En Suite Bathroom Ideas in 5 Easy Steps

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Small Bathroom Designs

Small bathrooms are more popular these days than ever before. Since the space is smaller, you can create your ‘temple’ of peace by splashing out on more luxurious items. Create a cosy yet decadent bathroom environment using the latest trends and technologically advanced bathroom equipment.

Many people hire a specially trained professional when it comes to interior design. They want their homes to look comfortable, luxurious, cosy, and unique. The bathroom is no different from the rest of the house. An interior designer will listen to your ideas, look at the space available to work with, set your goals and provide professional advice according to your budget. The Bathroom Store provides expert guidance in creating your dream bathroom interior.

Let’s take a look at some of the small bathroom ideas you can use in 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Search for Bathroom Design Ideas.

The first step is to look up bathroom design ideas to get inspiration for your vision. The colour of the walls, cabinet design, shower enclosure, mirror shape, placement and bathroom aesthetics. There are plenty of en suite/ small bathroom ideas for those smaller spaces. There’s no reason for these rooms not to offer you the same refreshment and relaxation than your bigger bathroom area does.

Take a look on the internet (social media is great) and see what use other people are making of these nooks in their home. There should be no shortage of ideas and inspiration. It’s also a great idea to talk to experts like us in store for more information and expertise. We’re on top of the latest trends and full of great design ideas. Once you have an en suite idea in mind, you can jump to step number two.

Step 2: Measurements

One of the most important things to do is to take accurate measurements. Many people who try to create a perfect bathroom design might forget one important detail that throws their design plans into chaos. Dot the "Is" and cross the "Ts" to ensure you get your ideal design plan.

The width, the height and the depth of the room are essential to know if the shower cabin will fit in the wall niche in the bathroom. Imagine, purchasing that perfect cabinet for your toiletries only to realise it won’t fit the space, or it’s in the way of the door. Time wasting is not something you need when remodelling your little bathroom enclosure.

Step 3: Follow the Path of Luxurious and Cosy Bathroom Design for Less

Your small bathroom design should be luxurious, cosy and entirely yours. Let’s take a look at how you can achieve this. Start with the colour. It’s widely known that a white colour gives a room a spacious feel. However, deeper colours like forest green, teal, purple plum or red wine are also great in smaller interiors. Don’t be afraid to be bold in a smaller space. Bold shades go beautifully with wooden accents like towel railings or wooden bath trays. 

Use bright and bold colours to add the "Wow" factor to your bijou bathroom, adding to the look with rich gold, rose gold or black accessories. You'll instantly have that luxurious hotel style bathroom for a small investment

Tiling your bathroom can be an more expensive than painting. However, if tiles are your thing, keep in mind that there is less space to cover in a smaller bathroom. You don’t need to worry about overspending on tiles. Besides, to save even more, you can design your bathroom to have tiles only around the wet areas like the shower space, bathtub or basin.

Gold Mirror

Step 4: Small Bathroom Decoration Suggestions

The bathroom trends present us with various choices in many aspects. We break them down to give you options and ideas in design. Think of your accent wall. It’s a wall located at a central point of the bathroom, and as the name suggests, it throws a contrast against the other three walls either by having a different shape, material or colour.

The choices for the accent wall could be marble, brick, natural stone, wood, wallpaper and glass mirrors. To make it extra safe and reliable, consider an extra layer of nano-tempered glass. It can be added for more protection and cleaning advantage.

Heated Flooring

What if you do not want to step into a cold floor every time you walk into the bathroom barefoot? A heated floor is a solution. This form of heating is growing more common and brings the promise of warm feet and reduced electricity bill costs.

This Roman technology gets installed underneath the floor, and the rubber tubes circulate the heat from an electric heater with a thermostat. This form of heating technology lets you warm up the room quicker and keep warmth longer inside.

A little bit of science. As the molecules heat up, they move apart, and because there is more space between them, the air is less dense and floats upwards. Imagine how quickly the room can reach the desired temperature when the heat travels from the floor covering the entire area.

Light Fixtures

An easy and cheap en suite bathroom idea is to install light fixtures. Change the mood in the bathroom with a simple LED strip somewhere around the mirror. Or use a chandelier and big bulbs hanging down from the ceiling. Think of your style and try to experiment with lighting ideas.

Matte Shades

One popular trend in the bathroom environment is matte black. The black colour gives a striking and noticeable look combined with matte finishes on counter tops, bathtubs and shower enclosures made out of nano-tempered glass.

Step 5: Add a Vanity Unit

Are you stuck for space in your en suite or smaller sized bathroom? We have the perfect solution. Stylish vanity units can be added to any bathroom, making the most of your smaller space and maximising your storage opportunities. The perfect stylish and space saving solution.

California Vanity Unit

Here are more options for bathroom décor, plus and some money saving tips.

  • Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs. A simple way to save on electricity usage and cuts electricity bills.
  • Music Sound System. Another additional luxury. When you need to relax your mind and leave the day’s stress in a bathtub, music certainly helps. A sound system can be strengthened with nano-tempered glass to keep it secure and dry.
  • Artwork. Show your artistic flair by adding some bespoke pieces that reflect you and what you love.
  • Plants. Why not give a unique and natural touch to your bathroom with some beautiful plants. They not only look great, but also improve air quality. If you're like us and not green-fingered, then we recommend something that doesn't need too much TLC, like an Aloe Vera plant. 


Do not hesitate to contact the Bathroom Store to receive expert guidance and help to create your dream bathroom interior. We’re glad to bring you into the world of bathrooms and share our extensive knowledge. If you enjoyed this article, read more, where we share our bathroom tips, trends and technical bathroom news.


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