Creating a Splash with Your Next Bath

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Planning a bathroom renovation can seem a little overwhelming at first. Especially if you’re a first-time buyer, have a tight budget, or a difficult space to work with. Searching for bathroom ideas on Pinterest is a handy way of getting inspiration. However, it sometimes does little to help you decide where to actually start with your renovations.

You could be buried under search results pages of ‘small bathroom tile ideas’ or ‘bathroom paint ideas’, and you haven’t even decided whether you want a bathtub or not. It's hard to know where to start.

If you have your heart set on a dreamy oval bath, but you’re not sure if your small bathroom (or budget) will allow it, we’re here to help.

Bathtubs aren't just for big, spacious bathrooms. We have some tips and small bathroom ideas that include luxurious bathtubs that you and your bank account will love.

Slipper Bath

Why Install a Bath?

Every morning, the vast majority of us hop into a steamy shower to invigorate us for the day ahead. Although taking bubble baths aren’t a daily occurrence for many of us, it’s nice to have the option because there really isn’t a better way to relax.

There are few things that beat the feeling of melting into a sea of foamy bubbles after a hard day at work. It’s a small kind of luxury and the ultimate way to take some time for yourself, away from the world. It’s certainly a reason to consider including a bathtub in your bathroom design ideas.

Including a bath in your bathroom ideas and plans is a sure-fire way to transform your bathroom into the home spa of your dreams.

Adding a bath to your bathroom renovation ideas doesn’t just give you the opportunity to pamper yourself on a regular basis; it may also add value to your property. Experts advise that having a bath in one of your bathrooms can open up the market to include potential buyers with young families. So, if you think you may want to sell your property, at some point, including a bathtub in your remodelling plans may make your home easier to sell in the future.

Bathroom Ideas on a Budget

Free-standing baths add a touch of luxury to your humble abode, but that doesn’t mean that they need to come with a luxury-sized price tag attached. Whether you’re searching for bathroom ideas for a renovation that includes a new bath, or you just want to give your tub a new lease on life, we’ve got a few bathroom ideas for you.

Opting for a bath is not only a cost-effective way to add value to your home, it’s also a cost-effective way of updating your home. But which one will you choose?

Freestanding Bath

Be Bold with Your Bath

So, you’re searching for bathroom ideas for your renovation, and you have become lost in a sea of Pinterest-perfect bathrooms, all with tubs of different sizes and shapes. It can feel a bit overwhelming.

Browsing the collection can give you wonderful bathroom ideas, available in Ireland. We have a range of budget-friendly options that cater to everyone's needs.

Bathroom Ideas for Rectangle Bathtubs

If you’re searching for modern bathroom ideas, a rectangle tub may be the one for you. Rectangle bathtubs are extremely versatile, and they work well in both smaller bathrooms and more spacious bathrooms.

If you’re searching for small or en suite bathroom ideas, a rectangle bath will easier fit into corners and along walls, without taking up too much space. Smooth, crisp straight lines offer a refined feel that works well with minimalistic or modern-style bathrooms. They can fit neatly into most bathrooms and can offer a deeper bathing experience.

If you have a more spacious bathroom, a free-standing rectangle tub can offer a striking focal point for your bathroom.

Bathroom Ideas for Oval Bathtubs

Oval tubs are becoming more and more popular, largely because they pair both aesthetics with comfort. Opting for an oval tub is the perfect way to create a point of interest in your bathroom, that is functional too.

You may think that oval bathtubs are limited to larger spaces because of their shape, but that’s not necessarily true. Their striking appearance can alleviate any bathroom and add a touch of luxury even if you are looking for tiny bathroom ideas.

Interiors blogger Kate Spiers shows us how it’s done. Opting for an oval bath offers a softer, chic tub, that can even fit neatly into a more narrow flat bathroom. The rounded edges offer a heightened level of comfort, that fits in effortlessly with the overall contemporary vibes of the bathroom.

Oval Bath

Bathroom Ideas for Slipper Bathtubs

If vintage-inspired bathroom decor is more to your taste, we suggest opting for a slipper bathtub. This classic style bathtub is the perfect pairing of elegance and comfort. With one side slightly raised, you’re given additional back support to make your bathing experience even more luxurious. Position the taps at the shallow end of the bath for a more traditional look, or put them in the middle to free up each end of the bath.

Bathroom Ideas for Updating Your Current Bath

If you’re searching for small shower room ideas or small bathroom remodelling ideas, that include a bath - why not opt for a shower-bath combo? Doubling up means that you don’t waste any valuable space whilst getting the best of both worlds.

Although these options are budget-friendly, you may just want to give your existing bath a little refresh. This can be easily done with the help of some beautiful new accessories.

Give your much-loved bathtub a deserved facelift by replacing the fittings. Swap out tired old taps and plugs with shiny new chrome fittings. Alternatively, you can change the colour of the hardware altogether.

Opting for gold hardware brings a classic, luxurious finish to any bathroom. Matte black fittings are also an option that will add an effortlessly chic feel to your bathroom.

If you have a bath-shower combination, replacing tired old shower screens can be a cost-effective, easy way to freshen up your bathroom. Replacing marked, or foggy glass screens with a new, fully transparent shower screen can really help to lift a room. Clear, frameless bath screens offer a clean, crisp, cost-effective update.


Bath Screen

Which Bathtub Will Make a Splash In Your New Bathroom?

Whether you’re searching for large downstairs bathroom ideas or small en suite ideas, it can be a little daunting. This is especially true if you don’t have a lot of time, money, or space for your bathroom renovation.

It can be difficult to decide whether to skip the tub to save some money, or to indulge yourself. In the long run, you’ll thank yourself for including a bath. It not only gives you the option to take a long soak with a glass of wine, after a long day, but it may also add value to your property in the grand scheme of things. offers a wide range of luxurious, but budget-friendly bathtub and bathroom accessories. Create the at-home-spa of your dreams, without breaking the bank. Browse the range of bathtubs here for more bathroom ideas.


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