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LED Bathroom Mirrors


Our range of bathroom mirrors will have something to suit all homes. Each LED mirror in this range can have a heating pad to demist the mirror added for an extra cost. They can also be custom-made to the exact size you need. If you'd prefer the mirror to be backlit rather than an LED light at the front, we can work together to create the perfect custom mirror for you!

Our bathroom mirrors are the perfect accompaniment to our range of vanity units, maximising space and storage in your bathroom. So, whether you're looking for something sleek and stylish, or a modern and unique LED backlight, at Bathroom Store Ireland we have a collection of bathroom mirrors to suit all tastes.

AURA 80 Round LED Mirror On Grey BackgroundWide View Of AURA 80 Round LED Mirror In Bathroom
Mars Round LED Mirror in BathroomMars Round LED Mirror in Bathroom
LATONA 100 Mirror On Grey BackgroundClose View Of LATONA 100 Mirror In Bathroom
LATONA 100 Mirror
Mirror IRIS 80X60 Bathroom Store IrelandMirror IRIS 80X60 Bathroom Store Ireland
IRIS 80X60 Rectangle LED Mirror
€330.00 Sold out
Rectangle 120x60cm LED Backlit MirrorRectangle 120x60cm LED Backlit Mirror
Rectangle 120x60cm LED Backlit Mirror
€325.00 €385.00 Sold out
LOTIS 80 LED Round Mirror On Grey BackgroundWIde View Of Lotis 80 LED Round Mirror In Bathroom
LOTIS 80 LED Round Mirror
€303.00 Sold out
DAFNE 80 Round LED Mirror With Grey BackgroundWide View Of DAFNE 80 Round LED Mirror In Bathroom
DAFNE 80 Round LED Mirror
€314.00 €412.00 Sold out
EOS 80 Round Mirror With BackgroundWide View Mirror EOS 80 Round Mirror In Bathroom
EOS 80 Round Mirror
Frosted Berry Pattern LED Round MirrorFrosted Berry Pattern LED Round Mirror - With Backlight
Frosted Berry Pattern LED Round Mirror
€175.00 €240.00 Sold out
KALISTO LED Mirror On Grey BackgroundKALISTO LED Mirror In Hallway
KALISTO 60x120 LED Mirror
Rectangle LED Ancient Mirror Close UpRectangle LED Ancient Mirror Over Counter
Rectangle LED Ancient Mirror
€189.00 €255.00
Rectangle LED Strip Mirror - Close UpRectangle LED Strip Mirror Full View
Rectangle LED Strip Mirror
€195.00 €255.00