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Showers Sets


Whatever shower style you have in mind for your bathroom, you’re sure to find it here at Bathroom Store Ireland. We have an extensive range of thermostatic showers to suit every budget. Our shower sets are the perfect match for our range of shower enclosures.

All of our shower sets are thermostatic - meaning they include a thermostatic valve to regulate water at a constant temperature, which will reduce the risk of scalding.

Choose from a wide selection of fixed shower heads, detachable shower heads, and sliding shower bars. There is also the option to choose between exposed shower sets (fittings attached on top of wall tiles) or concealed shower sets (fittings installed behind wall tiles). Concealed shower sets can be visually very appealing, but can also be more expensive to install, due to additional labour costs.

There are so many colour and style combinations to choose from, we’re confident that the perfect shower set for you is just a couple of clicks away!