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Geberit Sigma 01 Dual Flush Plate

Flush Plate
€350.00 €99.00
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  • Geberit flush plate with square flushing buttons
  • Round dual flush button for the Geberit Sigma system.
  • Compatible with Geberit Duofix Installation Frame 
  • Material - Plastic
  • Dimension 24.6 cm 16.4 cm  3.1 cm
  • Color available - White Alpine, Matt Chrome Plated, Gloss Chrome Plated


The Geberit Flush Design Is A Cut Above

The modern Geberit Dual Flush Plates are the perfect pair to our Wall Hung Toilets. These flush plates are the evolution of the toilet and bathroom accessories. They are sanitary, easily kept clean, and perfect in any bathroom design thanks to their design flexibility.

Our selection of Geberit Flush Plates is made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel, which makes these flush plates durable, stable, and beautiful.

They feature a variety of flushing options, solids, and liquids; this makes the flush plates both convenient and ecological!

You can choose one or the other, depending on your needs, and then easily flush your toilet from any point in the room (where your flush plate has been installed).

These flush plates are complete with soft-touch technology, allowing you to select your flushing power with one swift and soft movement.

The Geberit Flush Plates are to be used in unison with the Geberit Duofix concealed cistern since it is part of the same plumbing. Most of our Wall Hung Toilets are built to be used with a Geberit Flush Plate, so we offer a choice selection of different models.

On that note, you can also take a look at the Geberit Sigma Actuator Plate and Cover Plate to see if you like their formats and modes of operation.

All these products work in perfect unison together, both in terms of functionality and in terms of design and appearance.

We highly recommend taking a look at our selection of Wall Hung Toilets, the Geberit Duofix Concealed Cistern system, and the Geberit Flush Plates.

You truly can go wrong with these high-quality products. Installing them in your home will revolutionize your bathroom experience, and they will make your bathroom feel and looks as modern as ever.

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