storage and decoration which is essential in a modern bathroom. There are many different types of energy units, including both floor standing and wall mounted models, so you will definitely find that you have many options to choose from, and finding the best one for your bathroom is going to be very easy. If you are considering a floor standing vanity unit, I highly suggest getting a piece that is at least as high as your waist and made out of a good material in order to ensure that it is user-friendly and accessible. If you are considering wall mounted vanity unit, I highly suggest making sure that the brackets or braces that you are to use are efficient and made from good materials, and installed correctly, in order to avoid any future reparations or disasters.
  • Floor sanding cupboards: floor standing cupboards are of course quite traditional, and can sometimes take up more space than one has available. But when you consider that floor standing cupboards have the potential to store most of the things you need to store in your bathroom, you can then come to the conclusion that if you get a large enough floor standing cupboard, you probably won't have to buy any more furniture for your bathroom, and you could save money and space. Of course, this style of organization isn't for everyone, and I understand if you would rather go with another option, but traditionally, it is always worked, and I don't see why it wouldn't work in modern case too. Plus, investing in a beautiful floor standing cupboard could make your bathroom look elegant and chic, and it could be a great accent to any bathroom, regardless of style.
  • Different types of sets of drawers: sets of drawers are, as you know, quite essential to any organization or storage furniture. Drawers simply allow you to store all which needs storage in a bathroom or otherwise, and one of the best parts about sets of drawers is the fact that you can categorize or organize things based on the type of things they are. For example, if you need to store cosmetic items, purchasing a nice set of drawers will allow you to organize your cosmetics by type such as foundations and concealers in one drawer, eyeshadows and eyeliners and mascaras in another drawer, and so on. A quick tip when it comes to purchasing the sets of drawers is purchasing clear drawers because clear drawers allow you to see in and easily access exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.
  • Mirrors: of course, in today's day and age no bathroom is complete without a mirror or two. Mirrors are very useful in many different ways, especially when installed in a bathroom. Naturally, mirrors are what allow us to see ourselves and get ready, but mirrors also make any space look larger. So a great stylish hack how to make your bathroom look larger is to install a mirror, or a set of mirrors on the wall which receives less light in your bathroom. Your mirror will then reflect light instead of absorb it, and your bathroom will look much larger and more spacious. Plus, mirrors are a great way to decorate any space, and I highly recommend playing around with different shapes and sets of mirrors.
  • Lounge furniture: sometimes, if we're lucky, we actually get to have a little bit of extra space in our bathrooms. Well, the best thing to do in that case is to buy a small set of lounge furniture for your bathroom. This not only puts all your extra space to use, but it actually adds an element of luxury and elegance which not many bathrooms have nowadays. Additionally, adding lounge furniture to your bathroom might also allow you to spend more quality time with yourself in your bathroom, and will offer the perfect space to lounge in your bathroom and relax.

Choose your materials wisely

More times than not, bathroom furniture is made specifically with being the bathroom furniture in mind. That means that most bathroom furniture is made to withstand steam and moisture which is usually not the case with other types of furniture. But sometimes, that type of thing is very easy to overlook. Therefore, I have a recommend looking into the materials with which the furniture you are looking to buy is made. By making sure the pieces of furniture are made with the correct materials, you are ensuring that they will look good and function well in the future, and that you were making a wise investment. Unfortunately, if we overlooked this step, we can end up with moulded furniture, or furniture which slowly disintegrates or starts to look bad after a short time with in your bathroom.

With that said, I don't want to show you away from furniture made from hardwoods or other materials such as that, for many of these are already sealed and glazed with the correct products, and they can therefore withstand some conditions. But this step is mainly to ensure that you buy furniture made with being bathroom furniture specifically in mind, so that it can last you a long time, and function well while it lasts. A great way to ensure that your bathroom furniture will last is by purchasing either plastic, stone, ceramic, or well sealed wood furniture.

As you can now see, there are only a few simple things which we need to keep in mind in order to buy the perfect furniture for our bathrooms. By following these simple and easy steps you will most definitely find the perfect furniture for you, and you will be more than happy that you kept these simple things in mind!  Therefore, I encourage you to go out and shop for your bathroom furniture, and to feel confident in knowing all you need to know about bathroom furniture! Stay tuned to the Bathroom Store Ireland for all the best offers on high quality bathroom products.


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