How To Choose the Best Bathroom Sink

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Planning a redesign for your bathroom, or creating a new shower look for your new home? Although there might be a large list of things on your to-do list, your bathroom sink should not be forgotten or considered unimportant. The sink you choose to have in your new modern bathroom will make a big impact on the overall outcome of the room, so choosing the right sink for you, your needs, your tastes, and preferences is super important.

In reality, choosing a bathroom sink is not as easy as it may seem. Due to the fact that there are a wide variety of sink options on today's market, choosing one unit that is perfect for your bathroom can be a complicated and tedious process. However, if you have the right information, and you know what you need to get started, the process of finding the perfect sink will be easy, quick, and completely stress-free.

There are a small handful of key things that should be kept in mind when choosing the perfect bathroom sink, and today, that is exactly what will be sharing. I'm confident that at the end of this article, you will have a clearer image of what you need to get started with the ‘sink searching process’, and how you can choose what is perfect for you, your needs, and your preferences. With these tips and tricks that I am about to share, you will be able to find the perfect sink for you in no time.

Know Your Options | What's Perfect for Your Bathroom

how to choose perfect sink for your bathroom

When it comes to choosing any appliances or items that will be added to any part of a home, it is important to know first the wide variety of options available, so that choosings a unique unit for your needs will be possible. By knowing the many options you have for modern, well-designed bathroom sinks, you can find what's right for you, and not have to stick with only one boring option.

One of the first things to do before starting the process of choosing a bathroom sink is knowing the wide variety of options available, what types of sinks there are, who they're perfect for, and then assess which type is perfect for you. Due to the fact that each sink unit is unique in its own way, I'm confident that you'll be able to find the ideal unit for you no matter what ‘bathroom sink dreams’ you have.

Types of Bathroom Sinks

bathroom sink

Vessel Sink - Vessel sinks have become the new big thing in home and bathroom design. Due to the fact that they are exposed above the counter, and sit on the countertop, they create a statement, and demand attention in a modern bathroom. This type of sink can hold a large amount of water, making it perfect for those that prefer large space in their sinks. Vessel sinks look perfect in large and small bathrooms, and thanks to their simple yet elegant design and style, they look perfect in all types of contemporary bathrooms.

Due to the fact that they do sit on top of the countertop however, there are not highly suggested for family bathrooms, for they might be too tall for children, and might require a stool for them to utilize the sink.

Undermount Sink - For a seamless, clean look for a bathroom, there is nothing better than an undermount sink. These stylish sinks sit underneath the counter and create a less visible seamless look, that is perfect for minimalistic, elegant bathrooms. Also, due to the fact that the rim of the sink is installed seamlessly underside of the countertop, water spills can be easily wiped directly into the sink without any trouble.

Thanks to the ease of use, and easy cleaning that this type of sink offers, it is perfect for busy family bathrooms. It will not only look gorgeous, but offer seamless functionality and ease-of-use for all family members, including kids.

Top Mount Sink - Top mount sinks are one of the most commonly used types a bathroom sinks. This type of sink offers The best of both worlds, due to the fact that it is designed to sit on top of the counter, but also the rim of its stylish build sits on top and is visible above the counter. Depending on the look or feel you would like in your bathroom, you can choose from a more chunky or slim style of rim.

Top mount sinks can be combined beautifully with almost all types of countertop materials because the cutout is completely covered by the sink and does not become damaged by water. These types of sinks are also very easy to install, making them perfect for low maintenance bathroom designs. Top mount sinks are perfect for minimalistic style bathrooms, and elegant larger-sized bathrooms.

Pedestal Sink - Pedestal sinks are one of the most classic types of sinks. Pedestal sinks are perfect for those who need a unit that is wall-mounted, but that has a waste pipe that goes through the floor. Thanks to the design of this type of sink, the pipework is completely hidden behind its stylish build, making it aesthetically pleasing, and giving your bathroom a clean, fresh look and feel.

Due to the fact that pedestal sinks don't have any counter space around it so as to place self care products and other items, they are better for smaller sized, more minimalistic bathrooms, a not-so-perfect for busy family bathrooms.

Integrated Sink & Countertop - When it comes to elegance for contemporary, cutting edge bathrooms, there is nothing better than an integrated sink and countertop. There are a variety of styles of integrated sink and countertop units that offer an all-in-one, sink and countertop option, making it easier to coordinate, and blend with your bathroom. Also, due to the fact that they come together, it is easier to install into your bathroom.

This type of sink is super easy to clean, and maintain, making it perfect for busy family bathrooms. Due to the fact that they come in a wide variety of materials, styles, and designs, they are ideal for all types of contemporary bathrooms. However, they might be slightly bigger sized when compared to other sink options, so they are more recommendable for more spacious bathroom areas.

Semi Recessed Sink - For smaller-sized, more compact bathroom spaces, semi recessed sinks are the best option. This type of sink sits at the front of a cabinet and countertop, which frees up floor space that is more than valuable in a smaller sized bathroom. These types of sinks are usually smaller sized, and easy to reach, making it perfect for both kids and adults. For a family bathroom, semi recessed sinks are a great option.

Washplane Sink - Although not commonly found in homes, washplane sinks can be found in sleek hotels and restaurant bathrooms, boasting a slim, streamline, stylish option for sinks. They're simple, they take up little space, and are perfect for modern bathrooms. They're definitely one of the most simple yet elegant options on the market today.

Due to the fact that they are extremely slim and shallow however, they do not hold a large amount of water, making them better for powder rooms that will be used only for hand-washing. So, although super stylish and elegant, they are not perfect for busy family bathrooms.

Wall-mounted Sink - These types of sinks are also one of the new up-and-coming trends for modern bathrooms. Fixed directly to a wall, wall mounted sinks do not require a countertop to be installed beautifully to a bathroom. Wall mounted sinks add a minimalistic, clean feel to a bathroom like no other, an offer ease-of-use and seamless functionality.

Due to the fact that wall mounted sinks come in a large variety of sizes, designs and styles, they could be added to all types of contemporary bathrooms, and can be used by busy families with no problem.

Choose the Ideal Bathroom Sink Material

bathroom sink

Now that you know a little more about the options available on today's bathroom sink market, and you know which might be perfect for your bathroom needs, now it's time to focus on sink materials. Once you know what style of bathroom sink you would like for your bathroom, the next step is to choose what type of material is perfect for the design and feel you're aiming for. By keeping in mind color palettes, finishes on light fixtures, and much more, you can choose what material of sink is ideal for your bathroom.

Although choosing the ideal material for your bathroom sink depends greatly on the look and style that you are aiming for, it also depends greatly on your needs and preferences. Some sink materials are more sturdy and long-lasting than others, which might not be the exact style you are aiming for. So, to choose the perfect material for your bathroom sink, you need to to know exactly what to expect from your sink, how long you intend to use it, and how sturdy you would like it to be.

Types of Bathroom Sink Materials

how to choose a perfect bathroom sink

Ceramic Sinks - Although there are a handful of sink material options on the market, ceramic sinks are the most used, and most well-known options. This type of material is easy to clean, and easy to maintain thanks to its high gloss finish. Thanks to the easy maintenance, and long-lasting beauty that it offers, it is considered one of the best options of sink materials.

There are a wide variety of colors, patterns and styles of ceramic sinks, so they are easy to blend with a wide variety of looks and, feels in contemporary bathrooms. One of the most popular designs however, are white ceramic sinks that are finished with a high gloss glaze, to add a cleanliness and freshness to a bathroom.

Resin Sinks - This type of bathroom sink material is most commonly found in vanity units, that make wall hung furniture less heavy, while still allowing them to look gorgeous and stylish. Resin sinks are one of the cheapest options on the market, making them perfect for redesigning a bathroom on a budget. Not only are resin sinks beautiful, they're also cheap, which is a great plus.

Stone Sinks - On the more expensive, luxurious side of sink materials, we have stone sinks. This type of bathroom sink material is best for ensuites rather than family bathrooms, due to the fact that it is considered a more pricey, and more elegant option. Stone sinks are not as easy to maintain as other options, due to the fact that caring and maintaining the stone is necessary. Although stone sinks do require maintenance, they are considered one of the best options for high-end, elegant bathrooms.

Glass - Glass is now becoming a favorite for contemporary bathrooms. This option is elegant, minimalistic and stylish, and can be a perfect addition to any type of bathroom,  thanks to its versatility. Glass is one of the most fragile material options however, so for a family bathroom, this option is not the best. Glass is perfect for bathrooms that do not have a likelihood of anything being dropped on the basin.

Choose Only Quality

Now that you have an idea of what type of bathroom sink you would like for your cutting edge bathroom, and you also have an idea of what type of material you would like your bathroom sink to boast, you can finally start looking for a unit that is perfect for you. However, although you already have an image of what type of bathroom sink you would like, now you have to make sure that you choose a unit that is made from the highest quality of materials, and that is designed to offer long lasting beauty, and functionality.

When it comes to actually choosing your bathroom sink, it is important to ask as many questions as possible about the unit itself, read reviews from other users and buyers, and if possible, see the unit with your own eyes before purchasing. You want to be absolutely sure that this unit is perfect for the size of your bathroom, the materials used in your bathroom, your needs and preferences, and that everything is exactly what you have dreamt of.

To ensure that you will be purchasing the absolute best sink for your bathroom, you have to be sure that it is high quality. If you choose a shower sink that was designed to offer the best functionality in a modern, well-designed bathroom, you will get the results that you need and deserve. The last step of choosing the perfect sink for your bathroom, is ensuring that it is made with the smallest details in mind, and that it boasts the highest quality of materials, so you can enjoy a bathroom sink that is perfect for you and your high quality, well-designed bathroom.


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