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Radaway NES DWJ I Black

SKU: 10026070-54-01L

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Glass Thickness
Enhance your shower experience with our specialised solutions: made-to-measure enclosures, custom glass colour, print-on-glass, glass engraving, and non-standard options.

Radaway NES DWJ I Black Description

The Nes series was created for people who value modern design and the highest quality of workmanship. Thanks to the fusion of the ceramic paint with the glass during the toughening process, the resulting features are durability, above-average quality and resistance to abrasions and UV radiations. The advantage of Nes shower enclosures is an 6mm thickness glass, as well as a special system that allows levelling the curvature of the wall up to 15 mm.



6mm Glass

GLASS 6 MM - Safety glass (tempered) with a thickness of 6 mm. The glass is compatible with standard PN:EN 12150:1


Fixing system

FIXING SYSTEM - Wall mounting system with profiles allowing levelling of the curvature of the wall.

Pivot Hinge

PIVOT HINGE - Enables opening the door to the inside and outside of the cabin.

Magnetic Strip and Elastomer seal

MAGNETIC STRIP - Ensures the shower doors are closed tightly.

ELASTOMER SEALS - Resistant to temperature and humidity changes.

Montage floor or shower tray

MOUNTING WITH / WITHOUT A SHOWER TRAY - This shower enclosure can be mounted on the shower tray as well as directly onto the floor.

possible montage without threshold

POSSIBLE MONTAGE WITHOUT A THRESHOLD As a standard, all the components needed for shower enclosure assembling are added to the product whenever it is the enclosure with or without a threshold. 


As a standard all the components need for shower enclosure assembling are added to the product, when ever it is the enclosure with or without a threshold. All nesesery instructions can be found in assembly manual.