Ultimate buyer's guide to purchasing the perfect toilet

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With so many different options on the market today, buying a toilet could seem much harder than it really is. we know that there are many different stores, and many different types and models of toilets available, so we want to help you get on track, and help you to get the best possible toilet.

In this ultimate guide to buying a toilet we would like to let you in on a few pro tips and tricks, and we'd like to help guide you in the right direction when it comes to what you will need to consider before purchasing a toilet and installing it. So many of these things are logical, it is still good to keep a list of things on hand while shopping for toilets in order to make sure that you're not missing any of the most important points, and to help remind you of the top priorities when it comes to buying a toilet.

We do this because we know how overwhelming this kind of tasks can be, and also because we want you to get the best out of your investment. Though there may be many different stores in Ireland today, the Bathroom Store Ireland is dedicated to both offering the highest quality bathroom products and the best guidance and advice. So, without further ado, below you will see all of our pro tips for buying a new toilet.

What to consider when buying a new toilet

The plumbing in your home

When considering buying a new toilet for your bathroom one of the most important things to have in mind is the type and style of plumbing that you have in place. This is a very important first step to take before it will allow you to narrow down your options of toilets. Most homes have a plumbing system in place which supports most traditional style toilets which can come in very handy when you are looking to install a toilet of that type. But when you are looking to widen your horizons, it is good to consider whether the type of toilet that you are looking to purchase needs a plumbing system of its own, for example a wall hung toilet.

Once you have thoroughly assessed the plumbing style in your home, and what type of toilet it will support, you can thin establish whether you would like to alter the plumbing system, or keep it the same. In the case of a wall hung toilet, there really isn't much that you need to do other than install a water cistern and mounting bracket behind the place where the toilet will go. We only mentioned this type of toilet because it is the most drastically different from a traditional style toilet in terms of both design and pumping necessities, but the most important part is to realize that it's still quite an easy task to switch from traditional to wall hung toilet styles, regardless of their differences.

Naturally, once everything has been thought through, the next logical step is to purchase the necessities for installing or altering the plumbing in your home, if that's what you will need to do. If not, you can keep the plumbing in your bathroom just as it is, or you have the option of repairing or renewing any small parts that you would like.

The quality of your new toilet

how to purchase perfect toilet for your bathroom

This is a very important aspect to buying a new toilet because it is most important that you buy a toilet which is both reliable and trustworthy. To find a product which falls under both categories usually depends on the quality of materials used to build them, and the craftsmanship and ability of the builder.

In order to make sure that your toilet is trustworthy unreliable, I highly suggest purchasing a toilet made from high quality materials, such as high-quality vitreous ceramic, since by doing so you will ensure that your toilet will last a long time, and will function perfectly the whole time.

It is also quite important to make sure that your toilet is made well and designed well, because that will ensure how reliable your toilet is, and how functional it is in the long run. When any product is designed correctly, it will always function smoothly and without effort, and will have an enormous amount less of problems and glitches. The same goes for toilets, and it is well worth investing a little extra in a toilet when you know that you will be getting a reliable and highly functional toilet.

Of course, it's also well worth knowing that you made a good investment in your bathroom, and this is most apparent when the product that you have purchased and invested in functions correctly and smoothly, doesn't need to be repaired constantly, and remain so for a significant amount of time.

The size of the toilet

Something well worth considering when it comes to the new toilet what you are going to purchase is what size it is. This will allow you to compare the size of a toilet to the space where you would like to install it in your bathroom.

When it comes to buying a new toilet, many times it is part of a bathroom renovation project. This points to the fact that you may be looking for a smaller or larger toilet than that which was already in your bathroom. Therefore, establishing the size of the space where you are looking to install your toilet is very important, since you will be able to then assess the size of the toilet which you like, and see if it fits properly or not.

It is also quite important consider how comfortable you were what the size of a toilet you originally had. Of course, one doesn't usually pay much attention to the size of one's toilet, but if given the chance, it's important to ask yourself if you would be more comfortable with a larger or smaller size toilet. We only mention this because it is important to consider your comfort and your overall experience when using a toilet in order for you to improve that with your new toilet.

Our pro tips and tricks

Aim towards making cleaning your toilet easier

More times than not, when it comes to cleaning a traditional toilet and the area around it, things can get a bit complicated. Over time, we've all developed our different methods and tricks of cleaning are toilets, and the awkward space around them. But it doesn't have to be that way anymore. If you were already on the path towards buying a new toilet, a great tip is to think about how easy cleaning the toilet itself and the area around it will be. Since you're already going to buy a new toilet, why not buy one which is easier to clean, and easier to maintain?

A great way to ensure that cleaning your toilet will be easy and quick is making sure that the toilet bowl is wide and seamless, and that it doesn't have any sharp turns or angles. Another way to ensure that your time spend cleaning your bathroom is cut in half is by analyzing the shape of the base of the toilet and weather or not it will be easy to clean around. For example, traditional toilets usually have an awkward space underneath them or behind them which can be hard to clean. But if you get a toilet such as a back to wall toilet, you will not have that awkward space behind the toilet, plus the toilet base is seamless and curved so that cleaning it will be much easier.

Keep in mind the color and style of your new toilet

guide to purchasing perfect toilet for your bathroom

When it comes to making your bathroom look beautiful, it's important to coordinate the fixtures and furniture within it. This will ensure that there's a seamless and beautiful slow between all the fixtures and throughout the room.

By coordinating or matching the material, color, and style of your toilet to that of the rest of the room you will be creating a look and mood in your bathroom. In order to do this, it's important that you assess the color palette inside your bathroom, especially when it comes to the other fixtures such as bathtubs, counters or vanity, bathroom sink(s), and showers, that way when it comes to choosing a color or material for your new toilet, you know for sure that it will look beautiful unison with the rest of the fixtures in your bathroom.

It is also important to assess the general style of your bathroom, or that what you are aiming towards. This is normally an easy step, for one can easily tell what style one's bathroom is fashioned after. For example, many bathrooms in a modern household are fashioned in a minimalistic and or monochromatic style because it is neutral, and it is versatile, which is a very important aspect in the bathroom.

Once you have access the style in your bathroom, finding a toilet witch embodies that style is going to be very easy since there are many different styles and designs you can choose from, especially when it comes to modern toilets, such as those we offer here at the Bathroom Store Ireland.

This is overall a great step to follow because not only will you be able to create a space which is well coordinated, well put together, and seamlessly styled come up but you will also be able to create a space in your home which you enjoy, and feel comfortable in.

Make saving water a priority

In many people's opinion, the topic of saving water, and conserving the means which we have available to us is overdone and quite overrated. But saving water is essential to keeping are resources available to us for as long as possible. So when we are all presented with the option of saving water or not, the most logical thing to do should be to save it. We don't mean cut your water intake in half or drastically change any of your daily habits. We just mean that if you have the option of installing a toilet which saves water, why not do it?

Water-saving or high-efficiency toilets function as well or if not better than traditional toilets, except for they only use a small percentage of the water which traditional toilets need to function. Therefore, you might even be improving the functionality of your toilet, while also saving the resources which we have available to us.

It's also quite well worth mentioning that not only will you be saving the planet's water supply, but you will also be saving your wallet's supply. Saving water also means saving money, and that is usually an offer that not many of us can pass up. So not only do I highly recommend it because it is good for our environment, but I also recommend it because it will save you a substantial amount of money on your water bill, and we all of saving money.

In conclusion we'd like to point out the fact that shopping for and buying a new toilet is a great thing, for it allows you to make different changes and alterations which one normally doesn't get the chance to do. So we highly encourage you to improve your bathroom experience by buying a high-quality and well-made toilet which fits well with your bathroom style, and your everyday lifestyle, and which will do so for a long time after you purchase it.

 With that said, we highly recommend you take a look at our high-quality modern design toilets, such as our wall hung toilets and our back to wall toilets, for they are made with high-quality materials by skilled professionals, and they are state-of-the-art when it comes to technology and functionality, so you can't go wrong with one of our toilets.

On another note, if you are remodeling your bathroom, and could use some further guidance, our professionals have put together many buyer's guides and informational blogs such as this one which will help you on your journey towards achieving the perfect bathroom. So please stay tuned for more information!


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