Wall Hung Toilet vs Back to Wall Toilet

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Sometimes in life, we're faced with many decisions, some of which are hard and tedious, and others of which are easily chosen between. Well, it is not often that we are faced with the task of buying or finding a new toilet, but when we are, it can definitely be a bit intimidating, because not all of us have much experience with this. But fear not! Today we will help you compare wall hung toilets versus back to wall toilets in order to take some of the load off your shoulders that can be finding the perfect toilet for your bathroom.

But to start off, we always recommend checking your space well, familiarizing yourself with the vision that you have for your bathroom and what it will take to make it possible. By this I mean that you will want to familiarize yourself with the dimensions of the space where you would like to install your new toilet, the plumbing system that you have in your bathroom, and the overall space allowance that you have available in your bathroom. Once you feel confident and your knowledge about your bathroom and the space where you will install your new toilet, you can easily begin to figure out what type, style, and even size of toilet you want, and the process of buying a new one will be much easier.

wall hung toilet

Wall hung toilets are very unique in the way their plumbing works. You see, wall hung toilets don't have a visible water tank, or a visible trap. That means that all those plumbing components have to be hidden in the wall behind where the toilet is. Well, that's exactly what happens. Let's look at the Geberit system as an example to better get an understanding of the way a wall hung toilet works.

The Geberit system is a very complete and self-sufficient plumbing system that functions as the toilet water tank and a flushing system, trap system, and even mounting brackets. You see, wall hung toilets, as their name suggests, must be mounted on a wall, and to be mounted on the wall they need a supporting system such as brackets and, thankfully, the system such as the Geberit system has everything the toilet needs to function.

 So, as you can see, wall hung toilets function differently than any other toilet on the market today because all of their plumbing needs to be in the wall behind them, unlike traditional style toilets that have everything they need out in the open. But apart from that, the flushing and waste system is exactly the same as that of any other toilet, and all you really need to do is install a plumbing system that will support a wall hung toilet such as the Geberit system.

Back to wall toilet

back to wall toilet

Many consider back to wall toilets a perfect mix of both wall hung and traditional style toilets. This is thanks to the fact that back to wall toilets are floor mounted, just like traditional style toilets, except they also have a hidden water tank, so therefore, they only display the toilet bowl and the floor mount.

Much like wall hung toilets, back to wall toilet also have a hidden water tank in the wall behind where they are situated. It is thanks to this feature that back to wall toilets function exactly the same as traditional toilets or even wall hung toilets, but they do not need to have bulky water cisterns that take up unnecessary space.

When it comes to the installation of a back to wall toilet, an entire system such as the Geberit system is unnecessary because back to wall toilets are floor mounted, and therefore they have all the support they need to stand up and stay put. The only thing that needs to be installed is, of course, the hidden water tank behind the toilet, and what are widely known as flush plates, which basically replace the need of a flush handle which is traditionally connected to toilets' water tanks.

Space efficiency

Wall hung toilet

In terms of space efficiency, many have voted the wall hung toilet as the best option on the marker, especially for smaller bathrooms. Thanks to it's incredibly compact size and minimalistic design, the wall hung toilet is truly the most space saving toilet available on the market today.

Wall hung toilets only occupy a small square footage, and thanks to their floating design, even the floor beneath it is free and available to use for storage or anything else. Not to mention that thanks to the absence of a bulky water tank, wall hung toilets don't even  take up much space from the wall on which they are installed.

Of course, systems such as the Geberit system which support these toilets are larger than the overall systems used to support traditional toilets, but they are to be concealed in the wall behind the toilet, and are therefore out of sight and out of mind. So, if you are looking for a space efficient and very compact toilet that looks good and functions perfectly, I highly suggest looking for a wall hung toilet.

Back to wall toilet

Back to wall toilets are the runners-up in the "most space efficient toilet contest", because though they may be floor mounted, they still do not have a big water tank in the back that takes up unnecessary space. In fact, much like wall hung toilets, back to wall toilets have much of their plumbing system in the wall behind them and only display what is necessary.

Of course, back to all toilets are floor mounted and therefore take up the space underneath the toilet bowl, which already makes them a little less space efficient then wall hung toilets, but you might notice that back to wall toilets are actually designed to be compact and space efficient, and therefore even come in smaller sizes than traditional toilets do.

So, when you choose a back to wall toilet you may not be choosing the absolute most space efficient toilet, but you will definitely be choosing an incredibly space saving toilet that functions perfectly, and that boasts modern technology and design.

When it comes to space efficiency, choosing between a wall hung toilet and a back to wall toilet might be a little hard, but you can definitely count on the fact that they're both very space efficient and that you will be saving space by installing either one.

Appearance and Comfort

Wall hung toilet

wall hung toilet

When it comes to appearances, many find the wall hung toilet to be the most modern and sophisticated version of a toilet available in the market today, and I just have to agree with that. Wall hung toilets look like the evolution of a toilet, while still remaining highly functional and comfortable.

There is one thing that people seem to be very hesitant about when buying or looking at a wall hung toilet. Many people fear that is only a matter of time before the wall hung toilet collapses or falls off the wall, but I am here to tell you that that is absolutely not true, that you need not worry about that. In fact, wall hung toilets are incredibly comfortable, and arguably even more so than traditional toilets, since the bowl can be adjusted to the perfect height, and there's no bulky and uncomfortable tank in the way.

In addition to this, wall hung toilets also have a virtually silent flushing system and are usually equipped with soft-close seat technology so not only are they comfortable to use, but when it comes time to flush they are not too loud, and are very discrete.

Back to wall toilet

As briefly mentioned above, back to wall toilets are the perfect mix between wall hung toilets and traditional floor mounted toilets, and that is very visible in their appearance and design. They have pretty much everything that a traditional toilet has with the exception of a water tank behind them, therefore floor mounted trap area is there, and the sophisticated bowl is there.

A great thing about back to wall toilet is that there is a lot of creative liberty in the process of designing them, and there are actually quite a few different types of designs and styles available to you on the market today. Mainly, the big difference is between one back to wall toilet and another is the bottom portion, and how its designed. So, you can find the perfect one for you easily, since there are so many options to choose from.

When it comes to comfort, back to wall toilets are incredibly comfortable, and incredibly coveted. Again, thanks for their lack of a bulky water tank in the back, there is much more room to use and thanks to the floor mounted aspect of them, they are sturdy and strong, and can be used with confidence and ease.

For me personally, it is actually quite difficult to find my favorite between wall hung toilets and back to wall toilets, but I feel like it really does depend on the space you have available to you, the vision you have for your bathroom, and the overall style and look you are going for. In addition to this, whether you want to install a Geberit system to support a wall hung toilet or a simpler flush system to support a back to wall toilet also has a big impact on the final decision you might make.

But, it's incredibly important to make sure that no matter what type of toilet you choose, that it is made with high-quality materials but high-quality manufacturers that not only have appearances in mind, but also everyday use and ultimate functionality in mind as well.

Now I hope that you feel much more confident in making your decision between a wall hung toilet and a back to wall toilet, and I hope that you have all the knowledge you need to buy the ideal toilet for your bathroom. Remember to choose a high-quality toilet that suits your needs best, and that will make you happiest in the end. Other than that please visit more of our blogs to learn about how to make your bathroom the perfect bathroom, and don't hesitate to contact us with any doubts, questions, or suggestions!


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