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Slim White Quadrant Shower Tray

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Slim White Quadrant Shower Tray Description

 Slim White Quadrant Shower Tray

Every bathroom is different when it comes to its size, roominess, and design. That is why we have selected a  slim rectangular white shower tray that comes in a variety of sizes, fitting all the different needs.

The acrylic composition ensures durability and lightweight, while classic quadrant shape fits even small bathrooms with limited shower space. The reinforced tray’s bottom allows it to be more sturdy, giving you the firmness you expect. 

This excellent quadrant shower tray is specially designed to fit with our curved quadrant shower enclosures


  • Tray height – 50 mm
  • Tray depth - 15mm
  • Waste diameter - 90mm
  • Material - acrylic
  • Colour - black
  • Waste trap – not included

Tray sizes (measurement in millimetres):  

  • 700 x 700
  • 800 x 800
  • 900 x 900

quadrant shower tray