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Black Linear Square Shower Drain


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Black Linear Square Shower Drain Description

A Black Linear Square Drain (shower gully) is an ideal solution in a modern bathroom with tiles. It is intended for draining water from shower cubicles and open shower spaces. The aesthetic appearance and simplicity are undoubted advantages of linear outflows.


  • The width of 120mm/150mm
  • Depth of 59mm
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Steel - AISI 304
  • Width: 120mm/150mm
  • Water throughput: 50L / minute
  • Siphon type: Metal

Product Specifications:

  • Gutter and grate steel thickness of 1.2mm
  • Grate Depth- 12mm
  • Linear drainage (full package)
  • Feet and sealing collar included
  • Grid for tiles - width 120x120mm/150x150mm
  • The outflow is equipped with a collar around 2 cm, which facilitates laying the tiles
  • Low steel siphon with the possibility of cleaning from the top
  • Mounting depth only 52 mm

The set includes:

  • A drainage channel with a mounting flange
  • Two Sided Grate (optional for pasting tiles)
  • Siphon with 40/50 mm outlet with dirt trap with gasket
  • Feet for levelling with the possibility of disassembly
  • Sealing collar
  • Installation instructions