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Compact Wall Hung Toilet | L25


One of our most popular wall hung toilets, this sleek compact toilet is makes an excellent choice for your bathroom, especially if you have limited space. 

  • Made from white, vitreous ceramic
  • Includes toilet pan, pan fitting kit, soft close seat
  • 5-year warranty
  • Long lasting, high-quality materials
  • Gorgeous, modern design.
  • Compact size perfect for small spaces



    Toilet, Wall Hung




    Soft Close Seat, Wall Hung Toilet

    Toilet Seat Material



    UK Standard Concealed Cistern Frame, 180mm Frame








    A perfect fit for smaller spaces, this Compact Wall Hung Toilet with a rimless bowl and soft closing seat is economical in space, beautifully crafted, and ideal in smaller sized bathrooms.

    Its dimensions are smaller than most of our wall hung toilets, so if you are looking to outfit a more minimalistic bathroom, this is the perfect toilet for you.

    Its shape and design allow much space under and around the toilet itself, so when you install this compact wall hung toilet, you have many storage options still available in your washroom. You will love the fluidity of movement that you are allowed with this compact wall hung toilet.

    Unique Features of This Compact Wall Hung Toilet

    This compact toilet is made from high quality ceramic material, and is glazed with a beautiful white gloss finish. Its color is neutral and versatile, and its materials ensure durability and stability.

    Apart from being quite becoming to any bathroom suite, this compact toilet is also innovative in design.

    The toilet pan itself is rimless, as mentioned above, which makes the toilet really easy to clean, and does away with the hard to reach areas of traditional toilet models. Not to mention it is also much more sanitary due to its ease of cleaning.

    The toilet seat is beautiful and minimalistic in design, and is additionally complete with Soft Close technology. This means that you will no longer have to endure the loud slamming of the toilet seat at any hour of the day.

    In addition to this, the Soft Close technology protects the seat from getting worn down, or in worst cases, broken; and keeps the toilet bowl safe just the same.

    We recommend to install this compact wall hung toilet with the Geberit Duofix concealed cistern and mounting bracket system, as well as the Geberit Flush Plates for optimal performance and aesthetic purposes.


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