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Omnires Contour Concealed Shower Set


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CONTOUR  |  shower system for concealed installation

The OMNIRES CONTOUR collection intrigues with its extravagant form and decorative details. An austere, architectural design with a diamond milling marvels with the sophisticated combination of textures and perfect workmanship.

Made of high grade brass, the mixer is equipped with a superior quality ceramic cartridge.

The mixer is equipped with the highest quality ceramic cartridge which ensures smooth and precise water flow control whilst guaranteeing long term product performance.

The shower head is made using the ANTI-SCALE technology. It incorporates a silicone insert that prevents internal water stagnation. Occasional tilting of the shower head, so that any stagnant water could flow out through the nozzles, guarantees long term product performance.

The EASY CLEAN nozzles allow the user to easily remove any limescale from the shower head and the hand shower by simply wiping their silicone surface.

The product is coated using the advanced PVD technology which guarantees highest possible durability, offers exceptional resistance to damage and facilitates cleaning.

The mixer's body, the valve and the rosette are all made of high quality A-grade brass.

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