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Trivento 100 Frameless Duo Door

SKU: DV9000D-70-70-TV100

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The Trivento 100 is a superb frameless bi-fold shower with an ingenious two-way door design allowing you to enter your shower any way you wish. The Trivento 100 is also a beautifully styled shower and the two doors are available in various sizes.

Easy Clean TechnologyNano Coating6mm premium glass

  • Frameless bi-fold shower enclosure with a wall profile
  • Glass Thickness- 6mm
  • Nano Tempered Glass
  • Easy Clean
  • Height - 1900mm
  • Door size from 700mm to 1000mm
  • Universal fitting
  • 20mm adjustment for out of true walls
  • Glass Cert DIN EN 14428

Frameless bi-fold shower screen doors are all the rage this year, because not only do they elevate the look in your bathroom, but they are highly functional and very practical. Many modern bathrooms have their showers in cosy little corners for optimal space usage and functionality. So we offer our clients a beautiful collection of bi-fold shower doors to outfit their modern bathroom.

All our shower doors and enclosures come with universal fittings to make them ultra-easy to install on a tray or the floor in a wet room.

These sophisticated shower doors are innovative in design for they can be opened from both sides, allowing you to enter your cosy corner on either side. Our clients love this dynamic because it allows flexibility, accessibility, and versatility at all times.

Made from high quality tempered Nano Technology glass, these shower doors are designed to be the safest option in the event of an accident. When Nanotechnology tempered glass breaks, it does not part into large jagged pieces, it shatters into small spherical pieces which are not sharp or harmful.

In addition to this, our tempered glass is designed to make your cleaning process the easiest it has ever been. All that is required to keep these beauties clean is to wipe them down after every use, and viola, your shower doors will look amazing all day every day. Wiping them down also minimizes any chances of staining, for the minerals in the water will not have time to settle into the glass and stain your shower doors.

This pair of modern bi-fold showers come in different widths and heights for your optimal comfort and variety. We also want to make sure that you can outfit your whole bathroom with high-quality products that are beautiful and functional, so please feel free to take a look at our shower tray collection.

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