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White Slim Linear Shower Drain

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The linear drain is the perfect solution in a modern bathroom. The aesthetic appearance and the simplicity of keeping it clean are the undoubtedly one best advantages of slim linear drains.

The slim design is that bit more discrete than other products and is more discrete. So it won't be distraction from the rest of your wet room.



  • Width 30mm
  • Height> / = 75mm


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Sizes: 900mm
  • Overall width: 75 mm
  • Gutter and grate, steel thickness 1.2 mm
  • Mounting depth range:> 75 mm
  • The drain is equipped with a surrounding collar of approx. 20 mm, which facilitates tiling
  • Water throughput: 60l / minute
  • Siphon type: PVC
  • Siphon with rotating tube
  • Finish: INOX BRUSHED
  • Linear drainage (full package)
  • Adjustable feet and sealing collar included
  • Certified quality - CE